Van Bulkheads Assure Safety


Commercial vans are often responsible for carrying plenty of heavy equipment in the cargo area. It is important to make sure that this cargo is a safe distance from the driver and passengers in the event of sudden braking or a crash. Steel and wooden bulkheads are available, and they each have their own unique advantages.

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Most companies use 16-gauge steel to construct metal bulkheads. There are three main types of metal bulkheads:

- Solid steel: If climate control is a concern, this might be a better choice, as it serves as a complete barrier between the passenger and cargo area. It is also beneficial in blocking out the cargo view from potential intruders.

- Bulkhead with door: This can be helpful so that the rear doors do not need to be opened every time you need to access the cargo area. It can cut back on the time it takes for you to make a delivery.

- Metal grille bulkhead: This can allow you to keep a close eye on your cargo at all times, so if something falls, you can pull over and fix the problem immediately, rather than discovering later on that several of your items have broken.

Another option is a wooden bulkhead; these are typically made of plywood, like the lining found in many van cargo areas. Unlike a metal bulkhead, a plywood bulkhead can be modified in the future if necessary. You can install include shelving or hooks, whereas making modifications to a steel bulkhead in the same fashion would compromise the strength of the steel.

Usually these bulkheads are built for specific van models, so if purchasing online, it is important to make sure that it will fit your van?s make and model. As far as pricing is concerned, solid steel bulkheads are usually the most expensive, followed by the metal grill bulkheads. Wood is usually the least expensive, and it has the flexibility for modification.

A van bulkhead is a vital component of any commercial van that currently has no barrier between the cargo and passenger area. If the van comes to a sudden stop or is involved in a wreck, these items in the back can fly toward the front, causing injury or even death. Whatever bulkhead suits your needs best, the top priority is the safety of your passengers, and these aforementioned types are designed with exactly that in mind.