Cheap van finance: how to get it, plus the best deals

Cheap van finance from £100 per month: see our pick of the best offers on small and medium-sized vans with low monthly repayments

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Mar 28, 2019

Upgrading your van doesn't need to be costly, whether you're looking for a small runaround for city deliveries, or a vast panel van that can cope with bulky loads.

Prices for used small vans start at under £100 per month, and you'll need less than £200 per month for a really sizeable vehicle with a payload of more than 1.5 tons.

The prices quoted exclude VAT, which can be reclaimed on vans used commercially.

Cheap van finance with lease purchase

All representative van finance quotes below are based on a lease purchase agreement. Lease purchase, or LP, is one of the most popular ways of buying commercial vehicles. It offers monthly payments that are usually lower than Hire Purchase (HP) finance, with a mandatory payment at the end.

It can be split into three different steps. 

  • 1. Deposit The quotes below are based on a 25% deposit, but this can be altered to suit your circumstances.
  • 2. Monthly instalments Fixed repayments are typically made for between two and four years. The examples below are based on a four-year deal. These are lower than some types of car finance, such as a bank loan or Hire Purchase (HP), because they only cover part of the cost of the van. Monthly payments may be a little lower than Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance because lenders often charge a low rate of interest.
  • 3. Final payment At the end of the agreement you have the third type of payment to make: the final instalment, which is often called the balloon payment. 

Cheap van finance is available across a full range of manufacturers, including Citroen, Mercedes, Renault and Volkswagen. Click below to search all offers currently available or scroll down for our pick of the best ten cheap van finance deals.

Cheap van finance from less than £149 a month

Citroen Nemo

From £115 per month

A workhorse of the city, you'll find a Citroen Nemo unloading on virtually every British high street. People love its sizeable load area, economical engine and excellent value for money.

Monthly prices start from just over £100 per month. Which seems like good value for a van that has a larger loadspace than a Ford Transit Courier and a larger payload than a Mercedes Citan.

It has been in production for several years and you can tell when you're behind the wheel: the plasticky interior and bouncy ride are some way off the standard of the best small vans. But for the amount of space that you get per pound, the Nemo is hard to beat.

Loadspace 2.5m3 Payload 660kg Fuel economy 62.8mpg - 68.9mpg

Ford Fiesta Van

Finance from £105 per month

Car-derived vans have a lot going for them - they pretty much house all of the hallmarks of a supermini (cheap, easy to maintain, comfortable) with the added benefit of having the rear seats ripped out, giving it more loadspace.

This means you can get yourself a small van that is actually like a car to drive. A win win situation.

Payload is nowhere near as big as a Transit for instance, but its loadspace is among the highest of the car based vans.

A new model Fiesta Van has been released recently too, so expect the prices of these old-generation vans to fall even further in the future.

Loadspace 1.0m3 Payload 505kg Fuel economy 50.4mpg - 78.5mpg

Ford Transit Courier

Finance from £144 per month

For less than £150 a month you’ll struggle to find a full-size Ford Transit, but the smallest vehicle in the Transit range - the Courier - is within the budget.

This uses the same mechanical parts as the Ford Fiesta, but it’s bigger than the Ford Fiesta van. Because it’s Fiesta based, it’s one of the best-driving vans on the market and is genuinely car-like.

It has three turbocharged engines on offer - two diesels and a petrol - although there might not be many petrols floating around on the used market as they only make up around five per cent of new van sales.

Loadspace 2.4m3 Payload 660kg Fuel economy 70.6mg-76.3mpg


Nissan e-NV200

From £150 per month

An electric van for less than £150 a month? No your eyes don’t deceive you. There are some high-mileage 2015 models knocking round for this magical figure.

And not only are electric vans better for the environment than their diesel counterparts, but they can also save you money. Primarily, because you’re not filling them up with diesel all the time.

Charging the Nissan from empty at night time outside your home would cost roughly £1.50, and would give you roughly 106 miles of range. You’d need to spend (roughly) ten times that to get £100 miles of diesel.

Pre-2017 Nissan e-NV200s have an official range of 106 miles, however, post-2017 vans have a range of 174 miles.

Apart from the near silence you’ll be travelling in, there’s very little that's different to driving a normal van. It’s an automatic too, and because it has fewer parts than a diesel or petrol powered van, there’s also less to go wrong.

Loadspace 4.2m3 Payload 728kg Fuel economy 106-174 miles per charge


Cheap van finance for £150-199 a month

Ford Transit Custom

Finance from £180 per month

For £200 a month, you can get yourself Ford Transit Custom if you’re willing to put up with the basic models.

Not that it should put you off. The Transit Custom is a brillant workhorse with two different wheelbases and powerful diesel-powered engines. If you’re after a cleaner Transit, there is a hybrid version in the works. But you’ll have to wait until 2019.

The Transit Custom is one of the safest vans on the market, achieving a Euro NCAP rating of five out of five.

Tall drivers and passengers won’t love the lack of legroom though.

Loadspace 5.95m3 Payload 1090kg Fuel economy 43mpg-46mpg

Mercedes Citan

Finance from £151 per month

Mercedes vans do hold a certain cache among drivers because of the extra quality in them in comparison to cheaper rivals. Inside, the materials are palpably better, and just feel more durable and less likely to split or break over time.

It’s obviously no Mercedes S-Class, but the Citan does have three different lengths, a combi van option, plus different seating layouts and styling trims. There’s a petrol engine on offer and even an automatic gearbox too.

Loadspace 3.1m3 Payload 512kg Fuel economy Up to 44.1mpg


Citroen Relay

Finance from £205 per month

The Citroen Relay houses a massive payload of 1525kg. To put that into context, that’s nearly the weight of two very small cars.

To get one for less than £200 a month you’ll have to opt for an old-ish model. 2014-registered vans regularly pop up in the price range, some of them with less than 30,000 miles.

The Relay does offer a great space per pound ratio, and the diesel engines are economical and feel punchy too. They are noisy though, and the van does does feel brittle when there’s not a load in the back.

Loadspace 13m3 Payload 1525kg Fuel economy Combined 45.6mpg


Cheap van finance for £200-300 a month

Nissan NV200

Finance from £154 per month

Don’t adjust your screen, this is a different van from the Nissan e-NV200 above. Essentially, this isn’t powered by an electric motor, but by a 1.5-litre diesel engine.

It does without the fancy electrical gubbins, but keeps the practicality and dependability. It’s also one of the cheapest finance deals on the market for vans. 2016 models regularly crop up for around £150 per month, while 2018 models are beginning to crop up at around the £200 a month mark for the most basic models.

It’s available in Panel Van, Crew Van (complete with occasional seating in the rear) and Combi (seats up to 7 people) formats too. Top spec Tekna models come with alloy wheels, cruise control, and a colour reversing camera, but these can get pricey. If you want accessories, it might be better to look elsewhere. But if you want a cheap nearly-new van, this could be the one.

Loadspace 4.2m3 Payload 728kg Fuel economy 53mpg-57mpg

Volkswagen Transporter

Finance from £189 per month

The Transporter has been around in different guises for more than fifty years, and it’s become ubiquitous as a serious van offering.

People love its ruggedness and dependability, so much so that there are owners’ clubs dedicated to them.

For your sub £300 a month you’ll be able to get a 2016 model with less than 50,000 miles, with the lower powered diesel engine. And for £300 a month you’re looking at a high-specification 2017 model with most of the bells and whistles.

If you’re regularly in a rush, plump for the fastest engine - the 204hp bi-turbo model. This gets the Transporter from 0-62mph in 8.6secs, rapid for a van. Cab storage isn’t as big as some Peugeots and Citroens, but it’s a better product all-round.

Loadspace 5.8m3 Payload 993kg Fuel economy 47.9mpg combined


Isuzu D-Max

Finance from £195 per month

If you like the idea of a van with a big open payload, then picking up an Isuzu D-Max is a good idea.

The D-Max is a pick-up truck aimed squarely at people in the trade, rather than outdoorsy lifestyle types. They’re generally aimed at people who want a cross between a van and an SUV, and the Isuzu blends these two aspects well.

Best of all, for around £300 per month there are D-Max models out there with less than 1,000 miles on the clock. Nearly new then.

At that price, you won’t get alloy wheels, but you also won’t need AdBlue. It looks and feels agricultural, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

Loadspace N/A Payload 1128kg Fuel economy up to 40.4mpg combined


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