Returns and Cancellations

January 31, 2018

Our five-star rated customer service advisors will help you throughout the ordering process, from helping to choose the right car for you, through to delivery to your door.

But if it’s not quite what you expected, then you have the right to cancel your order before delivery or return the vehicle under our 14 day guarantee.

We’ve summarised the key points of the guarantee below. Full details can be found in the terms and conditions sent to you with the vehicle order.


What is the ordering process?

You can reserve your car online or over the phone with a refundable deposit. The BuyaCar team will then help to arrange finance if needed. We’ll check that the vehicle is available and ensure that the condition of the car meets our certified standard.

We’ll then send you a Vehicle Order outlining all the details of the order, for you to confirm your acceptance. Once you do this, we will secure the car with the supplying partner and - in most cases - you’ll have your car within a fortnight.


Can I cancel after ordering?

If you have a change of heart, you can cancel at any time before you sign the Vehicle Order for a full refund of the reservation deposit.

Once you sign the Vehicle Order, we will secure the car for you and preparation for delivery will begin. At this point, the reservation deposit will no longer be refundable under the conditions of our Reservation Service, should you need to cancel.


If I don’t love my new car, how does the 14 day money-back guarantee work?

Once delivered, if you decide that your car isn’t what you were looking for, then you can return it by contacting us within 14 days of delivery provided that it hasn’t been driven more than 30 miles beyond the mileage recorded on the delivery note and is in the same condition as we delivered it to you.

Once you have notified us of your request to cancel, we will arrange for collection of the car and will advise you of a proposed collection date shortly after. You will receive a full refund (less charges detailed below where applicable) once the car has been returned to us.


What if the car is damaged when it arrives or the car is of the wrong specification?

We check your car to make sure it's up to our standards before we deliver it to you, so damage is rare. It’s also very important that you inspect your car upon delivery, as we’ll ask you to sign a form confirming that it appeared to be in good condition when you received it. If you’re not happy when you inspect, let our delivery partner know or note this on the form and contact us.

If you only realise after the delivery that you're unhappy with the quality, or if the car does not meet the specification ordered, just contact us as soon as possible, ideally sending photos of the damage or other issues with the car. Our team will assess your complaint and make arrangements to rectify issues.

All quality issues are dealt with fairly and transparently, in line with the industry standard BVRLA fair wear and tear guide, and we will happily arrange any necessary repair to bring the car to this standard at a minimum of inconvenience to you. If we are unable to rectify issues our team will arrange to collect the car from you and give you a full refund (less charges detailed below where applicable).


What are the charges for returning a car?

Most customers jump straight into their new car to take it for a spin and it’s the best way of getting to know your car. Every vehicle has an initial test drive allowance of ten miles. Beyond this, we do charge for use of the car if you decide to return it.

The charges cover any decrease in the value of the car, as well as any work required to return it to retail standard. We charge 40p for every mile beyond the initial 10 miles. If the car is not returned clean then a valet charge of £75+VAT will apply and if you don’t replace the fuel used then a charge of £50+VAT also applies.

If you need to return a car because we have failed to make good on an issue or as a result of something we have done wrong, we will not charge you for the return delivery and the refund will include your reservation deposit.

If, however, you simply change your mind and wish to cancel the order after delivery, you will need to pay the return delivery cost which is equal to the delivery charge. Your reservation deposit is non refundable under the conditions of our Reservation Service.


How long will my refund take?

If cancelling before signing the Vehicle Order the reservation deposit will be refunded on request - please allow up to 3 - 5 working days.

If you are returning a car, we aim to make refunds upon collection, provided all supplied paperwork, keys and accessories are present with the car.

For security reasons we can only make refunds via the original payment method you used.