2020 Skoda Octavia: prices and specifications

Skoda has announced pricing and specifications for the 2020 Octavia, with range-topping models and less expensive trims coming later in 2020

Christofer Lloyd
Jul 10, 2020

The fourth generation Skoda Octavia is now on sale in five-door hatchback and estate form with prices starting at £22,390 and rising to £29,515. The first models will be delivered in July. More affordable entry-level models are set to arrive at a later date, as are high-performance vRS models and plug-in hybrids that offer the prospect of zero-emission capability when charged.

Later in 2020 an entry-level 1.0-litre S model will be introduced - which we'd expect to cost around £18,000 - plus mild-hybrid 1.0-litre and 1.5-litre petrol models with automatic gearboxes along with plug-in hybrid models that can offer greater electric range, provided you charge them regularly.

Meanwhile, rather than just having a petrol vRS model - as with the first generation Octavia - or petrol and diesel models, as with the previous model, the latest Octavia vRS will be available in petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid form.

As for specification levels, three versions are available initially: SE First Edition, SE L First Edition and SE Technology, the last of which targets company car drivers. Three engines are currently available: a 150hp 1.5-litre petrol and 2.0-litre diesels with 115hp and 150hp.

2020 Skoda Octavia prices

Prices for the new Octavia range vary from £22,160 to £29,245 at launch, though you can expect more affordable models to arrive in the near future, along with more costly high-performance vRS models and plug-in hybrid versions. 

Meanwhile, there's around a £1,000 premium if you want to go for an Estate model over the equivalent hatchback. When the rest of the range arrives, we'd expect prices to vary from around £18,000 for the entry-level 1.0-litre S to around £35,000 for the plug-in hybrid versions.

EngineCO2 EmissionsPriceBenifit in Kind 2020/2021P11D value
SE First Edition - Hatch1.5 TSI 150hp ACT127g/km£22,39028%£21,160
2.0 TDI 115hp SCR113g/km£23,30029%£23,030
SE First Edition - Estate1.5 TSI 150hp ACT130g/km£23,37029%£23,140
2.0 TDI 115hp SCR118g/km£24,28030%£24,010
SE L First Edition - Hatch1.5 TSI 150hp ACT127g/km£25,15028%£24,920
2.0 TDI 115hp SCR114g/km£26,06029%£25,790
2.0 TDI 150hp DSG SCR120g/km£28,46031%£28,190
SE L First Edition - Estate1.5 TSI 150hp ACT130g/km£26,22529%£25,995
2.0 TDI 115hp SCR118g/km£27,40530%£27,135
2.0 TDI 150hp DSG SCR123g/km£29,51531%£29,245
SE Technology - Hatch1.5 TSI 150hp SCR127g/km£22,41028%£22,410
2.0 TDI 115hp SCR113g/km£23,280TBC£23,280
SE Technology - Estate1.5 TSI 150hp ACT130g/km£23,39029%£23,390
2.0 TDI 115hp SCR118g/km£24,26030%£24,260

2020 Skoda Octavia specifications

The Octavia range at launch consists of SE First Edition, SE L First Edition and SE Technology specifications. Cheapest of these is SE First Edition with SE Technology catering for company car drivers after the best blend of lots of standard specification for a low price to keep Benefit in Kind tax bills down.

The First Edition models - which are likely to only be available for a short time after the launch of the new Octavia - benefit from additional safety kit and in-car technology to entice potential customers. 

All new Octavias receive a third-generation media system, customisable 'Virtual Cockpit' digital dials in the place of conventional analogue gauges, LED headlights and a wireless phone connection to enable Apple CarPlay. Rear parking sensors and a two-spoke leather multifunction steering wheel are also included.

Skoda Octavia SE First Edition specification

SE First Edition is the entry-level model at launch, though cheaper and less well-equipped trims will arrive at a later stage. SE First Edition includes Lane Assist - which helps to keep you in your lane - Front Assist automatic emergency braking, an 8.3-inch touchscreen media system, eight-speaker sound system and smartphone connectivity.

Meanwhile, the cabin features no fewer than five USB-C ports for connecting digital devices, with one in the rearview mirror for connecting a dash-cam. Dash-cams record the road ahead and can provide protection in the event you end up in a crash and need to prove that you're not to blame. Remember, though, that they can also incriminate you if you're in the wrong!

Skoda Octavia SE L First Edition

Sitting above the SE First Edition is SE L First Edition. On the outside this adds 17-inch alloy wheels and a chrome strip in the front bumper, while the inside gains heated suede seats, with an electrically adjustable driver's seat with lumbar support, plus LED ambient lighting and voice controls for the media system.

Also standard are front and rear parking sensors - useful for a car of this size - plus adaptive cruise control, which helps you to maintain a safe distance behind the vehicle in front, plus blind spot protection, which warns you when vehicles are hidden in your blind spot. The driver can also choose between drive modes with keyless entry for all four doors also standard.

Skoda Octavia SE Technology

SE Technology is designed to offer the most important kit that company car drivers could want, at the lowest possible price, to ensure low company car tax bills. It includes 16-inch alloy wheels, a 10-inch touchscreen media system with voice controls plus front and rear parking sensors.

Though SE Technology trim offers more kit than SE First Edition models, prices are pretty comparable with only a £250 premium for this specification aimed at business users.

2020 Skoda Octavia engines

Three engines are available in the Octavia from launch: a 150hp 1.5-litre petrol engine and 115hp and 150hp 2.0-litre diesel options.

Both the 115hp diesel and the 150hp petrol come with six-speed manual gearboxes as standard, while the 150hp diesel is fitted with a seven-speed automatic gearbox.

A much broader range of petrol, diesel, mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines are set to arrive by the end of 2020.


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