Best six-seater vans

Here we've picked out some of the best six-seater vans - whether you need a work van with room for the crew or space for lots of luggage

Sam Naylor
May 20, 2022

Vans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but generally they have two or three seats in the front and a large cargo bay in the back. However, there are special variants of many that turn them into a six-seater van.

These are often called crew vans, combi (or Kombi) vans or double-cab vans. They bring an extra row of seats behind the driver, expanding out to five seats in total if there are two front seats, or, in all the models below, six seats.

Generally, it’s mid-size panel vans and full-size panel vans that come with six seats, as the smaller kinds of vans only have room for two front seats. The larger panel vans often come with three front seats as standard, so adding the extra row in the crew van versions brings that up to six seats.

These versions often have windows in the side doors, though not always, and a bulkhead behind the second set of seats. This is sometimes removable and sometimes not, so some vans will suit certain buyers more than others.

If there’s no bulkhead, you can easily access cargo in the back from the side doors, especially as the seats fold away and in some cases they can be removed completely. Yet these vans are less comfortable for passengers. Models with a fixed rear bulkhead have more of a separation between cargo and passengers, which is often better for reducing noise and boosting cabin comfort generally.

It’s not just for work crews, either, as general drivers might consider them as well. Medium-sized panel vans are best for families, as they aren’t as cumbersome to drive and most people don’t need the huge carrying capacity of a full-size Transit, for example.

Vans with six seats

If you do need a large carrying capacity for work then a larger van, like the ones at the bottom of the list below, are a great choice. They’re huge, so the passenger space is much more accommodating for six adults, and there’s still tonnes of space in the load bay.

Read on for our picks of the eight best six-seater vans for a variety of purposes and budgets.

1. Ford Transit Custom

Best six-seater van for all-round use

Our pick for six seats Ford Transit Custom Double Cab-in-Van
Used deals from ÂŁ18,495
Monthly finance from ÂŁ747*

The Ford Transit Custom has six seats - three in the front and three in the back - if you go for both the Double Cab-in-Van model and the option to add the extra front seat. It has a fixed rear bulkhead behind the rear seats, which is unlike many other crew vans. It limits the access to the back through the side doors, but the cabin is more comfortable as a result.

There’s plenty of room in the cargo area and because it’s sealed off, security is better for when you all have to hop out for lunch and leave stuff in the back.

The Transit Custom is a great van for all kinds of drivers, so it’s the default option in many ways. It’s good to drive, has a range of punchy and economical diesel engines, it’s comfy and there’s lots of tech in the cabin. If you're not sure which van to go for, pick a Transit.

2. Peugeot Expert

Best six-seater van for safety tech

Our pick for six seats Peugeot Expert Crew Van
Used deals Limited stock

The Peugeot Expert is part of a trio of mid-size vans that also includes the Citroen Dispatch and the Vauxhall Vivaro. In Crew Van form, the Peugeot Expert is very car-like, as it’s almost set up like an MPV with a huge boot.

There are three seats in the front and three in the back, and while some versions have a moveable mesh bulkhead, there are also models that have a fixed steel one with a high-set window for better security.

The Peugeot Expert is also car-like in terms of safety kit, as things like Active Safety Brake (that monitors the road to reduce the likelihood of rear-end collisions), Blind Spot Monitoring, Road Sign Reading and Speed Limit Recommendation are all available. These are options to look out for when buying one second-hand.

3. Citroen Dispatch

Best six-seater van for comfort

Our pick for six seats Citroen Dispatch Crew Van
Used deals Limited stock

The Citroen Dispatch has the same seating layout as the Peugeot Expert because they’re built using the same base model. The Citroen has a different face and some different interior trim options, but it’s largely the same van. It means there’s another option if you like the Peugeot but there isn't one available that quite suits your needs, for example.

The Citroen is comfortable and good to drive, as it feels very much like a big people carrier rather than a panel van. It has lots of safety kit and high-spec versions include creature comforts such as a touchscreen media system with sat-nav.

The diesel engines are strong but economical, and like the Expert it has a roomy set of rear seats that will be good for transporting extra people in comfort. There’s even an electric version, although these aren’t too common to find second-hand just yet.

4. Volkswagen Transporter

Best six-seater van for families

Our pick for six seats Volkswagen Transporter Kombi
Used deals Limited stock

The Volkswagen Transporter is a great choice if you’re a business buyer looking for a roomy van that can carry up to six people (in the versions with the three-seater front bench). Yet it’s also popular with families because it looks smart, is comfortable to drive and the versatile seating layout is useful for adventurous types.

The Kombi doesn't have a bulkhead behind the back seats, so the cabin is more exposed than in some models. It means long items are easy to load in but security isn’t a strong point as you can see into the back from the side windows.

The 2.0-litre diesel engine is smooth and powerful, plus there’s a 'DSG' automatic gearbox option to make the Transporter even easier to drive every day. Cabin quality is excellent and the seats are comfy, so it’s pleasant to spend time in this Volkswagen.

5. Renault Trafic

Best six-seater van for work use

Our pick for six seats Renault Trafic Crew Van
Used deals Limited stock

The Renault Trafic is one of the most spacious mid-size vans and the six-seater Crew Van model is a great option for carrying extra passengers in comfort. It’s also a comfy van to drive over bumpy roads, and the interior is smart and modern, too.

There’s a bulkhead with glass and side windows to increase the amount of light inside, but the back doors don’t have windows, so security is good. There’s a variety of load options including a long-wheelbase model, and the square shape means it’s easy to load up.

The Trafic has comfy rear seats with a good view out, so it’s one of the more comfortable models for passengers in the back and the higher-spec models have comforts such as sat-nav and automatic windscreen wipers.

6. Vauxhall Vivaro

Best six-seater van for value

Our pick for six seats Vauxhall Vivaro DoubleCab
Used deals Limited stock

The Vauxhall Vivaro is related to the Peugeot Expert and Citroen Dispatch, and it’s a great-value choice second-hand. There are fixed and mesh bulkhead versions with three front and three rear seats. The version with smaller rear seats and a mesh bulkhead is the Crew Van, but the DoubleCab version is larger and has a longer wheelbase, too.

It’s comfortable and car-like to drive, with plenty of modern tech and safety kit. Plus, the engines are punchy and efficient, and there’s even a pricier electric version with a range of around 190 miles on a single charge.

You could also consider a Vivaro Life, which is the passenger car version. It’s taxed as a car, but it has windows all-round and more seats in the back that can be removed for extra storage capacity. It’s not as secure as the van model, but it’s more comfortable to spend time in.

7. Ford Transit

Best six-seater van for size

Our pick for six seats Ford Transit Double Cab-in-Van
Used deals Limited stock

A full-size van is the best option for businesses that need to carry heavy or bulky loads regularly but also need to carry passengers. The Ford Transit Double Cab-in-Van is one of the best options here, as it has three roomy front seats and three more directly behind, plus a fixed bulkhead for comfort and security.

The Transit still has loads of carrying space even in this form, as it’s a huge van and there are various long wheelbase and high roof height options to expand it even more. It uses a range of 2.0-litre diesel engines that are dependable and powerful, plus there are even four-wheel-drive versions.

The Transit is comfortable on the road and even though it’s a very large van, good visibility means it’s easy enough to drive. As it’s a strong seller and Ford dealers are all over the UK, it’s a great choice of second-hand large van, and you should never struggle to find somewhere local to service it.

8. Mercedes Sprinter

Best six-seater van for prestige

Our pick for six seats Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van
Used deals Limited stock

The Mercedes Sprinter is available with a Crew Van option pack, so if you’re buying used you’ll need to search for a model with this fitted. The pack adds three more seats in the back, totalling six, and windows on the side doors for added comfort for passengers.

There are plenty of variations of the Sprinter, so there are models to fit many different uses, and like the Transit, since it’s a full-size van there’s loads of carrying capacity and payload on all versions. It’s roomy inside for passengers and cargo as a result.

The Sprinter is a smart-looking van with a good amount of technology, a pleasant cabin, strong engines and a choice of automatic and manual gearboxes. It’s smooth and comfortable on the road, and works well on the motorway. Its prestige badge means it’s often chosen by those wanting to make an impression.

*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

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Deposit: ÂŁ0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: ÂŁ2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: ÂŁ11,926
Total cost of credit: ÂŁ2,426
Amount borrowed: ÂŁ9,500
APR: 9.9%

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