Toyota Hilux pick-up: more power and comfort, 1t payload, 3.5t towing capacity

The Hilux is known for being tough, but the latest version gains more power and improved suspension to boost comfort

Christofer Lloyd
Jun 28, 2020

Toyota has overhauled its tough pick-up, the Hilux, with a more attention-grabbing look, a new engine that offers more punch on and off the road, interior updates and a new, more upmarket range-topping Invincible X trim.

Together, Toyota claims that these updates make the Hilux a more appealing option, both for those who need a sturdy pick-up that can handle heavy loads, towing and off-roading and others after a tough-looking SUV alternative.

The new Hilux arrives in the UK in November 2020, with the exact model range, specifications and prices to be confirmed nearer the release date.

2020 Toyota Hilux equipmentย 

All new Hilux models gain an upgraded interior with an eight-inch media system and new dials. Unlike an increasing number of cars, which rely on touchscreen controls for more and more functions - something which can be distracting when driving - Toyota stresses that the Hilux features buttons and dial controls for easier use.

The media system, meanwhile, has gained a more responsive screen and faster software to limit driver distraction, while Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allow easy smartphone integration. Other kit available on the Hilux includes LED lights, 18-inch alloy wheels, push botton start, sat-nav, automatic air-conditioning and front and rear parking sensors.

A nine-speaker 800W sound system is also on offer, as are a range of accessories for those who want to personalise their Hilux. Key items include a range of hard tops and roll covers for the pick-up bed, a locking tailgate and a deck-mounted 12V power supply, which should make the Hilux more suitable for many businesses.

2020 Toyota Hilux payload and towing ability

The Hilux has always been a great all-terrain pick-up and offered enough muscle to cope with big loads, whether the load you need to carry sits on the loadbed and/or is being towed behind it.

The latest version is no exception and offers a one-tonne payload, plus a 3.5-tonne towing capacity across the three body types - Single Cab, Extra Cab and Double Cab.

With those figures in mind, the Hilux makes sense for drivers who not only want a high-riding, tough-looking machine, but one with real load-lugging ability and off-road skills - two things that many style-over-substance SUVs lack.

Toyota Hilux performance and fuel economy

The latest Hilux features a more powerful 204hp 2.8-litre diesel engine, which offers increased performance compared with older models. Thanks to its extra power and a substantial 500Nm on low-engine-speed muscle, the 2020 Hilux can accelerate from a standstill to 62mph in 10 seconds - up to 3.2 seconds faster than the outgoing 2.4-litre version.

Claimed fuel economy, meanwhile, comes in at 36.3mpg, with official CO2 emissions of 204g/km. These figures come from the old 'NEDC' emissions test, so expect to get lower than this with real-world driving - especially if you normally carry heavy loads. More representative 'WLTP' figures should be released nearer the launch date.

Transmission options consist of six-speed manual and automatic gearboxes. Whichever one you go for, however, you get all-wheel drive for added traction on slippery surfaces.

Toyota claims that it has maintained the Hilux's off-road capability while improving on-road comfort, thanks to modifications to the suspension and power steering. Retuned shock absorbers, updated leaf springs and bushes contribute to a smoother ride, the company states. Meanwhile, the engine's idle speed has been lowered, which helps the driver to maintain greater control when manoeuvring at low speeds off road.


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