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Style, poise, grace. The best looking cars have all of these attributes, but very few pull them all together like these do

Murray Scullion
Mar 31, 2019

You might have been taught that looks aren't everything but in the real world, they get you a long way.

Well, with cars they do anyway. Buying a car involves employing both your head and your heart to make a decision. No matter how competent and competitively priced a car may be, not many people will buy it if it looks like a dog’s dinner. Or a dog’s post-dinner for that matter. Although cars like the Nissan Qashqai, Porsche Cayenne, and BMW X6 are exceptions that prove the rule.

You can’t really even talk about a list of best looking cars without paying homage to classics like the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, and BMW 507. But frankly these cars can set you back millions (literally). Plus they’re not that practical, frankly. 

So this list will strictly keep to cars on sale right now. It narrows down the scope, plus, makes it much more relevant when buying a car you can actually use.

The cars on this list have been meticulously picked because of their looks, as well as the overall design process and construction. Taste is subjective, so you might disagree with us on some of the picks.



Mercedes S-Class Coupe

Our pick Mercedes S 500 AMG Line
Latest Mercedes S Class Coupe deals from £41,140
Finance from £656 per month

Opulence is the first word that springs to mind with this gigantic Merc. Nothing quite says i’ve arrived like a big and expensive car that only has two doors.

It is stunning though. Everything about it is huge, from the doors to the wheels. The beautiful sloping roof is even massive, yet, as a whole, it remains elegant. For instance, the rear lights comprise of 66 individual LEDs daintily scattered over the rear end.

AMG models will hit 186mph and will get to 62mph in 4.2sec. Not bad for something that weighs more than two tonnes.


Lexus LC

Our pick Lexus LC500
Latest Lexus LC deals from £49,891
Finance from £634 per month

Lexus might have a whiff of the golf club about it, but the LC so beautifully proportioned you’ll soon forget about tartan trousers and Freemason memberships.

The LC is a coupe in the most traditional sense, with just two doors and a sloping roofline. It’s brought right up to date with modern styling and a sharp front, with equally razor-like rear end. It also looks great in bright colours like Vibrant Flare yellow (pictured).

Power comes from a 296bhp V6 hybrid in the LC 500h, or a 467bhp V8 in the top-spec LC 500. We know that a 467bhp-V8 doesn’t make a car better looking...but still.
Lexus LC buying guide


Jaguar F-Type

Our pick Jaguar F-Type R
Latest Jaguar F-Type deals from £31,999
Finance from £435 per month

Jaguar has previous when it comes to making beautiful cars. Its iconic E-type (a grandfather of sorts to the F-Type) is regularly featured on nearly everyone's most beautiful car lists.

The F-Type has a sleek shape in coupe and convertible form, and while the front is acute, it’s the rear-end styling that gets people talking. The boot has a crease and and an angle which gives the car a distinction over any other on sale.

Best of all, you can get an F-Type in rear-wheel-drive, four-wheel-drive, with four cylinders, a V6, or a V8.
Jaguar F-Type buying guide


Volkswagen Arteon

Our pick Volkswagen Arteon Elegance 2.0 TDI
Latest Volkswagen Arteon deals from £18,050
Finance from £272 per month

No, you haven’t misread that. We’ve really put a Volkswagen saloon on this list. Previous generation VW saloons like the Passat were always a bit on the mild side, until the CC came along, with a sloping coupe-like roof.

The Arteon is the next progression of this and it looks aggressive and mean. Its imposing shape clearly apes the likes of the Audi A5 Sportback, but that's no bad thing. The Arteon works more cohesively as a product though, its angular front working in conjunction with those multi-spoke swirling 20-inch alloy wheels.

It’s spacious, comfortable, and well made too, with economical engines.
Volkswagen Arteon buying guide


Volvo V60

Our pick Volvo V60 D3 Momentum
Latest Volvo V60 deals from £9,500
Finance from £159 per month

Volvo’s design language, as they’d say in design school, is fresh and simple, with flicks of Scandi innovations.

As with most estates, it does have a boxy profile. But the rear-end is neatly designed and flows nicely into the side profile. Up front, it’s even neater, with a wide grille and angular headlights.

Inside it’s equally as classy, packed full of the latest technology, and available with very non-conformist cream interiors.
Volvo V60 buying guide


 Porsche 911

Our pick Porsche 911 Carrera
Latest Porsche 911 deals from £37,590
Finance from £669 per month

This might be the most contentious car on this list. The fact that it has its engine in the back means the rear is enlarged in comparison to more svelte cars. But it is one of the best looking designs out there.

A long bonnet with a sculpted rear is a classic sports car look, and the latest progression of the 911 range (now in its 55th year) is one of the best looking yet.

There is a dizzying array of Porsche 911s available, from track-focussed GT2 cars to convertibles, but the best looking is the simplest Carrera model. That’s testament to how good looking the 911 is - you don’t need blingy wheels or expensive bodykits to make it appealing.


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