Ford scrappage scheme 2017: the best deals

The biggest savings on models including Fiesta, Focus and Kuga under the 2017 Ford scrappage scheme

BuyaCar team
Oct 6, 2017

Trade in a clapped out old car and you could get more than £8,000 off a brand new Ford, thanks to a scrappage scheme that offers discounts of almost a third on some models.

As well as a £2,000 reduction on some of the most popular Ford cars and vans, you'll also be able to take advantage of other discounts offered on new cars. The combined savings provide an opportunity to snap up a cut-price Ford, as long as you currently own a vehicle that was first registered before January 1, 2010

You will need to move quickly: Ford's scrappage scheme is proving popular and it will soon be too late to order some cars for delivery before December, when the scrappage offer ends.


Ford scrappage scheme 2017: the details

  • Scrappage incentive  £2,000 plus additional discounts
  • Vehicles eligible for trade-in Cars and vans registered before January 1, 2010
  • Vehicles available to buy Fiesta, Focus, Kuga, B-Max, C-Max and Transit models
  • Deadline Vehicles must be ordered and delivered by December 31, 2017

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Ford's scrappage scheme has been launched alongside a generous new car promotion, which is already offering several thousands of pounds off most of the range.

You can combine most (but not all) of the existing discounts with the scrappage offer, which allows you to save more than £5,000 on some Focus models, £6,000 on versions of the Kuga. A new, eligible, Ford will be at least £1,500 cheaper under the scrappage scheme than if you didn't use it.

So if the car you're trading in is worth less than £1,500 (and is eligible) then you would be better off using Ford's scrappage scheme. If it's worth more, then part-exchanging your car and buying a new one outside the scheme will probably be better value. Even cheaper are used of nearly-new Fords.

The scrappage scheme also offers large savings on new vans. You can save between £3,650 on the Transit Courier to £7,000 on the Transit (both figures exclude VAT).

Ford is one of 20 manufacturers offering extra discounts for trading in an older car. You can read more in our 2017 scrappage scheme guide.

Best Ford scrappage scheme deals

Ford Fiesta scrappage deal

Save more than £3,500

Our pick Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Zetec B&O Play 3dr
BuyaCar price after discount and scrappage allowance £12,118  Save £3,627

The new Ford Fiesta, which went on sale, is a big step up from the car it replaces - particularly in the B&O versions, which add a sat-nav and B&O stereo on top of the equipment that comes with Zetec models, including air conditioning, alloy wheels and a heated windscreen.

A three-door car does look a little expensive at its brochure price of almost £16,000 but an enormous £3,627 saving under scrappage makes it considerably more affordable, and cuts the finance payments too. There are similar savings for the more practical five-door model.

The savings are even greater further up the range; only entry-level Style cars are excluded from the scrappage offer. 

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Ford Kuga

Save more than £8,000

Our pick Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi Zetec (Nav) auto
BuyaCar price after discount and scrappage allowance £20,681  Save £8,009

Ford's updated Kuga comes with some of the biggest discounts available under the scrappage scheme, with just over £8,000 off this mid-range automatic car with four-wheel drive. The diesel-powered Zetec car has alloy wheels, keyless start, air conditioning and a heated windscreen, as well as sat-nav on the featured car.

Petrol-powered models are eligible for scrappage too, but Ford has been caught out by strong demand for these cars, and you may not be able to order one built to your specification in time for delivery before the end of the year. However, there are usually stocks of pre-built cars that can be delivered sooner.

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Ford Focus

Save more than £6,000

Our pick Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost 125 5dr Zetec Edition
BuyaCar price after discount and scrappage allowance £13,709  Save £6,426

The conbination of scrappage allowance and additional discounts on the Ford Focus means that you can have a brand new car for almost a third off the list price - or to put it another way, for the cost of a Ford Fiesta.

With an economical engine, plus a dashboard touchscreen with sat-nav, rear parking sensors, air conditioning and a heated windscreen, the Zetec Edition car featured is a bargain for under £14,000. There's an estate version too if you want more boot space.

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Ford B-Max

Save more than £5,000

Our pick Ford B-Max 1.0 EcoBoost 125 Titanium (Nav)
BuyaCar price after discount and scrappage allowance £13,276  Save £5,269

The sliding doors of this Ford B-Max, and the lack of side pillars between the front and rear seats, make this small people carrier one of the most practical cars that you can buy.

Big scrappage savings make high-specification Titanium cars affordable.

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Ford Grand C-Max

Save more than £6,000

Our pick Ford Grand C-Max 1.0 EcoBoost 125 Zetec
BuyaCar price after discount and scrappage allowance £16,299  Save £6,396

The seven seats and practical sliding doors of Ford's Grand C-Max can be yours for £16,299 when the scrappage allowance and extra discounts are taken into consideration.

Diesel versions are available but this price is for a petrol-version with a zippy 125 horsepower engine underneath the bonnet. It also includes optional sat-nav.

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Ford scrappage scheme: car deals


Versions eligible for scrappage

Scrappage savings (including additional BuyaCar discounts)


(excl. Style)

at least £3,379


Titanium, Titanium X (including Navigator variants)

at least £5,173


Zetec Edition, Titanium, Titanium X, ST-Line

at least £5,483

C-Max & Grand C-Max

Full range

at least £5,999


Full range

at least £5,247


Ford scrappage scheme: van deals


Versions eligible for scrappage

Commercial vehicle scrappage saving (excl. VAT)

Transit Courier



Transit Connect 

Trend SWB (L1)


Transit Connect

Trend LWB (L2), Limited


Transit Custom



Tourneo Custom








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