Best used cars for under £150 a month

Find a car you want at a price you can afford: superminis, coupes and SUVs among the best used cars for under £150 a month

John Evans
Sep 20, 2017

With up to £150 a month to spend and around £1000 to put down as a deposit, you can choose between virtually any type of car. Whether you're looking for a sporty family car; a rugged sport-utility vehicle (SUV); a people carrier; sleek coupe; or supermini, then there are several options available.

As well as cars from Ford, Renault and Kia, £150 a month could also put you behind the wheel of more premium badges, including BMW, Audi and Mini.

All of the prices are based on a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance agreement, which is one of the most affordable ways of buying a used car because you only finance part of its price. At the end of the repayment term, you can simply hand it back with nothing more to pay, or make a final lump sum payment to own it. If the car is worth more than this the car is worth more than this final payment, then you'll have a third option of trading it in for another model and using the difference towards your next car. 

Alternatively, you can spread the cost of buying a car with Hire Purchase finance, where you own the car after making a series of fixed monthly payments. For more information, see our complete finance guide.

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Audi A1

Best used car under £150 a month for compact quality

It might be the smallest Audi, but the A1 still feels solidly screwed together - just like the larger cars in the range. This means that an approved used Audi should be almost as fresh as the day it left the factory, even with several thousand miles on the clock.

The A1 is a sporty model so the ride is a little firm over bumps, but it's still comfortable and quiet. For pure driving fun, you'd be better off with a Mini, but the A1 shines thanks to its powerful and economical engines, upmarket interior, ageless design and that deep quality. Read more

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Representative example Audi A1 1.6 TDI Sport 103bhp 3dr
Age 2013 / 29,905 miles
  Price £8,990
Deposit £917  
Monthly repayments £119
  Term 48 months
  APR 8.8%

Mini Cooper

Best used car under £150 a month for driving fun

A zippy engine, fast, responsive steering, and plenty of grip, makes the Mini Cooper enormous fun to drive. For less than £150 a month, you're getting plenty for your money.

It also includes a stylish, retro interior with the large speedometer at the centre of the dashboard. This marks out the more affordable previous-generation Mini; the latest models the latest models have a smaller speedometer behind the steering wheel.

This version of the Mini is best for two people, as the rear seats are cramped and boot space is limited.

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Representative example Mini Cooper 3dr
Age 2014 / 28,858 miles  
Price £8,600
Deposit £878
  Monthly repayments £140
  Term 48 months
  APR 8.8%


Kia Sportage

Best used car under £150 a month for space and lengthy warranty

The previous-generation Kia Sportage, which was sold up to 2016, was a best-selling family car, thanks to its spacious interior and industry-leading seven-year warranty.

These cars look exceptionally good value now, with low monthly payments for a 2014 model, which still has four years of warranty left to run. It follows the same formula as crossover cars, such as the Nissan Qashqai and Peugeot 3008, combining the comfort and low running costs of a hatchback with the extra height of an off-roader.

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Representative example Kia Sportage 1.7 CRDi ISG 5dr
Age 2014 / 38,329 miles
  Price £9,900
Deposit £1,008
  Monthly repayments £141
  Term 48 months
  APR 8.8%


Renault Captur

Best used car under £150 a month for compact dimensions and good visibility

Captur Signature

Take a Renault Clio supermini and increase it's height: you're left with the Renault Captur crossover, which is meant to be car-like to drive, but with better visibility.

The formula works well, providing a car that's roomier and more practical than the Clio, without a big increase in running costs. Look out for cars with 'Nav' in their specification, as these come with sat-nav as standard. Read more

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Representative example Renault Captur 1.5 dCi 90 Dynamique S MediaNav Energy 5dr
Age 2014 / 29,075 miles
  Price £9,000
Deposit £968
  Monthly repayments £142  
Term 48 months
  APR 8.8%


Ford C-Max

Best used car under £150 a month for practicality

Ford offers no less than five people carriers but the C-Max offers an ideal combination of size and price for families with two children. For a little more, you can opt for the seven-seat Grand C-Max.

Unusually for a tall people carrier, driving the C-Max is little different to a standard hatchback. It leans very little in corners, even when taken at speed, and feels stable over bumps and potholes. The rival Citroen C4 Picasso does a better job of absorbing jolts on rough roads, though, and has the edge when it comes to space and practicality. Read more

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Representative example Ford C-Max 1.6 TDCi Titanium
Age 2015 / 17,290 miles
  Price £9,426
Deposit £1,048  
Monthly repayments £146
  Term 48 months
  APR 8.8%


Mercedes C-class coupe

Best used car under £150 a month for stylish design

Mercedes might have abandoned the angular styling of the previous-generation C-Class Sport Coupe in favour of sleek, flowing lines, but the design is still popular with buyers on the second-hand market.

Opt for one of the many cars with the AMG Sport package as standard, and your C-Class Sport Coupe will include a flat-bottomed steering wheel, sports suspension and light alloy wheels. This means it’s not the most comfortable coupe you can buy but it does feel well-built and luxurious, as a Mercedes should. What’s more, being based on the C-class saloon, there’s more room in the back than you’d think.

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Representative example Mercedes C-class 2.1 CDI AMG Sport coupe
Age 2012 / 28,000 miles
  Price £12,995

Deposit £1,318
  Monthly repayments £147
  Term 48 months
  APR 7.9%


BMW 3 Series

Best used car under £150 a month for all-round performance

For tens of thousands of owners, the BMW 3 Series is the best family car in the world, with space, comfort and sporty performance from its powerful engines and responsive steering. Business-specification cars are worth looking out for, because they have a better sat-nav system with more detailed traffic alerts.

The diesel-powered 320d is economical and powerful but you won't get the very latest engine for less than £150 per month. This means that it probably won't meet the current emissions standards, known as Euro 6, and will be subject to charges in central London from 2019, and may face other inner-city chargesRead more

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Representative example BMW 320d SE Business
Age 2013 / 65,000 miles  
Price £11,000
Deposit £1,118
  Monthly repayments £148
  Term 48 months
  APR 7.9%


Renault Zoe

Best used car under £150 a month for electric motoring

Electric cars have acquired a reputation for being deliberately eccentric looking (think Nissan Leaf). Not so, the Renault Zoe – it looks like any conventionally powered hatchback.
The Zoe has a reasonable range (about 100 miles) between charges, so would suit someone with an average commute able to charge at both ends of their journey.

This example is well equipped with parking sensors and a sat nav, but you'll need to budget for a monthly battery rental charge, starting from £49 per month. Because the batteries aren't included in the price, you'll only need to pay £297 at the end of the PCP agreement to own the car. Read more

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Representative example Renault Zoe Dynamique Intens 5dr
Age 2015 / 7,265 miles
  Price £6,475
Deposit £666
  Monthly repayments £148  
Term 48 months  
APR 9.9%


Citroen C4 Cactus

Best used car under £150 a month for relaxed driving

Citroen C4 Cactus with airbumps

High-riding and chunky, but without the aggressive design of a rugged sports-utility vehicle (SUV), the Citroen C4 Cactus, is a crossover car.  It’s a characterful model, with so-called Airbumps on the sides to protect it from car park scrapes, and comfortable suspension for absorbing bumps on rough roads.

It's a car that's designed to be relaxing when driven leisurely, so you have light steering, which makes it easy to manoeuvre but makes it harder to drive precisely. The soft suspension means that the car will lean in corners if you're travelling fast. Read more

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Representative example Citroen C4 Cactus 1.6 BlueHDi Flair 5dr
Age 2016 / 9,171 miles  
Price £9,495
Deposit £968  
Monthly repayments £149  
Term 48 months
  APR 8.8%


Volkswagen Golf

Best used car under £150 a month for timeless design

For less than £150 a month, you can be the owner of a Volkswagen Golf - a car that looks as if it might cost twice as much. Even if you opt for the cheapest S specification, you'll still have air conditioning, a dashboard screen with Bluetooth for connecting your phone wirelessly and digital radio. A quiet, comfortable ride and excellent build quality are standard too.

It's most practical as a five-door car, but the cheapest models tend to have three doors (two side doors and a hatchback boot). Low-priced cars often have the 1.2-litre TSI petrol engine, which offers decent rather than sporty performance. Read more

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Representative example VW Golf 1.2 TSI 105 S 3dr
Age 2013 / 17,226 miles
  Price £8,990
Deposit £917
  Monthly repayments £149
  Term 48 months  
APR 8.8%

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