Best new vans launched in 2019

Among the list of new vans in 2019, there were two new versions of the iconic Ford Transit, electric vans, and SUV-style vans, too

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Jan 19, 2022

2019 saw the introduction of many environmentally-friendly vans. The electric revolution is well underway in the car market, and vans are not far behind.

Emissions standards are changing the way people buy cars, and they're affecting the van marketplace in a similar way. Diesel vans that don't meet Euro 6 emissions standards will have to pay a £12.50 daily charge to enter the ULEZ zone in London, for example.

Besides emissions, electric power goes hand in hand with what many modern van drivers want. After all, going electric brings with it plenty of other benefits. The major one is cost. Charging a car or van wildly depends on where/how you do it, but it can cost less than £4 for a full charge from a wall-charger at non-peak hours. This is perfect for the delivery-driver market, many of whom are self-employed.

While there are some electric vans roaming the streets of Britain today, including some of these that were introduced in and around 2019, there’s a boatload more coming.

Best new vans 2019

1. Ford Transit Custom PHEV

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The Ford Transit Custom PHEV was the first plug-in-hybrid van to offer limited zero-emission driving. Rather than driving the wheels like a conventional PHEV, the 1.0-litre petrol engine acts as a generator to charge the battery - similar to a BMW i3 REx.

Load space isn't affected by the hybrid setup, so expect a payload of more than 1,000kg depending on the model. It'll cost more than its diesel counterpart, but should offer significant tax savings.

2. Ford Transit

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The Ford Transit was updated in 2019, with Ford introducing 4,000 new parts, so we're told. It's an update, rather than a brand new version, which you can tell apart from earlier versions by its new front end and overall fresher look.

There are still countless configurations to be had, while some models make use of mild hybrid technology to offer improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

3. Mercedes eVito

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Monthly finance from £256*

The eVito was Mercedes' first attempt at an electric van. The 66kWh battery promises over 160 miles of electric motoring, which should prove sufficient for most small businesses. It's most at home around town where the regenerative energy system can recuperate lost energy when braking.

It's only available as a panel van, so if you need to carry passengers you're better off with the newer, and much more expensive, Mercedes EQV.

4. Volkswagen e-Crafter

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The 136hp motor is enough to support a payload of almost one tonne, but expect the electric range to drop if you regularly carry heavy loads. The VW e-Crafter will manage around 100 miles on a single charge in the best conditions, thanks to a relatively small 35.8kWh battery.

The top speed is limited to 56mph, so this won't be a suitable replacement for long haul trips. It's best suited to those who need to make deliveries around town.

5. Mercedes eSprinter

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The eSprinter uses a larger 47kWh battery compared to the similarly-sized e-Crafter, but range drops to around 90 miles. In order to stay below 3.5 tonnes, the heavy eSprinter can only carry 731kg.

All models get a heated seat for the driver, which is more efficient than heating the entire cabin with the fans. Drivers can also pre-heat the van from their smartphones which is useful for early morning starts.

6. Maxus e Deliver 3

Maxus e Deliver 3 list price from £30,000*

Maxus reckons the e Deliver 3 can achieve 200 miles on a single charge with the biggest battery version, while the smaller battery model will do around 127 miles. This smaller battery can charge from 0-80% in 45 minutes from the fastest chargers.

There are short and long-wheelbase versions with five cubic metres and 6.3 cubic metres of load space respectively, but only the largest model can carry a tonne in payload.



LEVC VN5 list price from £46,500*

The LEVC van is essentially an LEVC London Electric Taxi without the rear seats. Expect a 60-mile electric range, but like the Transit Custom PHEV above, a range-extender engine that can provide over 300 miles from a full charge and a full tank.

LEVC uses a liquid-cooled battery to maintain optimal efficiency when it gets too hot. It can also use geofencing technology, similar to a smartphone, where it can adjust how it runs based on where it is. Particularly useful in clean air zones like London's ULEZ.

*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

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