New cars with free insurance: May 2024

Save on a brand new car and get free insurance. Or nab a top value nearly new or used car deal and save enough for insurance and change

By Tom Phillips May 14, 2024

Choosing a brand new car is never the cheapest way to put a new set of wheels on the driveway. However, if you can't resist the appeal of picking the colour and extras on your car, nabbing one with free insurance could save you some serious cash.

The exact savings depend on the car, your driving history and where you live, but if you fancy eliminating the hassle of getting insurance sorted, this may well be worth your while.

Better still, the savings you'll make by getting your first year's insurance thrown in mean you could put down a more substantial deposit on your finance deal, either cutting your monthly payments or helping you to upgrade to a higher-specification model for the same monthly payment.

If you're after maximum convenience, including the benefit of an insurance policy as part of your monthly payment, it could be worth exploring a car subscription. These services include the use of a new, generally top-spec car, with servicing, maintenance, road tax and insurance, all rolled into one monthly payment, and all you need to provide is the fuel.

New cars with free insurance

Right now, no carmaker is offering a free insurance deal when you buy a new or used car. However, there are some short-term insurance offers to get you underway with maximum peace of mind.

MINI Five-Day Free Insurance

MINI had offered free insurance for a year if you buy or finance a new car, but that offer has now finished. The deal was for one years' cover for you and up to four additional drivers, and was used to help shift older stock to make way for the new Cooper, Aceman and Paceman models.

Although it's not the same as a free year of cover, MINI does offer its MINI 5 Day DriveAway Car Insurance. This is a free comprehensive policy that's valid for five days. The policy is activated once you collect your new or used MINI that you've bought at an official MINI Centre.

As you'd expect there are eligibility criteria to meet. Drivers must be less than 85 years old, pass an identity check, and be UK residents with full UK or EU driving licenses. 

Renault Five-Day Free Insurance

If you buy a new or used Renault from a Renault Dealer, you are given free five-day comprehensive Driveaway Insurance. Once you have bought your new or used Renault you have to call 0330 102 8833 or ask the dealer for a Driveaway Insurance certificate for immediate cover. 

If you activate your insurance, you also get a no obligation annual quote.

Volkswagen Five-Day Free Insurance

Volkswagen Drive Away Insurance is included on every new and Approved Used Volkswagen purchased from a Volkswagen Retailer. The cover must be activated before you drive off in your new car.

Volkswagen also sells insurance policies through U K Insurance Ltd, and will give you a preferential annual quote which you aren't obliged to take out.

What's the benefit of a free insurance deal?

Younger drivers, who tend to have the highest insurance premiums, can save the most from free insurance promotions. However, to ensure that a driver is up to scratch, they may need to agree to having a black box fitted to monitor their driving.

As long as you drive in a sedate manner, having a black box can often enable you to access cheaper premiums in future, though if you race around and constantly break the speed limit, you're likely to find your premium increasing, or even end up with your policy being cancelled. A clean driving record is usually required, too.

Are there any negatives to a free insurance deal?

For older drivers who are experienced motorists with low insurance costs in the first place, free insurance deals may not have much benefit. In fact, you may be better off looking for a standard finance option with a larger deposit contribution discount. All deals come with their own terms and conditions, which you’ll need to check before deciding which option works best for you.

Are there any other ways to get free car insurance?

Car subscription deals include the cost of insurance in your monthly payments - plus servicing, tax and breakdown cover - making it easier to budget. Of course, your monthly payments are higher with one of these than with a standard finance agreement, but they can still be better value than buying insurance separately. However, there are quite often minimum age limits to taking out a car subscription, so double check your eligibility to make sure you qualify.