2020 Ford Puma ST: price, specifications and performance

If you’re after a small sporty SUV with hot hatch-matching performance and a big boot, the new Ford Puma ST could be the car for you

James Allen
Oct 29, 2020

The standard Ford Puma is already good fun to drive for a small SUV, but what if you’d want a bit more power and performance? Enter the Ford Puma ST; a sportier new version of the car with a turn of pace that wouldn’t be out of place in a high-performance hot hatchback.

Because it uses the same turbocharged 200hp petrol engine as the similarly-sized Fiesta ST sporty supermini, the Puma ST is pretty quick on paper. Ford says the car has a 0-62mph acceleration time of 6.7 seconds, which is fast for a car of this size, and the claimed 137mph top speed also isn’t anything to be sniffed at.

Complementing that performance are sporty bits and bobs inside and out that help differentiate the ST from the standard car. There’s plenty of obligatory ‘ST’ badging on the steering wheel, gear lever and the front seats, for instance, and new bodywork additions include redesigned bumpers and a slightly bigger rear spoiler.

If you really want your Puma ST to stand out in the car park, you can even spec it with a lime green paint job. Cash customers, just be aware that you may find it hard to sell the car with such a lurid paint scheme, if you're concerned about that.

The Ford Puma ST first went on sale in November 2020, with prices starting at £28,495.

Quick facts

  • Substantial 200hp and 320Nm
  • Uses the same engine as Fiesta ST
  • Claimed 0-62mph in 6.7 seconds
  • Manual gearbox only
  • On sale from November 2020
  • Priced from £28,495

2020 Ford Puma ST engine and performance

As it’s the sporty range-topping model, the Ford Puma ST is available with a pretty punchy engine. Under the bonnet is the same turbocharged 1.5-litre petrol engine from the Fiesta ST hot hatch - meaning the Puma has 200hp and 320Nm of torque to play with. Like the Fiesta, the Puma ST is also only available with a six-speed manual gearbox.

While the SUV’s extra weight means it isn’t quite as fast as the Fiesta, the Puma ST is still a pretty quick car. Ford says it can accelerate from a standing start to 62mph in a brisk 6.7 seconds, and reach a claimed top speed of 137mph.

There’s more to the Puma ST than its power and speed, though: according to Ford, the sporty SUV is its first performance car to come with a fuel-saving ‘Eco’ driving mode. This helps the Puma ST return a claimed 40mpg, which is fairly decent considering the car’s performance.

2020 Ford Puma ST interior and practicality

By and large, the Puma ST’s interior isn’t that different to the one you’ll find in an ST-Line version of the standard car. That said, Ford has spiced the decor up with some sportier trinkets that you can’t get on the regular Puma - which include supportive Recaro sports seats and an ST-branded leather-wrapped steering wheel.

There’s no concrete info yet on just how spacious the Puma ST is, though we expect it’ll have similar practicality to the standard car. That means the speedy SUV should have a good amount of room up front and have more than enough room for children to sit comfortably in the back seats, but taller adults might find it to be a bit of a squeeze in the rear.

At least the regular Puma’s big boot has been carried over unchanged to the ST version. With a luggage volume of 456 litres, the Puma ST has a lot of storage space by small SUV standards, to the point where it dwarfs the 375 litre boot in the larger Ford Focus ST hot hatch. If you need even more room, there’s also 80 litres of additional underfloor storage.

2020 Ford Puma ST specifications and in-car tech

While we have to wait a bit longer for full technical specs, it seems the new Puma ST will come out of the box with a good amount of equipment as standard. All cars will be available with heated front seats, front and rear parking sensors, a heated windscreen, an eight-inch touchscreen media system and a partially-autonomous driver assist system that can steer the car while you’re parallel parking.

The Ford Puma ST will likely be available with an array of optional extras, too, though the only one confirmed so far is the Performance Pack add-on. Going for this option will add to your Puma ST a limited slip differential that limits the amount of wheelspin when you accelerate hard and power out of a corner. In theory, that should make the Puma ST a bit more fun to drive for those who like to drive hard, though it won’t make much of a difference in day-to-day driving.

2020 Ford Puma ST price and release date

The Ford Puma ST first went on sale in November 2020, with the first deliveries scheduled to begin in January 2021. Expect a raft of nearly new and used models to quickly come onto the market through early 2021.

Prices for this fast Ford will start from £28,495. If the optional limited slip differential and launch control tools are must-have kit for you, you’ll need to spend an extra £950 to get these on your Puma ST. 


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