Dacia Sandero Stepway (2013-present)

After rock bottom cash or finance prices, but want a high driving position and SUV feel? This is your car

Dacia has made a reputation for itself by selling super-affordable, back-to-basics cars that ditch all the frills you don't need for the lowest possible cash and finance prices.

And it's the Dacia Sandero that is currently the UK's cheapest car, starting at just £6,995, with even more affordable PCP finance options available. So why pay more to get a version that simply sits a little higher and boasts added plastic cladding? Well, that's the what the Dacia Sandero Stepway is, bumping the starting price up substantially, to £8,995. More than this, the Sandero Stepway outsells the standard car.

Part of the explanation is that SUVs are super-popular currently and while the slight rise in ride height doesn't suddenly make the Stepway particularly capable off-road, it does mean you should be able to get down a bumpy access lane to a garage, for instance, without grounding the bottom of the car, as you may do with the standard model.

Furthermore, you get a slightly improved view of the road ahead and getting into the car may be easier for those with limited mobility or anyone loading children into the rear seats, thanks to the slightly taller suspension.

Be aware, however, that while the Sandero scored a sound four stars in Euro NCAP crash testing, this was back in 2013 and the test is now far more stringent. This means that family cars scoring four stars more recently are likely to be notably safer in reality. And that's ignoring five-star cars. So, if you want the safest family car, this isn't it, though you'll probably need to pay more for a new car or get a used car to get something safer for the money.

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