Types of Ford Transit explained: from Courier to Custom

Long gone are the days of simply ‘the’ Ford Transit. Learn the different types of Ford Transit here

Murray Scullion
Jan 21, 2019

The Ford Transit helped build Britain, becoming the van drivers' choice across the country thanks to its car like driving experience. From its launch in 1965, it became the cargo-carrying vehicle of choice to the extent that it was the de facto bank robber's getaway car.

Fast forward to 2019, and the Transit is now on its eighth generation. It's still one of the easiest vans to drive, but the latest range isn't quite as simple to understand.

Transit is now a whole sub-brand and there are four different models of Transit on the market, with different strengths for different users.

Short and medium wheelbase Transits are now called Transit Custom, while long and extra-long wheelbase models are just called Transit. The Ford Transit Connect was added in 2013 as a smaller version of the Transit Custom, while the Transit Courier, launched in 2014, filled the gap between the Fiesta van, and the Connect.

From small to large then, the Transit range goes: Courier, Connect, Custom, and Transit.

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Models of Ford Transit


Ford Transit Courier

Manufacturer price from £16,194 inc VAT

Latest Ford Transit Courier deals from £7,295
Finance from £187 per month

Ford’s smallest Transit is a step up from the Fiesta van, but small enough for city driving and getting into tight spaces. It sits on the same mechanical parts as the Fiesta Van, but it offers a much higher payload (660kg compared to 511kg in the Fiesta).

The Courier’s floor length of 1620mm is impressive, while the optional fold-and-dive front passenger seat allows you to fold the passenger seat to allow you to carry particularly long items (up to 2.59 metres) like pipes and tubes.

Choosing a Courier is nice and simple - there are only two different variants. The regular van is, well, van-like, and there’s a Kombi model too, which offers seating for five.

Load space 2.3 litres m3 Payload 645-660kg Fuel economy 54.3-76.3mpg


Ford Transit Connect

Manufacturer price from £17,724 inc VAT

Latest Ford Transit Connect deals from £7,995
Finance from £204 per month

Next up is the Transit Connect, which brings with it a slew of different options. It’s available in long and short wheelbase guises; a double-cab variant with five seats; and as a a Kombi model offering five seats and windows.

There are three different diesel engines on offer (technically one engine with three different power outputs) plus Ford’s impressive EcoBoost 1.0-litre petrol engine. For those who don’t regularly carry heavy loads, the petrol is definitely worth a look.

All models get a large 60-litre fuel tank, and buyers can choose from an automatic or manual gearbox.

Load space 2.9 litres m3 Payload 720-1000kg Fuel economy 50.4-68.9mpg


Ford Transit Custom

Manufacturer price from £21,851 inc tax

Latest Ford Transit Custom deals from £10,990
Finance from £233 per month

The Custom is the van that most people think of when the Transit name is used.

It’s also the most popular van on the market by some way - easily topping the charts of the best-selling vans of 2018. It’s a thoroughly modern commercial vehicle too. Ford’s Sync 3 entertainment system is incorporated into the dashboard, so you get a touchscreen system that you can connect your phone to, and operate with voice commands.

There are two lengths, two heights, and it can be optioned as a five-seat double cab van, as well as a Kombi with seating up to 9.

Powering the Transit is a 2.0-litre diesel engine available in three power outputs, which can be matched to a manual or automatic gearbox. There’s even a plug-in hybrid Transit Custom in the works, due out later this year.

Ford has revealed a camper version of the Custom, named the Nugget. Prices are yet to be announced, but it will be available for long or short wheelbase models, and will include a sink, fridge, indoor toilet, and outdoor shower. The conversions will be carried out by camper specialist, Westfalia. 

Load space Up to 3.5 m3 Payload up to 1392kg Fuel economy 43-46mpg


Ford Transit

Manufacturer price From £25,421 incl tax

Latest Ford Transit deals from £9,995
Finance from £254 per month

And finally, we’re on to the largest and most simply named Transit. Adaptability is its key feature - there are two trims (Base and Trend) to choose from, as well as three different load lengths and two roof heights.

There’s only one engine (a 2.0-litre diesel), but it’s available in three different power outputs. As far as big diesel vans go, this is one of the smoothest and quietest engines on the market.

Inside, it borrows switchgear from Ford’s cars, so it never feels overly cheap, and there are loads of cubbyholes to store safely store phones, tools, and copies of The Sun. Seats are pretty comfortable too - good news for people who spend the majority of their working day in their van.

Load space Up to 15.1 m3 Payload up to 2,169kg Fuel economy 40.9-42.2mpg


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