Best used SUVs 2024

SUVs are in high demand thanks to their blend of desirability and practicality. But new buys can be pricey, so here are the best used SUVs around at the moment

By Craig Cheetham January 29, 2024

There was a time where putting together a list of the best used SUVs would have been easy – after all, there weren’t that many of them around. 

But that’s now all changed and almost every manufacturer has SUVs in its line-up all of different sizes, with different power, whether it be petrol, hybrid or electric. The best SUVs are designed to be stylish, offer a high driving position and be practical to live with, making life easier for families. 


Some seat five, others throw in a third row of seats to carry seven, and while they may not be as economical as some other family cars, or feel as sharp handling, the best used SUVs still offer plenty of driving enjoyment.  

The choice of used models is plentiful and prices can be surprisingly affordable, as there are now so many options available. All you need to be aware of are potentially higher running costs and fuel bills, while the cost of tyres and routine servicing can be higher than, say, with an estate car. So what are you waiting for? Here are the cars that we consider the best SUV buys at the moment.


Land Rover Discovery Sport

Best used compact seven-seat SUV
Our pick: Land Rover Discovery Sport 2.0 TD4 180/D180 HSE
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Despite its name, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is not particularly sporty. Nevertheless, it is a terrific family car and enjoyable to drive.

The ace up its sleeve is that it is compact enough to be relatively easy to manoeuvre in a multi-storey car park, but inside, all but the cheapest Pure models have seven seats. Just don’t expect adults to thank you for spending hours in the rearmost row – children are a much better fit.

Some models are available with two-wheel drive only, which reduces the weight and improves fuel economy. But the majority come with four-wheel drive, which helps with towing or tackling muddy farm tracks. It isn’t the cheapest car of its type, but holds its value well, making PCP finance more affordable than you might think.

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Skoda Kodiaq

Best used SUV for attention to detail
Our pick: Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TDI SE 4x4
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The Skoda Kodiaq is one of the most well-thought-out family cars around, complete with neat touches such as an umbrella concealed in the door frame and its own ice scraper inside the fuel filler door. These clever details are genuinely useful. 

Available as either a five-seater or seven-seater, it comes with a choice of two petrol engines – a 1.5-litre and a 2.0-litre – plus a 2.0-litre diesel, with the option of front or four-wheel-drive. There’s also a spicy Skoda Kodiaq vRS with 245PS, which can go from 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds. 

It’s a great all-rounder – one of the best SUVs that money can buy and one that gets rave reviews from its owners. The arrival of a new Skoda Kodiaq also means that the older model is finally becoming more affordable – it has held its value really well since launched in 2015 and remains one of the most sought-after SUVs on the second-hand market.


Nissan Qashqai

Best used SUV for value for money
Our pick: Nissan Qashqai 1.2 DiG-T Tekna
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The Nissan Qashqai sold between 2014 and 2021 was a permanent fixture in the UK’s top 10 sales charts, and for very good reason. Even now, it still looks fresh and comes with plenty of kit and exceptional levels of safety equipment. 

It’s capable to drive and well-liked by drivers, taking care of all their requirements at a price they can afford. The interior is well made, some versions come packed with technology – including electronic driving aids – and rear-seat legroom is impressive. However, the boot is on the small side for a family SUV. 

The Nissan Qashqai offers good fuel economy, but the lower-powered 1.5-litre diesel engine can feel a bit feeble if you’re loaded up for a family holiday. We’d stick with the larger 1.6-litre dCi diesel for extra punch. Drivers who don’t want diesel power will be pleased with the 1.2-litre and 1.3-litre turbocharged petrol engines.


Volvo XC90

Best used SUV for feelgood factor
Our pick: Volvo XC90 D5 R-Design
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Volvo has a reputation for building safe and stylish cars, and the Volvo XC90 is one of its most sophisticated SUVs so far. 

If you want your loved ones to be as safe as possible, then this car is for you. The space on offer is huge and it’s extremely comfortable – perfect for keeping parents relaxed and reducing shouts of "are we there yet?". Everything looks smart and it’s incredibly well laid-out.

The Volvo XC90 is not as expensive as you might imagine, and used versions of the latest model, sold since 2015, are coming down in price. The T8 Recharge plug-in hybrid model is particularly in demand. 


Range Rover Evoque

Best used SUV for style
Our pick: Range Rover Evoque 2.0 TD4 180/D180 R-Dynamic SE
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Few cars have an image as strong as a Range Rover, and the Range Rover Evoque is the most affordable way into owning one, bringing iconic styling and a premium aura into a compact and affordable package. 

There is a trade-off, however. The low roof that gives the Range Rover Evoque its striking stance means the rear seats feel a little cramped – more like a coupe than a tall SUV. But in other ways, this helps by keeping the car’s weight relatively low and making it feel surprisingly sporty on a nice stretch of road.

Unusually, there’s a choice of three-door and five-door models. It means this is one used SUV that could actually end up being more of a fashion statement for many owners than the most practical family hold-all. The most recent model is only available with five doors, but it’s more efficient thanks to some mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid options.


Dacia Duster

Best used SUV for budget motoring
Our pick: Dacia Duster 1.3 TCe 130 Expression
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Dacia continues to offer outstanding value for money and the Dacia Duster is the ultimate example of a cheap SUV. Even when new, it was calculated to be Britain’s most affordable car to buy and run over three years. 

The Dacia Duster uses Renault-sourced engines and the diesel is a hard worker that returns more than 50mpg in real-world driving, although most drivers went for petrol power. There’s a choice of two- and four-wheel-drive versions, and with the latter, you get a car that’s ideal for tackling winter weather, wet grass fields or slippery slipways.

The interior is not the last word in style or quality but the Dacia Duster is hard-wearing and there’s enough space for a family of five, while the big 475-litre boot will happily carry the family dog and more besides.


Kia Sportage

Best used SUV for a long warranty
Our pick: Kia Sportage 1.6 T-GDi 2
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Buy a three-year-old Kia Sportage and you’ll still have four years remaining on its warranty. Having that peace of mind (thanks to the fact that the seven-year warranty can be transferred to the next owner) is a serious selling point.

The Kia Sportage is a good-looking machine, but more than just a pretty face. Its interior is spacious, the dashboard is sensibly laid out and the boot is large. The 1.7-litre diesel engine has sufficient performance for daily driving duties and is pleasant to drive, but those who need four-wheel drive will have to pick the 2.0-litre version.

Also, brush up on what comes with the different trim levels before you buy, as the entry-level 1 is a little miserly, whereas the 2 offers parking sensors at the back, a glass sunroof and part-leather seats. As with most Kia models, you get more kit than you expect – bar with that basic model – so when buying used, paying a small premium to get the next spec up could get be a good idea.


Peugeot 3008

Best used SUV for sensible running costs
Our pick: Peugeot 3008 1.2 PureTech GT Line
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The current Peugeot 3008 has helped make the brand more desirable, replacing a predecessor that wasn’t particularly stylish or good to drive. 

Good looks inside and out, comfortable and predictable performance plus the option of a clever system called Grip Control – which can improve traction in slippery conditions – are among its key attractions. Some versions return impressive fuel economy, too. The 1.6-litre diesel engine is great for people who spend most of their time on the motorway, while the 1.2-litre petrols are capable enough around town and efficient.

The Peugeot 3008 is not all about frugal living, though. The digital dashboard (consisting of a screen behind the steering wheel and one in the middle of the dashboard) looks high-tech and the information display can be customised. The interior is roomy, too, with plenty of rear head and legroom.


Vauxhall Grandland X

Best used SUV for familiarity and value
Our pick: Vauxhall Grandland X Tech Line Nav 1.2 Turbo
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The British brand was a latecomer to the SUV party, with the family-sized Vauxhall Grandland not arriving until 2017, as a replacement for the crude, dated and slow-selling Vauxhall Antara.

The Vauxhall Grandland X was developed quickly after the firm’s merger with France’s Peugeot and Citroen, and shares a lot of its architecture with the Peugeot 3008, as well as its powertrains. 

A 2019 facelift saw a much more interesting front end replace the dull-looking original, as well as some impressive changes to the cabin materials and in-car technology. As a result, the later models are worth seeking out. They’re comfortable, spacious, well-trimmed and the turbocharged petrol engines are both lively and frugal. There are also diesel and hybrid options, given the Vauxhall Grandland X broad appeal.


Toyota RAV4

Best used SUV for proven reliability
Our pick: Toyota RAV4 2.5 VVTi Hybrid Design
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Functional, no-nonsense and blessed with a great safety record, the Toyota RAV4 is one of the most popular family SUVs on the market. It has a superb reliability record as well, thanks in no small part to the proven 2.5-litre hybrid system. 

It uses an intelligent all-wheel-drive system which detects when extra traction is needed, but relies on 2WD for day-to-day driving, keeping running costs down and improving efficiency. The current generation is also bigger than previous Toyota RAV4s, meaning it’s more suited to families. 

Unsurprisingly, the Toyota RAV4 is in-demand as a used car, so don’t expect any bargains – the saving will come later, as it enjoys some of the best residual values its class when you eventually come to sell it on.