2021 Volkswagen Arteon plug-in hybrid: range, performance and pricing

New plug-in hybrid engine option added to updated Volkswagen Arteon family car, with up to 39 miles of electric-only range

James Allen
Feb 28, 2021

Volkswagen has only recently given its range of Arteon family cars a mid-life refresh, and it's further enhanced the lineup with a new petrol-electric plug-in hybrid engine option. As with the plug-in options in many other cars, the big draw of the Arteon’s setup is the on-paper efficiency.

Make the most of the claimed electric range of up to 39 miles - by charging the battery regularly and sticking to shorter journeys - and VW says you’ll be able to return a very impressive 201mpg. Plus, with CO2 emissions varying from 26g/km to 32g/km, depending on which version you go for, the plug-in hybrid Arteon is also a very affordable car in company car tax terms, too.

While the plug-in hybrid carries over the new styling elements from the facelift, it doesn’t benefit from the extra equipment added to the entry-level SE trim, as that spec isn’t offered. Instead, the plug-in hybrid Arteon only comes in what would normally be the mid-range Elegance trim and a slightly sportier R-Line model.

That at least means the petrol-electric VW Arteon comes with a good amount of equipment as standard, though. And, just like the regular versions, this plug-in hybrid model is also available as a regular hatchback and the more practical 'Shooting Brake' estate.

If the plug-in hybrid version of the VW Arteon sounds like the car for you, it’s available to order now, with prices starting from £39,905.

Quick facts

  • Claimed economy up to 201mpg
  • Up to 39 miles of electric range
  • 218hp and 400Nm of torque
  • Full battery charge in 3.5 hours
  • Prices from £39,905
  • On sale now

2021 Volkswagen Arteon plug-in hybrid range and charging times

The plug-in hybrid Arteon uses a 13kWh battery pack, which is claimed to be big enough for you to cover a fair bit of ground without firing up the petrol engine. Start off with a full battery charge, and you’ll be able to drive up to 39 miles using just the electric motor before you need to plug the car into a charging point or the petrol engine takes over. It’s possible to drive at motorway speeds on electric power alone, too, though doing so will drain the battery more quickly than driving at slower speeds.

Using a 3.6kW charging point, the Arteon plug-in hybrid’s battery can be fully recharged in three hours and 33 minutes. While this isn’t a blisteringly fast charging speed, it does mean the car can be fully charged overnight if you have a wall box charging unit at home. It’s also possible to fully recharge the car in around five hours by plugging into the mains, though this should ideally only be used as a last resort option.

2021 Volkswagen Arteon plug-in hybrid performance and fuel economy

Many plug-in hybrid cars claim to have very good fuel economy, and this particular version of the Volkswagen Arteon is no exception. According to VW, the car is capable of returning up to a very impressive 201mpg. However, you’ll only be able to match this in day-to-day driving by making the most of the car’s electric-only range and charging the batteries regularly. Otherwise, the Arteon will drive like a conventional petrol-powered car once you've depleted the batteries, and will use up a lot more fuel without any electric assistance.

While the plug-in powertrain is primarily there to make the car more efficient, it also helps improve performance. Combined, the 1.4-litre petrol engine and the electric motor produce 218hp and 400Nm, which help give the plug-in hybrid Arteon a healthy turn of speed. VW claims a 0-62mph acceleration time of 7.8 seconds, and a top speed of 138mph.

2021 Volkswagen Arteon plug-in hybrid specifications and in-car tech

Unlike the regular Arteon, the plug-in hybrid version isn’t available in the entry-level SE spec. Instead, the range starts at what would normally be the mid-tier Elegance spec. This does at least mean the petrol-electric VW Arteon comes with a decent amount of equipment as standard, such as adaptive cruise control, climate control, an eight-inch touchscreen media system with built-in sat-nav and keyless entry.

There’s also an R-Line version, though most of the extras on this trim are cosmetic additions that give the car a sportier look - ranging from tinted rear windows and a more aggressive body kit, to larger 19-inch alloy wheels that replace the regular car’s 18-inch items.

The plug-in hybrid VW Arteon should follow in the footsteps of the conventional car in having a good amount of space inside for passengers. Because of the need to find room for the big battery pack, though, boot space has taken a hit; whereas the regular fastback VW Arteon has 575 litres of luggage volume, that falls to 445 litres on the plug-in version. Likewise, the conventionally-powered Arteon Shooting Brake estate’s 590 litre boot is quite a lot bigger than the equivalent plug-in hybrid’s capacity of 455 litres.

2021 Volkswagen Arteon plug-in hybrid prices

The plug-in versions of the Volkswagen Arteon are on sale now. Prices for the regular car start from £39,905, with the Shooting Brake estate range starting a bit higher at £40,705.


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