New Vans for 2010


The traditional trucks and vans designed for commercial use in the UK are now making way for greener vehicles. The trend is shifting toward electric vans, both for their fuel efficiency and lower impact on the environment.

The three latest van releases in the UK are all environmentally friendly to different degrees, and one is even entirely electric.

vehicle van


Mercedes-Benz E-CELL

Mercedes-Benz is the latest company to follow this trend, with their Vito E-CELLS, which are currently under assembly. The E-CELL's main selling point is the fact that it is quiet yet accelerates strongly; it does not compromise one for the other. It is so quiet, in fact, that some worry it might not sufficiently warn bicyclists and pedestrians in its path. This model is geared more toward those who plan to use it in the city rather than for long hauls on the highway.

Iveco EcoDaily

The Iveco EcoDaily is a step up from the Iveco Daily, which gained popularity as a commercial van in Britain. The EcoDaily is the all-electric version, which works on 55-80 miles of battery power (depending on load) before it needs a recharge. In fact, for its intended purposes of delivering cargo in an urban area, the 80 miles worth of charge should be sufficient for any driver, and at the end of the work day it can be recharged at the company's garage. Another aspect that makes this van suitable for exclusively urban driving is the fact that its maximum speed is 45 mph. This model is also extremely quiet, and it accelerates quickly as well. One thing to consider, however, is the price of this vehicle. At 63,000 to buy and 40,000 to lease, this vehicle is one of the more expensive vans on the market. Fortunately, this van is not expensive to run.

Volkswagen Caddy BlueMotion

Volkswagen had previously rolled out the Caddy van, but they have since released a more environmentally-friendly version: the Volkswagen Caddy BlueMotion features an efficiency level of 45.6 mpg. Although it is priced at £950 more than the standard Caddy, its fuel consumption shows an improvement of 5.3 percent as well as a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

The latest vans are fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly, which is crucial in such a populous nation as the UK. For any company trying to save money, this news is most likely welcomed in light of rising road taxes.