Van Security: Tracking Your Van Through GPS Technology


When you invest in a commercial van for your business, you will want to take every measure possible to protect it. In previous years, the only way to prevent theft was through tough locks and alarm systems.

Now with the help of GPS technology, you can keep track of your van in the event that it is ever stolen.Van tracker system from foretrack is designed to help you manage your mobile workforce.

This will allow you to know where your vans are at any given time,how long journeys took,the exact routes the van took, maximum speeds reached,who was driving the van and if they are holed up in a moterway cafe for the afteroon or taking a sneaky afternoon snooze in the layby.

Big brother... maybe, but will allow you to manage your fleet efficiently.

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Setting up the Van Tracker Software

There are many different GPS trackers to choose from, with the least expensive ones just tracking your van's location. You can choose from three tracking systems: motion-activated tracking, constant tracking, and location on request. If you are just using a tracker for basic security, you can opt for location on request; if the van is stolen, this can help police track down the vehicle.

Before installing the GPS tracker into your van, you will probably need to configure a computer or mobile phone to receive the GPS information. Some trackers require a software download and others require a monthly or yearly subscription to the satellite service. Once all of the necessary software has been configured, you can place the tracker in the desired location.

Installation and Placement

To prevent tampering, the tracker should be positioned in an inconspicuous area. Many of these trackers have magnetic surfaces and are waterproof, so they can easily be placed outside of the van on the underside.

Each GPS tracker will come with its own specific installation instructions, but the majority of the time, any mechanically-inclined person can complete the job in about an hour. Some trackers rely on the van?s electrical system while others are battery-powered. If yours is powered by the vehicle, you will likely need to place it under the dashboard or somewhere close by. On the other hand, a battery-powered system will give you more freedom to place the tracker in a more covert spot.

Whether you need a van tracker for locating your van when stolen or you want to keep constant tabs on the vehicle, there is a GPS tracker available with your needs in mind.

As a final advantage, fitting a van tracker can lead to lower insurance rates for your commercial van. With the benefits that a GPS tracking device provides, the peace of mind that it brings will far outweigh the product, installation, and subscription costs in no time.