Audi Q3 Review

The new Audi Q3 offers enough space, tech and comfort that you'll be reconsidering a bigger Audi

Strengths & weaknesses

  • Handsome
  • Standard technology
  • Big boot
  • Average gearboxes
  • Limited diesel availability
  • More expensive than Volvo XC40
Audi Q3 prices from £12,500.
Finance from £197.47 / month.

Audi Q3 prices from £12,500   Finance from £197.47 per month

The latest Audi Q3 offers almost everything that the bigger Audi Q5 does, it's got very similar styling, loads of space for you and your passengers to spread out and bags of tech, yet it's yours for £10,000 less.

It's not even that much smaller, sure it's 200mm shorter, 40mm narrower and 40mm lower, but the Q3's boot capacity is only 20-litres less. Perhaps this all explains why Audi's mid-sized SUV is so much more expensive that it's perceived rivals, a list that includes the Volvo XC40Jaguar E-Pace and BMW X1. Prices for the Audi Q3 start from £31,290, while the XC40 starts from £28,965, the E-Pace at £29,080 and the X1 from £27,795.

The design is bold, that's for sure, it's much bulkier than the previous-generation Audi Q3, but more in line with current trends. This translates into a roomy interior, especially in the back where knee, head and legroom are all plentiful, but outdone by the BMW X1 and Volvo XC40.

One neat trick Audi has pinched from other car makers is to fit a sliding back seat. It means you can free up more boot space, should you wish, although with a very generous 530 litres as standard (increasing to 675 litres if the back seats are moved forward) this is one of the best in the class. The XC40 offers 432 litres and the X1 505 litres.

Take a seat inside and you'll realise that the Audi is in a different class to all but the Volvo when it comes to interior quality and design. Everything you can see looks expensive; high-grade plastics and tasteful metal trims abound and you can also specify your Q3 with Alcantara in a choice of colours - complimented with ambient lighting.

Instead of analogue instruments there is Audi’s ‘virtual cockpit’ as standard - it's a screen that does all the jobs a traditional dashboard would do, with the addition of navigation. A second display, a 10-inch touchscreen, sits in the centre of the dashboard, here you can control the standard climate control, entertainment and phone functions, which includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for easy control of apps. Audi Q5 buyers will be miffed that this setup is optional on their more expensive vehicle.

On the road, the Audi Q3 not quite as fun as a BMW X1, which seems to respond more direct steering, but it's stable and composed at speed. Better still, there’s no trade-off in comfort, even on the largest wheels and stiffer suspension available with S Line trim, the Q3 grants a supple ride.

It's quiet and relaxed on the motorway, where you can also get the benefit of advanced driver assistance systems that can accelerate, brake and steer the car at any speed - but the driver remains responsible for the car. It was awarded the maximum five stars for safety after independent safety testing by Euro NCAP

Key facts

Boot size 530 litres
Width 1849mm
Length 4485mm
Height 1603mm
Tax (min to max) £45 to £230

Best Audi Q3 for...

Best for Economy – Audi Q3 Sport 35 TDI quattro

The least powerful diesel Q3 will return almost 50mpg but it would be better if it was available with the frugal combination of a manual gearbox and two-wheel drive.

Best for Families – Audi Q3 Sport 35 TFSI

As most families want their money to go far, the petrol-powered, 35 TFSI model in Sport trim with a manual gearbox is pretty much all the compact SUV they’ll need.

Best for Performance – Audi Q3 S line 45 TFSI

There’s no S or RS version of the new Q3, yet at least, so the fastest model is the 45 TFSI, which has a 2-litre petrol engine with 230hp and can zip from 0-62mph in 6.3 seconds.

One to Avoid – Audi Q3 Vorsprung 45 TFSI

You could spend silly money on a new Q3, such as nearly £50,000 on a 45 TFSI quattro in Vorsprung trim.


  • January 2019 First deliveries of Q3 begin. Range consists of 35, 40 and 45 TFSI petrol engines; a 35 TDI diesel is also available.
  • March, 2019 Higher powered 40 TDI joins the range


Understanding Audi Q3 names

Trim level Sport

Trim levels indicate the amount of standard equipment. Sport is the cheapest (but still includes plenty as standard) followed by S line and then Vorsprung.

Engine 35 TDI

Engines have a two-digit badge system indicating power: the higher the number, the more powerful the engine. TDI means the engine runs on diesel; TFSI means it is powered by petrol.

Driven wheels quattro

Quattro is Audi's four-wheel drive system.

Gearbox S tronic

S tronic is the name Audi gives to its automatic gearbox.

Audi Q3 Engines

Petrol: 35 TFSI, 40 TFSI, 45 TFSI Diesel: 35 TDI, 40 TDI

The most affordable Q3 35 TFSI is powered by petrol. It's a 1.5-litre engine with 150 horsepower (hp) that comes with a manual, six-speed gearbox driving the front wheels and there is the option to add Audi’s S tronic, seven-speed automatic gearbox to this motor.

It’s a good engine, better, arguably, than either of the more powerful 2-litre petrol units. Fuel economy of around 40mpg (when fitted with a manual gearbox) is reasonable for a petrol-powered SUV.

The more potent 40 TFSI produces 190hp but only comes with the automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive, so fuel economy falls to 32mpg. It’s noticeably faster but not as smooth. Go for the 45 TFSI and power jumps to 230hp, while acceleration from 0-62mph is a second quicker at 6.3 seconds, which is brisk. It’s also no less frugal than the 40 TFSI.

Perhaps the best all-rounder remains the 2-litre diesel engine. However, the slight snag with the 150hp, 35 TDI is that the front-wheel drive version (up to 48mpg) comes only with an automatic gearbox, while the manual gearbox version (up to 42mpg) is only available with quattro four-wheel drive.

Step up to the 40 TDI, with 190hp, and it comes with an automatic and quattro as standard, so fuel economy is 40mpg at best.

Company car drivers should note that the 35 TFSI petrol attracts 27 per cent benefit in kind tax, better even than the 35 TDI diesel, which only gets down to 29 per cent.




Official fuel economy


Acceleration (0-62mph)

Top speed





9.6sec (manual)

131mph (manual)













35 TDI




9.3sec (manual)


40 TDI






Audi Q3 Trims

There are three trim levels available across the Q3 SUV range. These start with the most affordable, Sport. The middle level is S line, and flagship versions that are the most expensive are called Vorsprung.

Although the Q3 is considerably more expensive than a Volvo XC40, it’s good to see a Sport version isn’t as sparse as a hermit’s cave. It comes with bright LED headlights, as well as the smart dual-screen interior with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Audi also includes dual zone climate control and cruise control, plus driver assistance features like rear parking sensors and lane departure warning.

Upgrade to the S line trim for around £2,000 and the car gets a more sporty appearance and larger, 19 inch alloy wheels. There’s also sport suspension, that’s a little less comfortable, but makes the car feel slightly nimbler in corners, and a host of S line branding throughout the car, as well as neat little details such as stainless steel pedals.

Splash the cash (a crushing £7,000 premium), go for Vorsprung, and the equipment list lengthens considerably. There are larger-still, 20-inch alloy wheels, contrasting Manhattan grey bumpers, black roof rails, and matrix LED headlights, which divert main beam away from other drivers to avoid dazzling them, while maintaining maximum light on the rest of the road. There's also adaptive suspension that can be adjusted for more comfort or sportiness.

Inside, multi-coloured mood lighting, a panoramic glass sunroof and Alcantara trim give a more luxurious feeling. Vorsprung also features surround-view cameras, adaptive cruise assist for automatic steering, accelerating and braking on motorways (the driver remains responsible for the car) and cross-traffic assist that can spot oncoming cars when reversing out of a parking bay or road. With a Bang & Olufsen audio system and contactless charging for smartphones, it’s ideal for those who want pampering.

Those with lesser trim Q3s that want to add further options can consider a Comfort and Sound Pack (£995), a Parking Pack (£1,250) or a Driver Assistance Pack (£800).

Audi Q3 Reliability and warranty

Audi doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to making reliable cars. Out of 27 car manufacturers, the German company languished in 20th position in the 2018 Driver Power survey, carried out by Auto Express.

However, with that said, the previous generation Q3 didn’t fare too badly in the same survey. It was judged to be the 12th most dependable SUV and 4x4.

Any new Q3 will come with a three-year warranty that is unlimited in mileage for the first two years, then reverts to a limit of 60,000 miles in the third year. Over that period UK breakdown cover is included.

Used Audi Q3

Audi’s Q3 has been on sale for less than a year, so used examples are very new and low mileage, meaning in turn that prices are barely any different to new models. However, the good news it could be yours in a matter of days, whereas a factory order can take months to arrive.

Bear in mind that a new Q3 can be specified exactly to your preference. However, if you can find the right car in the right colour, engine and trim – as well as with the right options – then a nearly-new model could be the ideal choice.

Other Editions

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The Audi Q3 is good to drive, roomy and cheap to own - once you've paid the initial price

Q3 Sportback (2019)

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