Audi Reviews

A1 (2010 – 2018)

The small A1 successfully blends the high levels of kit, comfort and the upmarket feel of bigger Audis into a compact, good-value package

A1 (2018)

The A1 may be Audi’s smallest model, but that doesn't stop it from impressing

A3 (2012 – 2020)

Upmarket family hatchbacks don't come much smoother, solid, or as tech-laden as the Audi A3

A3 Saloon (2013 – 2020)

The compact Audi A3 Saloon makes a strong case for itself compared with the larger Audi A4

A3 Cabriolet (2014 – 2020)

Four seats, open-top driving thrills and an upmarket badge all at a reasonable price make the Audi A3 Cabriolet a tempting package

A3 Saloon (2020)

The Audi A3 Saloon is an upmarket compact saloon with sleek looks, efficient yet strong engines and a broad range of high-tech equipment

A3 Sportback (2020)

The Audi A3 is an upmarket hatchback with space for the family, plenty of high-tech options and a good range of punchy, efficient engines

A4 (2015)

This premium family saloon offers class-leading comfort, the latest in-car technology and sharp design

A4 Avant (2016)

The Audi A4 Avant family estate is spacious and efficient with an upmarket interior

A4 Allroad (2015 – 2019)

Need off-road ability but don't want an SUV? You need the Audi A4 allroad: a 4x4 pretending to be an estate car

A5 (2007 – 2016)

The Audi A5 Coupe is stylish and desirable - but neither the most high-tech or exciting car

A5 (2016)

The Audi A5 is a stylish coupe that offers plenty of comfort and a high-quality feel throughout, with a broad choice of engines

A5 Cabriolet (2017)

The Audi A5 Cabriolet is a stylish convertible with a focus on comfort and interior quality

A5 Sportback (2017)

The Audi A5 Sportback is a more practical, but still stylish, model in the sporty A5 range

A6 (2011 – 2018)

Classy, understated and very efficient, the Audi A6 is a fine executive saloon

A6 (2018)

Audi's 5 Series rival packs some serious technological clout behind a handsome face

A6 Avant (2018)

Subtle looks and stunning tech help set A6 apart from other estates

A6 Allroad (2012 – 2018)

An all-wheel-drive all-rounder: the Audi A6 allroad combines off-roading and luggage-carrying capabilities

A7 (2010 – 2018)

With the A7 Sportback, Audi introduced the versatility of a hatchback to a larger, more luxurious cars

A7 (2018)

An accomplished coupé-like executive cruiser, the A7 Sportback is a well-executed blend of luxury and performance

A8 (2010 – 2017)

It’s a large luxury car, but the Audi A8 is also fun to drive and discreet - thanks to its understated design

A8 (2017)

A comfortable and well-equipped luxury car, the Audi A8 also has cutting-edge technology

e-tron (2018)

The Audi e-tron is a high-end electric SUV with a top notch interior, lots of equipment and plenty of range per charge

e-tron Sportback (2020)

The Audi e-tron Sportback is a sportier-looking version of Audi’s large electric SUV - here’s everything you need to know about it

Q2 (2016)

The Audi Q2 brings luxury to the small crossover market

Q3 (2012 – 2018)

The Audi Q3 is good to drive, roomy and cheap to own - once you've paid the initial price

Q3 (2018)

The new Audi Q3 offers enough space, tech and comfort that you'll be reconsidering a bigger Audi

Q3 Sportback (2019)

Fancy an upmarket medium SUV but one that turns up the sportiness dial? The Q3 Sportback could be for you – but it comes at a price

Q4 e-tron (2021)

The Audi Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron are desirable high-quality electric SUVs with excellent range

Q5 (2008 – 2017)

The Audi Q5 is a large, classy SUV, but it’s getting on in years and has fallen behind rivals

Q5 (2016)

Well-built, plush and packed with (optional) technology. The Audi Q5 is a tasteful family SUV

Q7 (2015)

Vast on the outside and big enough to comfortably carry seven passengers inside, the Audi Q7 is lavish, well made, and easy to drive

Q8 (2018)

The Audi Q8 is a large SUV-coupe that oozes style and bristles with technology

R8 (2015)

The Audi R8 is the sensible everyday supercar - but it's still a mighty performance car

RS5 (2017)

The Audi RS5 Coupe and Sportback are fast and powerful but also rather expensive

S3 (2020)

While not the most extrovert of hot hatches, this is one of the fastest: the Audi S3 is an upmarket hatch with secure and grippy handling

S5 (2017)

The Audi S5 Coupe, Sportback and Cabriolet offer a good mix of sporty driving and everyday comfort

SQ7 (2016)

The Audi SQ7 is a high-performance variant of the Q7 SUV, offering luxury and sporty driving in a practical overall package

TT (2014)

The Audi TT is a desirable small coupe with an excellent interior, stylish looks and an enjoyable driving experience

TT Roadster (2015)

The Audi TT Roadster is a stylish two-seater sports car that’s great for driving every day

TT RS (2015)

The Audi TTS and TT RS are fast, luxurious and stylish sports cars available in coupe and convertible forms