Insure Your Future with a Van Warranty


A van is a major investment for your company, and as such, you will want for it to be protected from damage. The best way to protect your purchase, aside from regular maintenance, is by covering your van with a warranty.

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Usually vans come with a 3-year warranty from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). When the warranty expires, it is recommended that vehicle owners enroll in a van service program that will help deal with maintenance and care.

Also, find a trustworthy garage for repairs and maintenance of your vehicle. When getting a warranty for your van, always read the fine print. Many warranties have very specific stipulations. For example, some warranties require that you only get repairs and maintenance done through the dealer from whom you bought the van.

If you are buying a warranty outside of the one offered by the dealer, sure that the van will be covered by warranty in the first place. There are some makes and models that most warranty companies will refuse to cover, and if the van is too old, it might also be denied a warranty. Once your van gets to the point that it is no longer able to be covered by a warranty due to age, mileage, or damage, it is probably time to invest in a new one so that you will not be overwhelmed with repair charges.

When purchasing a warranty, you will, of course, want to be as effectively covered as possible. Sometimes, though, the warranties that come along with vehicles will not cover your van as well as one that you can buy privately. Extended warranty, for example, is a warranty whose definition varies between companies. Many buyers are under the impression that a warranty will cover everything, but even the most extensive warranties will not cover some things, including glass, bulbs, and tires. However, when you buy new tires for your van, you can buy a warranty with them to cover the tires individually (not the rest of the van).

When you buy a van for your business, it is crucial to always read the fine print. While a warranty can help save thousands in the long run, buying the wrong one can leave you paying for all your repairs out of pocket.