Mini Convertible boot space

The Mini Convertible is more practical than you might think, thanks to a 215-litre boot and folding rear seats

Gavin Braithwaite-Smith
Nov 8, 2021

The Mini Convertible is one of Britain's most popular drop-tops, and we can see why. Even the standard car has a great sense of fun, so wind-in-your-hair motoring only amplifies the experience. It also means you can hear the peppy engine even better. With space in the back seat, there's even space for four people to enjoy the ride.

You'll be having so much fun on a test drive, practicality is likely to fall off the bottom of the priority list. But the reality is, you'll need to fill the boot once it comes time to head to the shops or on a road trip, and here its 215-litre boot should come in handy. It's the most practical Mini Convertible to date.

Surprisingly, that’s actually four litres more room than you’ll find in the Mini hatchback, although there is a catch. With the roof down, the boot space drops to 160 litres, which is less than you’ll find in many small city cars.

All versions feature an ‘Easy-load’ function which does exactly what the name implies. With the boot open, you can raise the base of the convertible roof, which creates a larger and more accessible load area. In addition, it’s possible to raise the parcel shelf to free up maximum room, although the roof cannot be lowered in this setting.

What can you fit in the boot of a Mini Convertible?

The trick is to pack light and squishy. In other words, soft bags are preferable to hard suitcases. That said, you should be able to fit three carry-on cases or a couple of medium-sized suitcases into the boot. There are four tie-down hooks in the boot if you need to secure groceries or anything fragile.

You’ll be able to squeeze a set of golf clubs or a pushchair into the boot by using the ‘Easy-load’ function, but it might be easier to make use of the back seats if you're only carrying one passenger.

Indeed, if you’re prepared to make use of the back seats, the Mini Convertible offers ample boot space for a holiday for two. It’s unlikely to be big enough for a family of four, but a weekend break should be possible.

Can you lower the rear seats to create more space?

The rear seats do fold down to increase the length of the boot. This means you should be able to squeeze some small flat-pack furniture or a television into the boot. In this scenario, the fact that the boot lid folds down becomes a real positive, as it gives you a platform for loading heavy and long items in the boot.

All versions of the Mini Convertible feature 50:50 split-folding rear seats as standard, so you have the choice of using the car as a two-, three- or four-seater convertible.

Can you buy anything to improve the Mini Convertible’s practicality?

It’s possible to fit a bike carrier to the back of the Mini Convertible. This official Mini accessory was specially developed for the Mini and can take one or two bikes. Best of all, the tailgate can still be opened even with bikes on the rack. Although it’s not possible to buy a luggage rack from Mini, there are a number of aftermarket options available.

Do any rivals offer more boot space?

To get more boot space from a convertible, you need to go up in size and price. The Audi A3 Cabriolet is a popular choice, thanks to its strong image and high level of quality throughout. Boot space of 320 litres is reasonable for a car of this size, but it drops to 275 litres with the roof down.

Alternatively, the BMW 2 Series Convertible features a 335-litre boot, but again, the capacity drops to 280 litres with the roof down. The smaller Fiat 500C features a tiny 185-litre boot, but it remains the same with the roof down, which means you don’t have to worry about ditching luggage to enjoy some fresh air.


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