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Tiny cars, minute cars, little cars. Call them what you will, but there's no denying that they're handy in a squeeze

John Evans
Sep 11, 2018

If you have a small driveway or a garage then buying a little car could be high on your shopping list.

But how little is little? Some small cars are a mere 2697mm in length (the Smart Fortwo, for instance) but the Renault Twizy, while techically not a fully-fledged car because of how small and light it is, is shorter still at 2337mm. While in fact, one of the very smallest cars on sale is the Morgan 3 Wheeler, at 3290mm.

We’ve settled on very small cars being no more than 3465mm in length, or the length of a Toyota Aygo.

However, little cars sit between these very small cars and larger city cars. That’s right: city cars aren't all the same size. In fact, as much as 200mm (that’s 20cm or almost eight inches in old money) separates the shortest (the Toyota Aygo) from the longest (Hyundai i10).

For the purposes of this guide, we’ve defined little as being no shorter than 3465mm, and no longer than 3571mm, or the length of the Fiat 500. The minimum local authority parking space is 4800mm, so at 3571mm you should have enough wiggle room to easily slot yourself into a spot.

Here’s our pick of the best little cars:

Toyota Aygo

Length 3465mm
Latest Toyota Aygo deals from £5,395
Finance from £116 per month

Just 1mm separates the Aygo from its sister car the Citroen C1. To be fair it’s not a difference you’ll notice and can be explained by the car’s different bumpers, since both cars are otherwise identical under the skin.

Incidentally, three and five-door  versions of the Aygo are the same length. Meanwhile, as titchy as it is, all versions from x-play, the second trim level, upwards have a reversing camera.
Toyota Aygo buying guide

Citroen C1

Length 3466mm
Latest Citroen C1 deals from £4,995
Finance from £117 per month

As we’ve seen, the C1 is just 1mm longer than the Aygo, an increase you won’t notice as you manoeuvre the car.

However, to have a reversing camera you’ll need to go to the third and most expensive trim level in the range, called Flair.
Citroen C1 buying guide

Peugeot 108

Length: 3475mm 
Latest Peugeot 108 deals from £4,699
Finance from £95 per month

Although essentially it’s the same car as the Aygo and C1 (they’re part of a joint venture) the 108 is quite a bit longer, relatively speaking.

A pity, then, that a reversing camera doesn't become standard until the third trim level in the range, called Allure.
Peugeot 108 buying guide 

Seat Mii

Length 3557mm
Latest Seat Mii deals from £7,250
Finance from £135 per month

As much as 92mm, or a little over 3.5 inches, separates this model from the smaller Toyota Aygo.

That could make all the difference if you’re trying to park in a cramped garage or on a short driveway. No reversing camera is available either as standard or as an option with the little Seat, although fortunately, it’s easy to locate its corners when manoeuvring.
Seat Mii buying guide

Fiat 500

Fiat 500 Exterior

Length 3571mm
Latest Fiat 500 deals from £4,796
Finance from £106 per month

Where, so far, the other cars are available in convenient five-door form (in fact, it’s the only body style the Seat Mii comes in) the Fiat 500 is a three-door only.

That’s really only a problem when you’re in tight parking spots and someone in the back seat has to squeeze out of the car. Unfortunately that’s where the little Fiat 500 will often find itself. No reversing camera is available, but rear parking sensors are standard on Lounge, the second trim level, upwards.
Fiat 500 buying guide

Renault Twingo 

Length 3595mm
Latest Renault Twingo deals from £4,981
Finance from £118 per month

The Renault Twingo exceeds our self-imposed maximum length but rules are made to be broken. We’ve included it here because, thanks to its rear-mounted engine, it has a remarkably tight turning circle.

This means that despite its extra length, the Twingo can be manoeuvred within very small spaces.
Renault Twingo buying guide


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