Land Rover Defender 90: UK pricing announced

Want the ultimate off-roader with style to spare? The three-door Land Rover Defender 90 is on sale now and could fit the bill

Christofer Lloyd
Jul 31, 2020

The original Land Rover Defender was unrivalled for those after a compact but seriously capable off-roader. It was also incredibly behind the times in the 21st century with its uncomfortable cabin and unrefined drive, with its origins dating back to the first half of the 20th century. That has all changed now, with the new Land Rover Defender, now available to order in three-door 90 form.

The smaller and lighter 90 should offer even better all-terrain capability than its larger sibling, the 110, and is more affordable, too. Despite its smaller size, it still offers seats for six people, while having less distance between front and rear wheels than the 110 mean that it can tackle even more challenging terrain without grounding.

The 90 also costs less than the 110, though this is very much not a budget 4x4, with prices starting at more than £40,000 and rising to well over £75,000. Pared back commercial versions will also become available with lower VAT-exclusive prices cutting the entry point to the Defender range to around £35,000.

2020 Land Rover Defender 90 practicality

The Defender 90 may be notably smaller than the five-door Defender 110. However, it's still pretty practical for its size with seating for six. The secret to fitting six seats into a short car? The Defender 90 has a front central jump seat - like a number of vans - meaning that there's space for three in the front row.

The front row central seat has been designed as an occasional seat, so don't expect to three adults to sit in comfort here for long journeys. When not needed, the seatback folds down to form a front armrest with additional storage plus two cupholders.

Customers can also choose between high and low centre consoles depending upon how much storage space they need.

2020 Land Rover Defender 90 prices

UK pricing for the Land Rover Defender 90 starts at £40,290 rising to more than £75,000. These are steep prices for a tough off-roader, though you can expect the new Defenders to be infinitely more luxurious than the hardy old model they replace. Meanwhile, commercial version will arrive towards the end of 2020 with prices from around £35,000 (exluding VAT). In contrast, the least expensive Defender 110 costs £45,240, so the entry price for the 90 is around £5,000 less.

The first Defender 90s are set to arrive in late summer, with the first Defender 110 models already on UK roads. For the full run down of Defender 90 costs check out the table below.

D200 2.0L dieselD240 2.4L dieselP300 2.0L petrolP400 3.0L petrol
Defender 90£40,290£43,345£43,345
S 90£43,745£46,800£46,800
SE 90£47,595£50,650£50,650
HSE 90£55,475£55,475
First Edition 90£55,180

2020 Land Rover Defender 90 accessory packs

Land Rover is selling the Defender range with four optional accessory packs that give the car a distinct look and feel: Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban.

Those who predominantly want the Defender for its boxy 4x4 looks rather than its off-road capability are likely to be taken by the Urban pack which offers a front undershield, bright rear scuff plates, spare wheel cover and metal pedals for a more glitzy look.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale is the Explorer Pack which features mudflaps, a matte black bonnet decal, spare wheel cover, wheel arch protection, side-mounted gear carrier, an expedition roof rack and a raised air intake for more off-road capability.

The Adventure pack, on the other hand, also offers mudflaps, a bright rear scuff plate, a side-mounted gear carrier and a 'portable rinse system' that allows drivers to rinse dirty kit before putting it in the car.

Finally, the Country pack offers a combination of features on the Explorer and Adventure versions; mudflaps, a bright rear scuff plate, wheel arch protection, portable rinse system and a full-height loadspace partition.


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