Vauxhall Adam (2013-2019)

Vauxhall's answer to the Mini, the Adam has a stylish interior and a million ways to customise it

Strengths & Weaknesses


Reasonably priced (including options)
Interior finished to a high standard
Smart, head-turning looks


Suspension quite firm
Small back seats and miniscule boot
Fuel economy could be better
Best finance deal

Vauxhall Adam Hatchback Special EDS (2014-2019) 1.2i griffin 3dr

Finance price £181 per month

Cash price £10,175

The Vauxhall Adam is a pint-sized city car designed to compete with other fashionable runarounds like the Mini Hatchback and Fiat 500. Within the Vauxhall range, it’s a less practical but more stylish alternative to the big-selling Vauxhall Corsa supermini.

In common with the Mini and Fiat, the Adam lets buyers go wild with numerous different colour and trim combinations in order to personalise the car to their heart’s content. It’s only available with three doors and petrol power, and its engines are only average at best when it comes to fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions. So if very low running costs are essential, you may be better off in a diesel Corsa.

In addition to the standard bodystyle, there’s the raised-up Adam Rocks and its convertible counterpart, the Adam Rocks Air. At the top of the range sits the fast Adam S, which isn’t quite a sporty hot hatchback, but reasonably good fun nonetheless.

Practicality is another area where the Adam fails to impress – the rear seats are a squeeze for anyone but small children and the boot capacity is a tiny 170 litres. But then if you have another, bigger car in the household for serious load-lugging, that shouldn’t be a problem.

The Adam does better when it comes to interior quality – it’s not quite up to the lofty standards of the Audi A1, but it’s a big improvement on Vauxhalls of old. And while its four-out-of-five Euro NCAP safety score isn’t perfect, it’s about par for the course for small city cars these days, as the test has become ever-more stringent.

The Adam isn’t as agile as a Volkswagen Up or Skoda Citigo, but feels nippy, particularly with one of the more powerful engines under the bonnet. Watch out for the ride quality, though: you really feel speed bumps and potholes in this car.

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Friday, April 30, 2021 - 15:30

Key facts 

3 years / 60,000 miles
Boot size: 
170 litres
£30 to £130

Understanding Vauxhall Adam car names 

  • Adam
  • Engine
    1.4i ecoFLEX
  • Trim
  • Gearbox
  • Engine
    The engines in the Adam are all petrol and their size in given in litres. ecoFLEX is the term Vauxhall uses to describe the most efficient versions of its cars.
  • Trim
    Different trim levels come with varying amounts of standard equipment. They are called Jam, Glam and Slam. There’s also the off-road-styled Rocks, the convertible Rocks Air and the high-performance S.

  • Gearbox
    Most Adams have a manual gearbox, although the ‘Easytronic’ automated manual was available with the lesser-powered 1.4-litre petrol engine on Glam models.

Vauxhall Adam Engines 

1.2i, 1.4i, 1.0i Turbo, 1.4i Turbo

The three-cylinder 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine was the most sophisticated offering, although it was only available in the most expensive Slam trim. Find one of these, and you can expect lively performance and reasonable fuel economy.

The 1.2-litre petrol engine was the cheapest offering, and most widely available. We wouldn’t recommend it, though, mainly due to its painfully slow 0-62mph time of almost 15 seconds. It’ll struggle when it comes to overtaking a truck or tackling a steep hill.

The 86hp 1.4-litre engine was sold across the entire range, but if you want the more powerful 100hp version, you'll have to keep an eye out for Slam models. Both offer a reasonable balance of performance and fuel economy.

The Adam Rocks is available with the 1.2-litre or 1.0-litre turbo, while the Adam Rocks Air adds the 86hp 1.4-litre to the mix. The Adam S gets its own more powerful 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine. Neither diesel nor hybrid power were available in any Adam.




0 - 62mph

top speed











12.5 - 13.9s

109 - 111mph



52.3 - 56.5mpg




1.0i Turbo






1.4i Turbo






Vauxhall Adam Trims 

Jam, Glam, Slam, Rocks, Rocks Air, S

The Vauxhall Adam has some unusual names for its different trim levels – or versions – reflecting its youthful target audience. The basic range is made up of the Jam, Glam and Slam (although from time to time Vauxhall added special editions).

Entry-level Jam has a good deal of standard kit, including 16-alloys, Bluetooth connectivity, air-conditioning, a leather steering wheel and cruise control.

Moving up to Glam gets you climate control, a glass roof panel to brighten up the interior, DAB digital radio and some chrome-effect trim on the outside.

The Slam has contrasting black door mirrors and roof, tinted rear windows, 17-inch alloys, sports suspension and Vauxhall’s ‘OnStar’ system. This is a service that allows you to call up an operator for help with things like driving directions or booking your car in for a service. It can also be used to summon help quickly in the event of a collision or breakdown, as it tracks the exact location of your car.

The most obvious difference with the Adam Rocks is its raised-up suspension and rugged body cladding, but it’s not a true off-roader and the changes are primarily for aesthetic purposes. It also gets OnStar, 17-inch alloys, tinted rear windows, air-con, DAB radio, Bluetooth, a leather steering wheel and cruise control. The Rocks Air has all that plus a roll-back convertible roof.

In addition to its 1.4-litre turbo engine, the Adam S gets all the features of the Slam, plus a distinctive bodykit and alloy wheels to suit its sporty nature and more powerful brakes.

Vauxhall Adam Reliability and warranty 

The Vauxhall Adam snuck into the top half of Auto Express magazine’s 2015 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey, placing 90th out of 200 cars ranked. It didn’t do quite as well in the reliability sub-category, where it came 110th, but its build quality score of 68th was better. It probably should have done better for reliability given that it uses many proven components and engines from the Vauxhall Corsa, while its warranty cover isn’t brilliant, either. Three years or 60,000 miles is about the minimum you’d expect these days, whereas the likes of Hyundai and Kia cover their cars for seven and five years respectively.

Used Vauxhall Adam 

The Vauxhall Adam is a decent competitor for the Mini Hatchback and Fiat 500, but Vauxhall doesn’t quite have the street cred of either of those brands just yet. So while the Mini and 500 both do very well on the second-hand market, the Adam sheds quite a lot of its value fairly quickly – with the earliest three-year-old examples now available for approaching half their new list price.

In general, the more expensive, high-spec Adams come down in price quicker, so savvy used buyers should keep an eye out for a keenly priced Adam Slam, or maybe even an Adam S, to get lots of standard kit for their money.

Another thing to be aware of when shopping for a used Vauxhall Adam is the potential for a previous owner to have selected a particularly odd or unusual exterior or interior colour combination. As well as clashing with your own tastes, this could also be an obstacle to selling the car quickly yourself in a few years’ time.

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Vauxhall Adam 1.4T S 3dr hatchback






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Vauxhall Adam 1.4i Jam 3dr hatchback






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Vauxhall Adam 1.0T ecoFLEX Slam 3dr [Start Stop] hatchback






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