Ford Transit Active: SUV-style looks, van-style practicality

Fancy a tough-looking SUV, but need van-size load volume? The Ford Transit Active and Tourneo Custom Active could be the answer

Christofer Lloyd
Jul 31, 2020

Ford has launched off-roader style Active versions of its Transit and Tourneo Custom models. These follow the same format as the Active versions of the Fiesta and Focus, which offer a little bit of SUV flavour without the additional cost - or reduced fuel consumption - that comes with a heavy and complex four-wheel drive system. Active versions of the Transit Connect and Tourneo Connect are also expected to arrive before the end of 2020.

Drivers after a little more ability, meanwhile, can add a limited-slip differential to boost grip on slippery surfaces, such as muddy building sites or rough gravel tracks. Alternatively, those after more serious off-road ability can opt for the Transit Trail, which comes as standard with the traction-maximising differential and the option of all-wheel drive. Find out more about the Transit Trail models here.

Transit Active models feature SUV-style black plastic body cladding around the bottom of the bumpers and side panels plus a unique interior specification to continue that sturdy feel on the inside with enhanced practicality and load carrying ability to cater for those who need a van for work but potentially also as lifestyle vehicle in their own time.

On the other hand, those after the ability to tackle tougher off-roading and carry heavy loads but who don't need the load volume of the Transit, the Ford Ranger pick-up remains a more sensible option, thanks to its more heavy-duty four-wheel drive system.

Ford Transit and Tourneo Custom Active prices

Ford is now taking orders for the the Transit and Tourneo Custom Active models, with the first models set for delivery in the third quarter of 2020. Expect to pay £30,000 upwards for the Transit Active and £37,950 upwards for the Tourneo Custom Active.

That compares with £29,250 upwards for the Transit Custom Trail and £35,685 upwards for the Transit Trail. Since the Transit Trail models have more mechanical changes than the Active, plus greater ability to deal with rough surfaces, it's the Trail models that look like the best value.

As always, though, if you want the most van for your money, going for a nearly-new or used model will get you a better van for your budget - whether you're paying with cash or finance. Click on the link below to search the best value nearly-new and used van deals now.

Ford Transit and Tourneo Custom Active models

Transit Active models will be available in Transit and Tourneo Custom form initially, with Transit Connect and Tourneo Connect models likely to arrrive towards the end of 2020. Active models can be specified with 130hp, 170hp and 185hp engines, depending which version you go for. EcoBlue diesel and EcoBlue 48-volt hybrid models can be specified in Active form.

An automatic gearbox is available on all versions, with the optional grip-boosting limited-slip differential possible on manual Active models. Active trim is available on a broad range of variants and bdoy styles including the following:

  • Tourneo Custom Active: short wheelbase with up to eight seats including driver
  • Transit Custom Active: short and long wheelbase panel vans with 3,000kg GVM
  • Transit Custom Active: short and long wheelbase double-cab-in-van with 3,200GVM

Ford Transit and Tourneo Custom Active specs

Helping Transit and Tourneo Custom Active models to stand out from the rest of the range are a number of SUV-style design changes. These include model-specific 17-inch alloy wheels, a new mesh grille and plastic cladding around the wheel arches, bumpers, sides and wing mirrors.

Roof rails are also standard on the Active models, as is a full-width 'Active' logo on the back of the van, plus badges on each wing. All Active models also feature a unique interior specification with part-leather seats and a blue instrument panel on the Tourneo Custom Active.

As for practicality, the Tourneo Custom Active can be reconfigured inside with seats that can be shuffled around to maximise space for passengers or increase luggage room. The seats can also be reversed to set up a conference seating layout or taken out completely to maximise cargo capacity. Additionally, the seat mounting rails can be used to mount bikes inside the cabin for added security compared with loading them on the roof or rear door.

Meanwhile, those who need additional grip for slippery surfaces can add a limited-slip differential for £550. If you are considering that option, however, it's worth considering the cost of an Active model with the differential with an equivalent Trail (that should include the differential as standard), to establish which is the better value option for you.

Transit and Tourneo Custom Active fuel economy

ModelCO2 emissions (NEDC)Fuel consumption (NEDC)CO2 emissions (WLTP)Fuel consumption (WLTP)
Transit Custom Active146g/km+up to 50.4mpg186g/km+up to 39.7mpg
Tourneo Custom Active145g/km+up to 51.3mpg203g/km+up to 36.6mpg

Official fuel economy figures for the new Transit Custom stand at up to 39.7mpg and up to 36.6mpg for the Tourneo Custom Active models.

These figures are from the latest 'WLTP' emissions test format, which should be much more realistic on real roads than the previous 'NEDC' version. Consequently, you can expect around 35-40mpg from the new Active models.

These figures should be accurate whether you go for the standard models or specify a limited-slip differential for added grip, Ford states. As all-wheel drive systems add weight and consequently reduce fuel economy, going for this differential rather than an all-wheel drive version of the Transit Trail may appeal to business users who are focused on costs but need a little more grip than the standard Transit can offer.


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