Best new vans 2019: models coming soon

Two new versions of the iconic Transit, electric vans, and vans that are SUVs too. The best new vans of 2019 are en route

BuyaCar team
Mar 14, 2019

2019 is teeing up to be a significant year in the van world, as the industry turns green. The electric revolution is well underway in the car market, and it looks as though it’s heading that way for vans too.

Emissions standards changing the way people buy cars are also changing the van marketplace. Diesel vans that don't meet Euro 6 emissions standards will have to pay a £12.50 daily charge to enter the ULEZ zone in London from next year.

From 2020, other towns and cities around the UK are set to follow suit.

Besides emissions, electric power goes hand in hand with what many modern van drivers wants. After all, going electric brings with it a sleuth of other benefits. The major one is cost. Charging a car or van wildly depends on where/how you do it, but it can cost less than £4 for a full-charge from a wall-charger at non-peak hours. This is perfect for the delivery-driver market, many of whom are self-employed.

And while there are some electric vans roaming the streets of Britain today, there’s a boatload more coming. The most notable new van for 2019 is from Ford - its iconic Transit will get the full plug-in-hybrid treatment.


Best new vans 2019

1. 2019 Ford Transit Custom PHEV

On sale Autumn 2019
Cost Unknown

The Ford Transit Custom PHEV will be the first plug-in-hybrid van on the market, a befitting feather in the cap for Ford, who brought vans to the mainstream with the original Transit.

It’s aimed at drivers who can drive short distances using just the battery, but also need a combustion engine for longer journeys. Ford reckons it'll get around 30 miles of battery-only power, with a payload rated for more than 1000kg.
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2. 2019 Ford Transit

On sale Mid 2019
Cost Unknown

If the Transit Custom PHEV is a revolution for the van market, this updated Ford Transit is much more of an evolution.

Ford reckons it's changed 4,000 parts from the outgoing model, and it will receive a new nose that gives it a fresher look too. There are also new engines, plus a new mild-hybrid system.
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3. 2019 Mercedes eVito

On sale 2019
Cost (estimated) £35,000

This is Mercedes’ first all-electric van, which will be released before the eSprinter below. Although fundamentally different from the regular Vito because it’s electrically powered, it’s a very similar prospect in terms of usefulness.

Expect a minimum of 60 miles between charges too.
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4. Volkswagen e-Crafter

On sale Late 2019
Cost from £63,000

Going on sale later this year, the Volkswagen e-Crafter will be among the first all-electric large vans to be offered by one of the major industry players. This green machine ditches the diesel engines in favour of a 100kW electric motor, which pumps out the equivalent of 136hp and equates to around 99 miles of emissions-free per charge.

According to VW, top speed will be limited to around 55mph, so this won't be a suitable replacement for long haul trips, but a high percentage of van users in busy towns and cities rarely cover more than 60 miles in a single day.

Payload and load volume remain largely the same as the standard Crafter range, while the same innovative and stylish interior is all present and correct. Is this the future of the commercial vehicle? We will have to wait and see.
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5. 2019 Mercedes Benz e-Sprinter

On sale End of 2019
Cost (estimated) £50,000

This latest Sprinter (out now) was designed with electricity in mind, and we should see an all-electric version in 2019. It's a big statement to make from Mercedes, considering that the Sprinter was the fourth best-selling LCV of 2018 in the UK.

There’s an option of three or four batteries, which will give it a range of 71 or 93 miles between charges.
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6. LDV EV30

On sale 2020
Cost £22,000

Revealed at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show, the LDV EV30 is an electric van built in China, arriving in the UK in 2020.

Long and short wheelbases are available, and LDV reckons it can get 200 miles on a single charge with the biggest battery version, while the smaller battery model will do around 127 miles. This smaller battery can charge from 0-80% in 45 minutes from the fastest chargers.
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7. 2019 LEVC Van

On sale Late 2019
Cost £55,000 (estimated

The LEVC van will essentially be an LEVC London Electric Taxi without the rear seats.

Expect a 1.5-litre range extender, and a 80-100 mile electric range. It’s aimed at last mile delivery services. The van is still in early development, but so far the Met Police and the London Fire Brigade have registered an interest.
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