Van Security: Preventative Measures


Although keeping a van in a garage or within a locked and fenced area is ideal for security, this is not possible in all cases. If you do not have a secured place to park your van overnight, it is a good idea to invest in a few preventive methods that can make your van less appealing to thieves.

Regardless of whether or not you are able to park your van in locked areas overnight, these safety measures can help any van driver, as vans are just as susceptible to crime even in broad daylight.

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Keeping this in mind, you will want to ensure that no valuables are visible in your vehicle when it is parked. If you must store expensive equipment, always make sure that it is hidden from plain view. A thief is usually going to go after something that is definitely there, rather than breaking into a van and gambling on that chance. There are a few items you can install to maintain privacy in your vehicle. The security measures below are a few that you can take to make your van a much more difficult target:

- Van window blanks - these fit right over the window to block the view to the outside.

- Van tool storage box - you can keep expensive equipment in a storage box that is fixed to the floor of the van?s cargo area.

- Immobilizer - this prevents the ignition from being started without the key. Many newer van models have this technology in place, but older vans will definitely benefit from this.

- Alarm -many thieves test out vehicles by bumping into them before they actually break in. Keep in mind not to advertise the type of alarm you have, though, as a thief might actually know how to disable it; it is best to catch them off guard in this case.

- GPS tracker - if your van is stolen, this device can help to track it down.

Most thieves operate simply on time. The longer it will take to get the job done, the less likely that they will even bother with the vehicle. Although experienced thieves might know their way around even the most sophisticated deterrents, chances are that unless they see something they really want, they will move on to the next vehicle that is not so well secured.

That said, the best way to safeguard your vehicle against thieves is to have several deterrents in place so that you are not perceived as a target. Typically, car thieves go after easier targets who do not have any type of alarms or other deterrents in place.

Overall, securing your van is best done with several types of protection, including a way to hide your valuables, a way to prevent thieves from starting your van, and a tracker to locate the van in the event that it is stolen.