Best vans to buy 2019

The latest way to meet your cargo-carrying requirements: these are the best vans to buy in 2019

Dec 21, 2018

Van fans rejoice! 2019 is setting up to be a brilliant year for buying a new van. Fresh models from Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Ford are all in, boasting improved and more car-like interiors.

New engines are improving emissions too, which will save you money in tax as well as at the forecourt pumps. Even the government is stepping in to help you buy a new van, with a new van scrappage scheme being announced.

So, if you're a private owner looking to upgrade the daily ride or the lucky devil in charge of a fleet of vehicles, we've curated a list of the best new vans on the market (and those that are coming very soon) so you can make an informed buying choice.

Why buy a new van?

As previously mentioned, a whole host of new metal has hit - or is about to hit - the market and it brings with it the promise of improved interior technology, including some neat new media systems, sleek new styling and, certainly in the case of the upcoming Volkswagen e-Crafter, some ground breaking new electric powertrain technology.

If you're not quite ready to plug-in, a plethora of new models come boasting tweaked internal combustion engines, with fuel consumption figures improved by as much as 13 per cent over the outgoing models.

 Best vans 2019

1) New Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Prices From £24,350 Max payload Around 1,500kg
Max power 190hp Length Up to 6.9 metres

Headling changes over the previous model include some aerodynamic and eye-catching exterior styling, a new electric model to join the line-up and a plethora of new interior technology.

The German marque's new MBUX touchscreen media system is available, while comfortable air suspension is also offered on certain models.

Payload, fuel efficiency and general capabilities will match or better the outgoing model but Mercedes has ensured this new Sprinter is the most technologically accomplished yet, with numerous parking aids on offer and a 'connected' module that allows fleet managers to call up telematics, GPS information, and much more.


2) New Ford Transit Custom

Prices From £21,000 Max payload Around 1,450kg
Max power 170hp Length Up to 5.3 metres

The long awaited replacement for the Ford Transit Custom is upon us and a recent launch event for the press and media has revealed that early opinion is extremely positive.

Expect 25 litres of storage space littered throughout the improved interior, multiple USB ports and plug sockets, a stylish new Sync 3 infotainment system and touchscreen and a selection of advanced Ford EcoBlue petrol engines offering powerful performance without the associated fuel bills.

On top of this, Ford has introduced a new Acceleration Control system that alters the rate of acceleration according to whether the vehicle is un-laden or part-laden. As a result, you can expect to lower your fuel consumption by up to 15 per cent.

3) New Citroen Berlingo

Prices From £13,990 Max payload Around 854kg
Max power 120hp Length Up to 4.6 metres

The all-new Citroen Berlingo has undergone some serious styling changes, with a sharper front end now benefitting from a modern light cluster and its interior receiving a seven-inch touchscreen system with improved navigation.

Grip Control also optimises traction in adverse weather conditions and features modes for mud, snow and sand, while a handy reversing camera makes parking a doddle.

The Berlingo still makes for an affordable and fuss-free small van, but these additional new comfort and practicality solutions make it more appealing than ever.

4) Ford Transit Courier

Prices From £13,096 Max payload Around 600kg
Max power 95hp Length Up to 4.2 metres

Ford is busy refreshing its range of commercial vehicles for 2019 and the popular Transit Courier and Connect models have both received some major updates.

The Courier not only benefits from a comprehensive facelift, it also gets an all-new 1.5-litre EcoBlue diesel that promises state-of-the-art fuel injection, turbocharging, emissions control and friction reduction to reduce those annual fuel bills.

Inside, the Courier also benefits from a six-inch tablet-style touchscreen media system on higher-specification models, which uses the same Sync 3 software as the Transit Custom and promises plenty of connectivity.


5) Volkswagen e-Crafter

Prices From £63,000 (before grants) Max payload Around 1,750kg
Max power 136hp Length Up to 6.6 metres

Going on sale later this year, the Volkswagen e-Crafter will be among the first all-electric large vans to be offered by one of the major industry players.

We've already waxed lyrical about the standard Crafter, but this green machine ditches the diesel engines in favour of a 100kW electric motor, which pumps out the equivalent of 136hp and equates to around 99 miles of emissions-free per charge.

According to VW, top speed is going to be limited to around 55mph, so this won't be a suitable replacement for long haul trips, but a high percentage of van users in busy towns and cities rarely cover more than 60 miles in a single day.

Payload and load volume remain largely the same as the standard Crafter range, while the same innovative and stylish interior is all present and correct. Is this the future of the commercial vehicle? We will have to wait and see.


6) New Nissan e-NV200

Prices From Around £25,000 Max payload 694kg
Max power 109hp from electric motors Length Up to 4.6 metres

Another addition to the environmentally friendly CV sector comes in the shape of the new and improved Nissan e-NV200, which is fitted with the latest 40kWh battery pack that offers a 60 per cent extended range.

Customers will be now be able to drive around 174-miles on a single charge, which represents around 62 miles additional motoring and means businesses and private owners can tackle city centres and busy urban environments with a reduced sense of range anxiety.


7) Fiat Talento Sportivo

Prices From £26,245 Max payload 1,249kg
Max power 145hp Length Up to 5.4 metres

Although not a completely new model per se, the Sportivo line sees alloy wheels, metallic paint, Sportivo side-stripes, painted bumpers and a host of other safety and comfort features added to the package.

On top of the racy exterior styling, air conditioning, touchscreen with satnav, reverse parking sensors and cruise control come as standard, while Fiat's current range of punchy yet economical petrol and diesel engines remains the same.

With prices starting at £26,245 for the generous kit, this trim line could prove to be one of the most lavish at this price point.

8) Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial

Prices From £28,509 Max payload 580kg
Max power 177hp Length 4.3 metres

No, don’t adjust your screens. This is a Toyota Land Cruiser, but one that is technically classed as a van. It’s pretty similar to the regular four-wheel-drive behemoth, but just with the rear seats ripped out.

It might not have the biggest payload, but, it does come in long and short wheelbases, plus, it has genuine off-roading ability. If you regularly need to transport heavy things up mountains, this is the van for you.

The 2.7-litre diesel engine feels strong, and it’s even quite sprightly when not fully loaded. Granted, it might not handle much like a car, but it drives better than most other vans.


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