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Murray Scullion
Oct 30, 2018

If you’re searching for cheap skateboarding trainers, we’re afraid you’ve clicked on the wrong article. If you’re after cheap and versatile luggage loaders to haul your stuff around, congrats.

You’re not alone either. According to a recent study from the Urban Transport Group, there are currently 3.8 million registered vans in the UK - up 74 per cent since 1996.

Vans now represent 15 per cent of all motor vehicle traffic, compared to 10 per cent twenty years ago.

The selection of vans is growing every year too. This means there’s more choice, and physically more vans than ever to pick from on the used market.

Our list below shows cheap van deals, helpfully separated into different segments of the van market:

Vauxhall Vivaro

Cheap van deals for combi vans

Finance from £148 per month     
Loadspace 8.6m3 Payload 1,079kg-1,269kg Fuel economy 43.5mpg - 47.9mpg

Vauxhall’s Vivaro has been built in the UK since its inception in 2001. And earlier this year, Vauxhall announced that the next generation (third) will continue to be built here.

That van looks set to come out in 2019, so the the combi van in question is the second generation. It's available in two different length and height combinations, and there are two engine choices. They’re both 1.6-litre diesels, but the more powerful version has two turbos, producing 113bhp. The single turbo engine makes 89bhp. The more powerful is faster and better for motorway miles, but is more expensivet to buy.

It’s also well thought of in terms of ride comfort, as well as noise insulation. However, there have been reports of minor faults, like door handles falling off.


Fiat Talento

Cheap van deals for crew buses

From £250 per month    
Loadspace 8.6m3 Payload 1,079kg-1,249kg Fuel economy 43.5mpg - 47.9mpg

No, don’t adjust your screen. The Fiat Talento looks much the same as the Vauxhall Vivaro above, mostly because they are pretty much the same. Well, apart from different grilles and badges. And the Talento is built in France, not Luton.

There are nine variants in total, including the crew bus mentioned here. This fits seven people, and it has bigger doors than rivals like the Peugeot Expert or Citroen Dispatch, which makes it easier for people to get in and out of.

Engines are all 1.6 diesels with single or twin-turbos, and power outputs from 94bhp to 123bhp.

There are two trim levels – the entry level model gets central locking, electric windows and mirrors, height adjustable driver seat, plus Bluetooth, DAB radio and steering wheel controls for audio. The entry level Combi is called Active, and adds a rear tailgate with wiper, passenger airbag and rear seats that fold or can be removed.

Ford Fiesta Sport Van

Cheap van deals for car derived vans 

Finance from £125 per month        
Loadspace 1.0m3 Payload 500kg Fuel economy 76.4mpg

A new Fiesta-derived van will be released later this year, which means current model Fiesta vans are getting cheaper.

If you don’t need to haul huge loads around, a car-derived van offers most of the benefits of a small car (easy to park, good to drive, car interior) but with a big load area.

Essentially, the Fiesta Van is much the same as the excellent Ford Fiesta your mum has, except that the rear seats have been ripped out.

Go for the sport spec, which can be had in eye-searing colours and sporty looking alloy wheels.

Land Rover Discovery Commercial

Cheap van deals for luxury 4x4 vans

Finance from £583 per month            
Loadspace 1.856m3 Payload 900kg Fuel economy N/A

Like the Fiesta above, this is essentially a car with the rear seats taken out. Land Rover is a luxury brand, so up front is the most luxurious interior you'll find in a van.

The payload of 900kg is massive in comparison to other SUV-based vans, and much much better than other car-derived vans like Corsavan. on this list. It of course has four-wheel drive, meaning that it has better grip in bad weather, meaning while it is more expensive than other vans on this list, it is a lot more rugged.


Citroen Relay

Cheap van deals for high roof vans 

Finance from £176 per month        
Loadspace 13m3 Payload 1525kg Fuel economy Combined 45.6mpg

Citroen Relays house a massive payload of 1525kg. To put that into context, that’s nearly the weight of two Smart ForTwos.

The Relay is otherwise a very solid van complete with emissions-compliant and economical diesel engines. It’s reasonable to drive too, but the bigger high-roof spec vans don’t ride that well over bumps when there’s no load in the rear. It also can’t be had with an automatic gearbox.

Those seeking space without the price will find bargains for slightly older vans too. 2014-registered vans with around 35,000 miles can be had for about £185 a month.

Peugeot Partner

Cheap van deals for frugality 

Finance from £127 per month      
Loadspace 3.3m3 Payload 856kg Fuel economy 44mpg-69mpg

If you’re after a newish van for as little money as possible, the Peugeot Partner has a strong appeal.

In short, it’s comfortable, costs pennies to run thanks to frugal engines, and there’s also a three-seat option. The interior is flexible too, and it can travel 12,500 miles (or two years) between services.

It is noisy inside, especially at motorway speeds. But 2017 models start at £160 a month, which is highly attractive if all you’re after is utilitarian cargo mover and not much else.


Nissan e-NV200

Cheap van deals for electric vans 

Finance from £239 per month       
Loadspace 4.2m3 Payload 703kg Fuel economy 106-174 miles per charge

Electric vans aren’t just for the environmentally aware - there’s a good business case for them as well.

Charging a van up from empty at night time outside your home costs (roughly) £1.50, and you’d need to spend (roughly) ten times that to get £100 miles of diesel.

Older Nissan e-NV200s (pre-2017) have an official range of 106 miles, however, post 2017 vans have a range of 174 miles. It also works just like a normal van, and it’s just as easy to drive too. Because of the electrical gubbins they only comes in automatics, and they work in near-silence too.

We’re sure that a Nissan e-NV200 would be a breath of fresh air if you’re used to a clattery old diesel-engined van.

Toyota Hilux

Cheap van deals for pick-up trucks 

Finance from £241 per month      
Loadspace N/A Payload 1128kg Fuel economy up to 40.4mpg combined

The Hilux is the most famous name in the pick-up game, and it’s easy to see why.

It has been used in different applications for nearly 50-years, and sales accumulate to more than 18 million worldwide throughout its lifetime. It’s become a byword for resilience and dependability - so throwing your tools in the back shouldn’t be a problem for it.

2015 models start at less than £15,000. These can be had with four-wheel-drive, in a double-cab configuration, with less than 30,000 miles on them. Go for one with steel wheels to complete the go-anywhere utilitarian look.

Ford Transit Custom

Cheap van deals for mainstream vans 

Finance from £154 per month   
Loadspace 5.95m3 Payload 1090kg Fuel economy 43mpg-46mpg

The Ford Transit has been on British roads for more than fifty years now. When most people think of vans, they think of the Ford Transit.

It’s been a best-seller too, which means there are plenty on offer on the used market. 2017 vans typically cost around £250 a month, and as low as £200 if you want a basic model.

It’s a brilliant-all rounder with strong and powerful diesel engines, and two different wheelbases. It’s also one of the safest vans on the market, with a Euro NCAP rating of five stars out of five.

However, legroom for front passengers isn’t great - something to consider if you regularly travel three up with tall people.

Volkswagen Transporter

Cheap van deals for mainstream vans

Finance from £202 per month         
Loadspace 5.8m3 Payload 993kg Fuel economy 47.9mpg combined

The Volkswagen Transporter is popular among private buyers as well as business ones because of its dependability, and the fact that its lineage comes with a certain cache.

But even if you ignore that and just look at is as a van, it’s one of the best around. Build quality is a step above most others in this segment and it comes equipped with powerful and frugal engines. The range-topping 204hp bi-turbo engine gets the Transporter to 62mph in a very rapid 8.6 secs too.

In cab storage isn’t on par with some marques, most notably Citroen or Peugeot. But it’s a small price to pay for an otherwise excellent product.


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