New cars with no deposit finance

Get yourself a brand new car with no money upfront with these new cars with no deposit finance deals

Murray Scullion
Aug 2, 2018

Financing makes paying for a new or used car simpler and more manageable. After all, stumping up the cold hard cash for a new car is nigh on impossible for most people. Who has a spare £20,000 just lying around?

Importantly, a new car is within the realms of someone who doesn’t have enough money for a deposit either. If you’re in desperate need of a new car, and don’t have the cash together, most manufacturers are willing to sell you a car with no deposit.

Audi, Fiat, Honda, even Porsche and Range Rover are willing to do business with no money down. We should mention at this point, that skipping the deposit does make your monthly payments more expensive, as the deposit price is usually just split between the payments.


No deposit finance is readily available on used cars too. These types of deals are generally via a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance deal. These types of deals usually last between two and five years, and you’ll pay a fixed monthly payment for those months. At the end of contract you usually have three options.

  • Return the car with nothing to pay
  • Keep the car and pay what you owe. You can refinance this to spread the cost.
  • Trade the car in for a new one.

Some of these deals are also available with Hire Purchase (HP). This works in a similar way to PCP, but at the end of the contract you’ll own the car.

Click on any manufacturer below to find the cars available with no-deposit finance, or scroll down for the full list.


Manufacturers offering no deposit finance deals

Audi no deposit finance deals

No deposit PCP deals can be found throughout Audi’s range, including the new Q2 crossover and A8 executive saloon. The A6 is currently not available with no deposit, but its sporting derivative, the S6, is. Some RS model cars are not available, and Audi’s R8 supercar is also unavailable with 0% deposit.

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Audi cars with no deposit finance


BMW no deposit finance deals

BMW pretty much offers no deposit deals on all of its cars if you’re willing to stump up enough each month on a PCP deals. Notable cars include its new X2, its supercar/hybrid i8, as well as several sporting M models.

BMW cars with no deposit finance

Citroen no deposit finance deals 

Citroen has a generous array of cars available with no money down. The C3 Aircross crossover is the highlight here, but Citroen also spoils large families as it offers two cars with seven seats.

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Citroen cars with no deposit finance


DS no deposit finance deals

DS is the luxury sub-brand of Citroen, named after its historic luxury car, the Citroen DS. Three models are currently available with no deposit, however, its latest model, the DS 7 Crossback, is missing from the list.

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DS cars with no deposit finance


Fiat no deposit finance deals

Not every Fiat model is available with no deposit, however, if you’re after something small and stylish the 500 is a good choice. The 124 Spider also looks like good value for money as sports cars are few and far between with no finance.

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Fiat cars with no deposit finance


Ford no deposit finance deals

Not only does Ford offer a wide range of cars with no deposit, it also offers them as a PCP or HP agreement. This includes the Ford Fiesta, Britain's best-selling car.

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Ford cars with no deposit finance


Honda no deposit finance deals

Honda only offers this type of finance on four of its cars, but they’re all practical, dependable and spacious, and the Jazz offers the most interior space of any car in its class.

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Honda cars with no deposit finance


Hyundai no deposit finance deals

Hyundai’s popular 'i' range of hatchbacks is largely available with no deposit, as are its popular Tucson and Santa Fe SUVs. The hybrid Ioniq, which also has a fully electric version is on the list too if you fancy something with green credentials.

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Hyundai cars with no deposit finance


Jaguar no deposit finance deals

Jaguar offers no deposit finance on PCP and HP deals, plus its latest SUV/Crossover range get in on the action too.

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Jaguar cars with no deposit finance


Jeep no deposit finance deals

Jeep has carved itself out a niche providing rugged SUVs, and four of them are available with no deposit finance.

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Jeep cars with no deposit finance


Kia no deposit finance deals

A huge range of cars from Kia are available with no deposit. Even its new sporty saloon, the Stinger.

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Kia cars with no deposit finance


Land Rover no deposit finance deals

Even cars as opulent as a Range Rover can be bought with no deposit. PCP deals help spread the hefty payments, too.

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Land Rover cars with no deposit finance


Lexus no deposit finance deals

Lexus offers its complete range of cars on PCP agreements with no deposit. The brand has an excellent reliability record and its cars are increasingly disctinctive.

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Lexus cars with no deposit finance


Mini no deposit finance deals

Stylish, well put together, and fun. All of Mini’s range can be described with those three words, and they also all come with no deposit PCP deals too.

Mini cars with no deposit finance


Nissan no deposit finance deals

Nissan has a good range of cars available without a deposit. Even its fire-breathing GT-R. However, it is worthwhile noting that £0 deposit deals can’t be used in conjunction with 0% finance deals.

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Nissan cars with no deposit finance


Peugeot no deposit finance deals

All new Peugeots are available with no deposit - cracking news for old and young alike. Even its new (ish) and excellent crossovers, the 208 and 5008, are included.

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Peugeot cars with no deposit finance
  • Peugeot 5008
  • Peugeot Partner Teepee
  • Peugeot Traveller


Porsche no deposit finance deals

A brand new Porsche delivered to your door with nothing to pay in advance? it's possible, although the affordability checks will require a decent income.

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Porsche cars with no deposit finance


Renault no deposit finance deals

Renault is on on the action too, and you can get a fleet of cars without putting any money down. Highlights are the electric Zoe and the massive Koleos.

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Renault cars with no deposit finance


Seat no deposit finance deals

Seat offers zero deposit finance via a PCP agreement on a wide and varied selection of its cars, including the excellent Ibiza (above), Leon and seven-seat Alhambra.

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Seat cars with no deposit finance


Skoda no deposit finance deals

Skoda values itself on offering superb value-for-money, and with zero deposit agreements, some of the deals are even more affordable, including those for the new Karoq (above).

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Skoda cars with no deposit finance


Suzuki no deposit finance deals

Suzuki’s most popular models are included on this zero deposit list, including the new Swift (above), and its sporting derivative the Swift Sport.

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Suzuki cars with no deposit finance


Toyota no deposit finance deals

No deposit PCP finance agreements are offered by Toyota on all of its cars, from the Aygo city car to the imposing Land Cruiser and sporty GT86 (above).

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Toyota cars with no deposit finance


Vauxhall no deposit finance deals

As well as offering 0% finance on a feast of its new cars, Vauxhall also offers all of its models with no deposit PCP agreements. The Corsa (above) is one of the best-value models.

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Vauxhall cars with no deposit finance


Volvo no deposit finance deals

Volvo offers no deposit finance across its entire range of cars, including the new XC40 SUV (above) and V60 estate.

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Volvo cars with no deposit finance


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