Eight things you didn't know about the Mercedes-AMG 4-door Coupe

A tyre-smoking button and its racing circuit sat-nav: inside the 196mph family-friendly supercar

Dominic Tobin
Mar 6, 2018

Two-seat supercars aren’t much good if you’ve got a family to transport, which is why Aston Martin, Ferrari and Porsche now cater for customers whose circumstances require four seats, rear doors and Isofix child seat mounts.

And the latest firm to join the bandwagon is Mercedes’ performance division, AMG. By taking the mighty engine from its GT supercar and dropping it into a more practical body shape, the company has created the Mercedes-AMG 4-Door Coupe: a car for the kids that can hold its own on a racing circuit.

So should it be on your list? Here are eight things that you probably didn’t know about the car:

  • The top speed of the fastest version - the GT 63 S is 196mph. It’s helped along by an active rear spoiler, which helps to push the car into the ground. As the speed increases, the spoiler’s angle reduces, making the car more aerodynamic and able to hit its maximum speed.


  • Stored in the memory of each car are the precise layouts of many of the world’s best-known racing circuits, including the Nurburgring, Spa Francorchamps and Laguna Seca (but not Silverstone - yet). Should the car be taken onto any of these tracks, it can accurately record lap and sector times, just like that other Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton.


  • As well as two large 12in screens on the car’s dashboard, the AMG GT 4-door Coupe also has tiny screens within two switches on the steering wheel (below). These display the mode that the car is in, and also allow you to scroll through different settings. Learning how it works is like revising for a Maths test, but you can see how it would quickly become familiar.


  • You can choose yet another screen as an optional extra for rear passengers in the Coupe (although this does mean that you lose the middle seat in the back). Volume and temperature controls are controlled with the 9in touchscreen, while backseat drivers can also keep an eye on the engine’s power output and temperature; the suspension settings; and the G-force generated when accelerating, braking and cornering. One thing that’s not shown is the car’s speed.


  • The AMG GT comes with four wheel drive to improve grip when accelerating. But there’s also a drift mode that’ll allow the car to slide and produce clouds of exhaust smoke.


  • The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe isn’t a four-door coupe. As its bootlid opens up the back of the car, it’s counted as an extra door, which makes the car a five-door hatchback: like a Ford Ka.


  • Half of the engine shuts down to save fuel, when full power isn’t required, and that’s a good thing too. Even with this measure, official fuel economy is rated at 25.2mpg, you’ll do well to get 20mpg in real-world driving from the range-topping AMG 63 S.


  • Why end on eight facts? It’s a nod to the eight cylinders that make up the car’s V8 engine. Mercedes-AMG also echoed the engine layout in the switches between the driver and the passenger: there are eight of them, arranged in a V-shape

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