Best used vans

The best used vans will keep the business running while on a tight budget

BuyaCar team
Mar 28, 2019

There are more than three million vans on the UK roads at the moment. So it makes reasonable sense that there should be a fair few used ones for sale.

But it's never been that easy to find legitimate used bargains in the LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) marketplace because good stock isn't as widely available when compared to the car market.

Savvy buyers can still find good examples with some notable savings over the cost of buying factory fresh metal though, simply due to the fact that a previous owner has already taken the deprecation hit.

Those looking to really pinch the pennies will likely have to focus on high-mileage examples, which throws up the issue of reliability. So it's well worth checking service history and enquiring about any valid warranties that may apply to well-used models.

Private and business buyers will have a variety of needs, which includes space in the rear for cargo, a comfortable drive, fuel economy and general running costs.

For this reason, it is a good idea to work out whether you'll need something large, small, or medium-sized. Then all you need to do is come up with a budget for purchasing and running the vehicle, and decide the sort of creature comforts you want.

Below are some examples of common use cases and the vans that we think are among the best for the job, factoring in price, size, load space, reliability and of course, the savings to be had in comparison to buying new.

Best used vans


1. Peugeot Partner

Best small used van for overall value

 Latest Peugeot Partner deals from £5,250
Finance from £112 per month

This French model offers bags of features at a very reasonable price. It's easy to find top spec Professional models with minimal miles on the clock for less than £9,000 plus VAT. Even basic S models come with electric windows and a radio with CD player inside - these start from less than £5,000.

L1 is the standard wheelbase length that serves most users. Longer L2 versions are less popular, more expensive, and harder to track down. Available in both petrol and diesel variants, some models will have been specced with aa trick stability control system that helps it off-road too.

The Partner makes a flexible small van that can often be found flaunting some very enticing savings over rivals from the likes of Volkswagen and Ford.

Loadspace 3,300 litres Payload Up to 850kg Fuel economy 56.5mpg

2. Fiat Fiorino

Best small used van for ultra-compact space


Its diminutive proportions and ultra tight turning circle make this little load-lugger the perfect companion for tight inner-city streets, which will suit those owners that don't need masses of cargo space.

A fine selection of frugal petrol and diesel engines is offered, while a well-specified interior boasting the latest entertainment technology, hardwearing plastics and intuitive controls make it a tempting proposition.

The small Fiat represents excellent value on the used market, especially when 18-plate versions with as little as 200 miles on the clock can be snapped up for less than £9,000 plus VAT.

Loadspace 2,500 litres Payload 660kg Fuel economy 64.2mpg

3. Renault Kangoo

Best small used van for bargain hunters

Latest Renault Kangoo deals from £4,495
Finance from £113 per month

The Kangoo has long been popular with fleet buyers and private customers thanks to its no-frills exterior styling, efficient engine range and easy-to-use interior switchgear.

The benefit of such ubiquity is a buoyant used market that offers some seriously good steals for those who don't mind slightly older models or those with a few miles under their (fan) belts.

It's easy enough to find quality used examples for as little as £6,000 plus VAT, which is about as low as prices get for these workhorses.

Loadspace 3,000 litres Payload 650kg Fuel economy 61.4mpg

Renault Kangoo deals    

4. Ford Transit Connect 

Best small used van for style

Latest Ford Transit Connect deals from £6,500
Finance from £136 per month

When it comes to agile and stylishly designed small vans, very few rivals come close to the Ford Transit Connect. It fuses elements like alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights and sharp body kits with myriad practical touches.

Expect to find Ford's latest touchscreen Sync 3 entertainment system inside more recent models, complete with AppLink, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and intuitive navigation, while an innovative 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engines deliver impressive performance with far lower CO2 emissions than most other vans.

Used examples are plentiful and therefore can be found with some enticing savings. Well-specified 2018 1.5 TDCi 100PS L1 on BuyaCar with around 9,000 miles on the clock come in at less than £15,000.

Loadspace 2,900 litres Payload 580kg Fuel economy 61.4mpg

5. Volkswagen Transporter

Best medium used van for panel van users 

Latest Volkswagen Transporter deals from £10,485
Finance from £232 per month

Reliable, stylish, impressively efficient and easily customised into a camper, the Volkswagen Transporter has long been one of the best light commercial vehicles money can buy, which means snaring large savings is a very difficult feat to achieve.

The modern range of panel vans come fitted with excellent Euro 6 diesel engines - ranging from 84hp to 204hp outputs - as well as some efficient and quiet petrol units with either 150hp or 204hp power outputs. Inside, expect typical Volkswagen levels of comfort and technology, with one of the most car-like interiors found in the world of vans today, while a silky smooth DSG automatic gearbox makes life on the road easier.

Loadspace 5,800 litres Payload 952kg Fuel economy 37.7mpg

6. Toyota Proace

Best medium used van for reliability

Latest Toyota Proace deals from £11,295
Finance from £204 per month

An impressive five-year/100,000-mile warranty comes with all Toyota vehicles, such is the marque's confidence in its products, while Toyota has long been ranked as one of the most reliable manufacturers around.

The Proace might look like a Peugeot Expert with a slightly different badge on the front, but it benefits from Toyota's excellent range of engines that have been proven to go the distance.

Available in everything from a compact panel van to and extra-long crew cab, the Proace is a versatile and reliable choice.

Loadspace 5,300 litres Payload 1,487kg Fuel economy 53.5mpg

7. Ford Transit Custom

Best medium used van for choice

Latest Ford Transit Custom deals from £8,200
Finance from £107 per month

Where once there was the Transit, the go-to van for many tradespeople, now there is this mid-size Transit Custom (pictured) and below it the smaller Transit Courier and Transit Connect. The larger Transit that now competes with rivals such as the Vauxhall Movano.

The Transit Custom is what most people imagine when they think of a Ford van and its typical qualities including ease of driving and maintenance, tough construction, and roomy and practical body.

Loadspace 5,950 litres Payload 1,090kg Fuel economy 40.4mpg

8. Mercedes Sprinter 

Best used large van for comfort

Latest Mercedes Sprinter deals from £11,995
Finance from £294 per month

The (almost) infinitely customisable Mercedes Sprinter could also feature on this list as one of the largest and most capable vans currently available to buy, but it's also happens to be one of the most comfortable.

Typical Mercedes craftsmanship and engineering have been applied, meaning it's generally quiet, refined, yet powerful on the open road.

Due to its popularity, used Sprinters are easy to find with massive savings from the list price, so long as you're open to at least 40,000 miles on the clock and models that are at least two years old.

Loadspace 6,900 litres Payload 1116kg Fuel economy 34.9mpg

9. Vauxhall Movano

Best used large van for flexibility

Latest Vauxhall Movano deals from £7,990
Finance from £181 per month

These Goliaths of the road share the same basic platform as the Renault Master and Nissan NV400, meaning choice of brand will largely come down to the specification and engine spread offered by each manufacturer.

Vauxhall's biggest selling point is the level of choice in the Movano range. Customers can choose from four body lengths and three roof heights, while four engines, front and rear-wheel-drive options and an optional automatic gearbox add further flexibility.

A distinct lack of stock makes picking up an older used bargain slightly difficult, but low-mileage, pre-registered examples abound offering savings of around £5,000.

Loadspace 10,800 litres Payload 1,491kg Fuel economy 36.2mpg

10. Peugeot Boxer

Best used van for large loads

Latest Peugeot Boxer deals from £9,995
Finance from £208 per month

The Boxer is already a giant van, but you can get a extra long wheelbase and high roof version that has a 13,000-litre load capacity. Move up to L4H3 specification and that capacity increases to 17,000-litres.

If the Boxer doesn't quite tick all the boxes you, you’ll find there are related models in the shape of the Fiat Ducato and Citroen Relay which will at least widen the net in terms of searching for specific ages and mileages.

Loadspace 13,000 litres Payload 1,525kg Fuel economy 38.2mpg


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