A Selection of Pickup Truck Accessories


Pickup trucks are some of the most convenient vehicles on the road. With plenty of space for luggage or work equipment, as well as optimum handling in many truck models, pickups are an ideal mode of transportation for individuals and businesses alike. Because they are so popular, pickup trucks also have an entire market of accessories dedicated to them. The following are some must-have accessories for your pickup truck depending on how you plan to use the vehicle.

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Canopies and tonneau covers can help protect your cargo from the elements. Tonneau covers cover only the top of the truck bed, so the limitation here is that you will only be able to fit as much as can be contained within the truck bed itself. The advantage to tonneau covers, however, is that they are small and therefore easily removable. If more space is necessary, there are canopies that come up to the height of the pickup�s roof. Hardtop canopies can come with or without windows, depending on whether you plan to use the truck bed as a shelter on short road trips. Some of these canopies even come with double doors to resemble a van or SUV and make the back of the pickup more easily accessible.


Regardless of whether you plan to keep your truck bed covered or not, bedliners are also essential for any truck. They protect not only from the elements but from scratches caused by cargo shifting around in the truck bed. If you plan to sell your truck after a few years, you can purchase a removable bed liner; when you are ready to sell, the bed will be in like new condition so that you can negotiate a better resale value.

Cargo Managers

These accessories are ideal for keeping cargo separate, or they can function as bed extenders. If the equipment in your pickup bed cannot be contained without pulling down the tailgate, an extender can make that extra space. For example, if you regularly place ladders in the back of your pickup, it is safer to lay them down flat than to place one end in the bed with the other end hanging out of the truck.

These pickup truck accessories will allow you to make the most of an already useful vehicle. They can help you save space, keep your equipment safe, and ensure that all your cargo is within easy reach. Whether you plan to use your pickup for business or pleasure, all of these accessories are a must have.