Best new electric cars coming soon

That’s right, there are 29 all-electric cars due in the next 12 months and let’s not forget about all the plug-in models, too

James Wilson
Mar 26, 2020

As electric cars are currently being pegged as the future of motoring and car manufacturers still want to be successful in tomorrow’s world, it should come as no surprise that there are almost 30 new electric cars set to arrive in the UK during 2020.

These aren’t boring eco-boxes with only enough range to get you from Lower Basildon to Upper Basildon either. They range from luxurious executive cars that come with enough battery capacity so motorists can travel from London to Leeds in one go, to hypercars with the kind of performance that should really be reserved for jet planes. For the majority of buyers, it is the stuff in the middle of these extremes which is most important – and there is a lot of that, too.

Electric cars are becoming 'normal' cars. The oddballs like the original Nissan Leaf that initiated the electric car movement a decade ago have had their day, and now this new-age technology is beginning to appear in mainstream models such as the Mini Hatchback, Peugeot 208 and Vauxhall Corsa.

There are a number of all-electric city cars which are expected to bring over 120 miles worth of range, yet can cost under £20,000 once the UK Government’s plug-in car grant is applied. If you are unfamiliar with the grant, take a read of our dedicated explainer article.

Below, each electric car is provided with an estimated price, expected UK due date and if available, an anticipated range figure. As a note, all cars are quoted with prices that don’t include the UK Government’s plug-in car grant unless otherwise stated.

So what does the 2020 electric car landscape look like? Read on below to find out.

Best new electric cars coming soon

Best new electric small cars coming soon

Honda e

Expected starting price £26,160 (including government grant)
UK due date Summer 2020
Range 136 miles (unofficial)

Honda has claimed that, fully charged, its all-electric e will be capable of 136 miles of travel, although this has yet to be confirmed under official testing. The e is targeting motorists who predominantly travel in urban environments and want to put a stop to their exhaust pipe emissions.

Honda claims the e’s 35.5kWh battery pack can be charged from 0-80% in as little as half an hour using a fast charger. Away from its powertrain, the Honda e really stands out thanks to its funky interior design which blends crisp digital screens with materials that echo the car’s eco-credentials.

Mini Electric

Expected starting price £24,000
UK due date Spring 2020
Range 124 miles

Much like the Honda e and VW e-Up on this list, the Mini Electric is targeting buyers who don’t need a huge amount of range. The logic makes sense really, as smaller battery packs mean less weight and less cost – both of which are important with small cars.

Minis have always been entertaining to drive and initial testing suggests the all-electric Mini hatchback is no different, which is a massive accomplishment in itself. Much of the electrical architecture is taken from the BMW i3, which has been on sale for some time now, meaning any major problems should long have been ironed out.

Fiat 500 Electric

Expected starting price £29,000
UK due date Late 2020/early 2021
Range 199 miles

Fiat is being brave with its next-generation Fiat 500. Not only is it pumping large sums of money into manufacturing an all-electric version, but it will not offer petrol or diesel powered models. While it is all change under the body, the new electric 500 has not evolved too much on the outside.

It's currently only available in a convertible launch spec named 'La Prima' with prices tickling the £30,000 mark - which is pretty astonishing - but you can expect cheaper versions to arrive at a later date. A range just shy of 200 miles is strong, and you can expect this iconic car to make the move to electric power without so much as batting an eyelid.

Peugeot e-208

Expected starting price £25,000 (including government grant)
UK due date Early 2020
Range 211 miles

Even though UK deliveries aren’t expected until 2020, journalists have been given the opportunity to try the new e-208 and first impressions are good. Peugeot has somehow managed to make its all-electric supermini look and drive like a regular petrol 208 which depending on your preferences can be either a positive or a negative.

Sure the nect-generation Renault Zoe is promising a higher maximum range, but the e-208 is actually likeable to drive, which isn’t always the case with electric cars. Peugeot’s divisive i-Cockpit design still features, bringing a teeny tiny steering wheel and central touchscreen information and media display.

Seat Mii Electric, Skoda Citigo e IV and Volkswagen e-Up

Make and model

Expected starting price (including government grant)

UK due date


Seat Mii Electric


Early 2020

161 miles

Skoda Citigo e iV


Early 2020

165 miles

Volkswagen e-Up


Early 2020

162 miles

As the Seat Mii, Skoda Citigo e iV and VW e-Up are all fundamentally the same car, there seems little point rabbiting on three times about the same stuff. They all offer around 160 miles worth of range and are expected to cost roughly £20,000 after the aforementioned plug-in grant is applied. The question of which model is best for you will likely depend on which styling you prefer (there are differences, albeit subtle).

Irrespective of which electronic triplet you opt for, equipment is generous. For example, standard kit on the Seat Mii Electric includes parking sensors, air-conditioning, cruise control, automatic wipers, lane keep assist, traffic sign recognition, Bluetooth, DAB radio, a five-inch media display, heated seats, a leather steering wheel and 16-inch alloy wheels.

Vauxhall Corsa E

Expected starting price £26,490 (including government grant)
UK due date Spring 2020
Range 205 miles

Much like its sister car, the Peugeot e-208, Vauxhall’s Corsa E doesn’t shout too loudly about its electric underpinnings. Which is no bad thing. Likewise, improvements in interior quality over the previous generation Corsa are welcome as well.

There are a handful of driving modes which greatly shape the performance of Vauxhall’s all-electric supermini – with around 50hp difference between Sport and Eco modes. Elsewhere interior technology, such as the 10-inch central information and media screen are integrated well, all helping suggest the electrified Corsa is a force to be reckoned with.

Best new electric family cars coming soon

Mercedes EQA

Expected starting price £35,000
UK due date Autumn 2020
Range 250 miles (expected)

Mercedes’ expansion plans for its EQ sub-brand – which features only electric vehicles – includes the EQA hatchback. This will be the smallest model in the lineup and is expected to come with around 300hp, four-wheel-drive and the ability to charge using up to 110kW power supplies.

Mercedes will be hoping the EQA is appealing enough to tempt buyers away from the Volkswagen ID.3 and Citroen C4 EV, and if it looks anything like the Concept car it is allegedly based on, it could well do so on futuristic looks alone.

Mercedes EQV

Expected starting price £60,000
UK due date Early 2020
Range 250 miles (expected)

Those worried that minibuses will be a thing of the past when the electric revolution has taken place need not worry, as Mercedes has already revealed its all-electric EQV MPV. Range is expected to sit around 250 miles courtesy of a 100kWh battery pack and Mercedes has said the EQV should charge from 10-80% in under an hour when using a rapid charging point.

Along with a number of styling tweaks over the V-Class on which the EQV is based, Mercedes has said all EQV models will get air suspension as standard, along with the German manufacturer’s impressive MBUX information and media system. There is, of course, the important matter of seating, with the EQV available as a six-, seven- or eight-seater.

Citroen C4 EV

Expected starting price £30,000
UK due date Mid 2020
Range yet to be confirmed

Citroen looked for a while like it was done and dusted with traditional family hatchback models, however that looks set to change when the new C4 arrives in 2020. The C4 will be built upon the same platform as the new 208 (and e-208) meaning it will be capable of being offered as an all-electric model.

Citroen is yet to confirm any specifics, but it is expected that the first-all electric (standalone) Citroen will be going up against models such as VW’s ID.3. This means it will have to offer decent range, impressive technology and strong performance if it wants to attract buyers.

Polestar 2

Expected starting price £50,000
UK due date Summer 2020
Range 311 miles (expected)

In case you haven’t been following Swedish car manufacturer news over the past few years, Polestar is a sister brand of Volvo. Much like Audi is a sister brand of Volkswagen. The Polestar 2 is the marque’s first all-electric car and is pegged as a rival for the more Tesla Model 3 (cheaper Polestar 2 variants are expected to arrive later in the model’s lifecycle).

As Polestar is an upmarket brand, all models come very well equipped, with semi-autonomous kit such as Pilot assist and adaptive cruise control on offer, along with LED headlights, panoramic roof and “phone-as-key” tech, which removes the need for a physical key.

Seat el-Born

Expected starting price £26,000
UK due date Summer 2020
Range 261 miles (expected)

If you are sat there thinking the Seat el-Born looks a lot like the Volkswagen ID.3 then you know your electric cars. Part of Seat being in the VW Audi family means it benefits from cross-brand engineering which means the el-Born is mighty similar to the ID.3 in many areas...

Seat has said that its el-Born electric vehicle will come with a 62kWh battery pack which can be charged from 0 to 80% in as little as 47 minutes using a 100kW charging station. All models will be rear-wheel-drive and promise around 200hp which helps bring a 0-62mph sprint time of around 7.5 seconds.

Best new electric SUVs and crossovers coming soon

Audi e-tron Sportback

Expected starting price £75,000
UK due date Spring 2020
Range 248 miles (expected)

A sportback in Audi world is a couple-styled body. Meaning the e-tron Sportback is a coupe-SUV, which is a curious (yet growing) market segment. Naturally, though, the e-tron stands out amongst its fossil-fuel-powered rivals as it is fully electric.

The Sportback is expected to be identical to the standard e-tron save for a slight dip in interior space. This means Audi’s twin touchscreen information and media control system will be present as will Audi’s 12.3-inch digital dash cluster. Performance will be impressive with power and torque expected to come in around 400hp and 664Nm respectively.

Audi Q4 e-tron

Expected starting price £60,000
UK due date Summer 2020
Range Over 280 miles (claimed)

Audi’s Q4 e-tron will be the fourth electrified-SUV in the German carmakers line up when it arrives in 2020. The Q4 e-tron is touted to come with an 82kWh battery pack (which by current electric car standards is nice and large).

Power is expected to be more than 300hp and torque 460Nm. These mean the Q4 e-tron should be able to accelerate from 0-62mph in 6.3 seconds and reach a top speed of 112mph. It is also expected to be offered solely as a five-seater and be similar in size to the current Q3.

If the concept photo above is anything to go by, this latest e-tron model will be taking design cues from the Audi Q8 that launched a couple of years ago.


Expected starting price £70,000
UK due date Spring 2020
Range Over 249 miles (claimed)

BMW has trademarked a number of iX model names (iX1 to iX9 to be precise) showing its intent to launch a multitude of new electric cars in the coming years. Unlike BMW’s previous all-electric models the iX3 is built on the same platform as its petrol- and diesel-powered brethren.

BMW has said that the iX3 will come with a battery that has a capacity of over 70kWh – which should mean a range in the region of 249 miles. If BMW decides to sell the iX3 as a dual-motor four-wheel drive SUV, that could mean it comes with around 535hp.

Ford Mach 1

Expected starting price £40,270
UK due date Summer 2020
Range 280 miles (up to 370 miles)

Ford is reviving its Mach 1 nameplate for a new all-electric SUV. Previously, Mach 1 was used to denote especially potent Mustang models in the 1960s and 70s. While the 2020 Ford Mach 1 is no sports coupe, it is shaping it to be rather nippy.

Entry-level models come with around 255hp and a claimed range of around 280 miles. While Ford’s higher performance offering boasts around 285hp and a claimed range of around 370 miles. Both inside and out the Mach 1 is unlike anything the firm currently sells in the UK, with the cabin tech especially showing huge changes.

Kia Soul EV

Expected starting price £33,795
UK due date Early 2020
Range 280 miles

Kia is building upon the success of its all-electric e-Niro crossover with a new version of the Soul EV. Underneath its body, there is a 64kWh battery pack which is claimed to take just one hour and fifteen minutes to get from 0-80% charge using a 50kW charger.

Performance is brisk, thanks to a total power output just north of 200hp and a torque figure of 395Nm. On top of the main electronics, the new Kia Soul EV is expected to come with a raft of cabin tech, including wireless phone charging and 10.3-inch information and media unit. Interestingly, while Kia has developed fossil-fuel-powered versions the new Soul, the South Korean carmaker has no plans to sell such vehicles in the UK.

Peugeot e-2008

Expected starting price £32,000
UK due date Early 2020
Range 193 miles

Peugeot’s e-2008 looks set to promise distinctive styling, a great interior and impressive electric car credentials. Its electronics are shared with the new e-208 supermini, meaning there is around 134hp on tap and its battery pack measures in at 50kWh.

Range is claimed to be 193 miles, with a full charge expected to take seven-and-a-half hours using a 7.4kW charger (an output not unheard of with domestic sockets). Inside there is a digital dashboard and central information and media system which works well with the stylish dashboard.

Tesla Model Y

Expected starting price £36,000
UK due date Summer 2020
Range 300 miles (claimed maximum)

Following on from the release of the more affordable (when compared to Tesla’s other cars) Model 3, the American electric car manufacturer will launch its Model Y in 2020. The Model Y is a compact crossover that is eventually expected to cost around £30,000 when a more affordable model hits the market in 2021.

From launch, buyers will need to pay nearer £36,000 for a longer-range model which is expected to boast a range of around 300 miles, a top speed of 130mph (which is quite impressive for an all-electric car) and a 0-60mph sprint time of 5.5 seconds. Inside buyers can expect the same design as that in the Model 3, which means minimalism will be the order of the day.

Vauxhall Mokka X EV

Expected starting price £30,000
UK due date Summer 2020
Range around 190 miles

As Vauxhall is now owned by PSA (aka Peugeot-Citroen) it should come as no surprise that the Mokka X EV will share much of its design with electric cars such as the Peugeot e-2008 and DS 3 Crossback E-Tense. This means a range somewhere in the region of 190 to 200 miles should be expected.

Things won’t be plain sailing for the Vauxhall as it will have a number of impressive rivals including the likes of the Hyundai Kona and Kia e-Niro. While styling is being kept under wraps for now, buyers can at least expect subtle similarities with its PSA stablemates.

Volvo XC40 Recharge

Expected starting price £48,000
UK due date Late 2020
Range 249 miles

When kicking off a new sub-brand it makes sense to start with a car you know buyers like – which is exactly what Volvo has done. All of the Swedish carmaker’s new plug-in and all-electric cars will come with ‘Recharge’ branding with the all-electric XC40 kicking off the range.

Powering the electric XC40 is a 78kWh battery pack, helping to drive two electric motors, which together produce around 400hp and 660Nm of torque. Despite this being a family SUV, Volvo claims this means the XC40 Recharge is good for a 0-62mph sprint time of 4.9 seconds – which is firmly in the realms of a performance vehicle.

Best new all-electric sports cars coming soon

Audi e-tron GT

Expected starting price £100,000
UK due date Late 2020
Range as yet unconfirmed

Who says you can’t have a sporty electric vehicle? Whether or not the production Audi e-tron GT will be quite as easy on the eyes and outrageously quick as the concept car it is based on remains to be seen, but until then, we can all at least dream.

Performance figures for the concept model were claimed to sit at around 600hp, with 0-62mph taking 3.5 seconds and top speed sitting at an impressive 149mph. Electricity is said to come from a 96kWh battery pack which should make for a decent range, provided drivers don’t go too nuts with the accelerator.

Tesla Roadster

Expected starting price £150,000
UK due date Late 2020
Range 620 miles (target)

Elon Musk (the guy running Tesla) has made some bold (and we mean bold) claims about Tesla’s next-generation roadster. For starters, he has touted a 1.9 second 0-60mph time which aside from anything else brings the laws of physics into question. Perhaps even more impressive is that 0-100mph is claimed to take just 4.2 seconds.

The above is made possible thanks to a 200kWh battery pack which sends electrons to three electric motors. Tesla has stated that a 620 miles range is being targeted as is a top speed around 250mph. Even if Tesla gets within a country mile of these figures, its new roadster will be quite the performance tool.

Best new electric luxury cars coming soon

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Expected starting price £130,000
UK due date Summer 2020
Range 310 miles (expected)

Porsche will bring a crossover-inspired all-electric estate version of its Taycan EV to the market in 2020. Not only that but the German car brand is suggesting a range of 310 miles, along with a power output expected to exceed 600hp – especially if Porsche offers higher-performance models as it has done with the standard Taycan.

Its impressive speed-related attributes go beyond straight-line get up and go, too. With Porsche claiming the Taycan Cross Turismo will be able to fully charge from empty in as little as 15 minutes – although this will probably require an incredibly high Wattage charge point which aren’t readily available in the UK.

Jaguar XJ-E

Expected starting price £80,000
UK due date Late 2020
Range yet to be confirmed

Compared to some of its rivals the outgoing XJ looks a touch old-fashioned. The next-generation model, due in 2020 will be bang up to date though, not in the least because it will come in all-electric guise.

Jaguar is keeping the nitty-gritty details of its new all-electric XJ under wraps, but it has confirmed production will take place here in the UK, with a new battery facility opening in North Warwickshire to support the manufacturing process. Not only will the XJ-E need to bring impressive range, it will need to be comfortable, refined and offer strong performance figures if it is to survive in the competitive luxury car sector.

Mercedes EQS

Expected starting price £120,000
UK due date Late 2020
Range 435 miles (potentially)

Mercedes’ EQS is an all-electric version of its highly impressive S Class. The EQS was previewed by a concept car on which it is expected to be based which Mercedes claimed came with a 100kWh battery pack making an official range of 435 miles possible.

Once more, Mercedes said that the EQS could charge using up to 350kW charge points (which is rather massive) meaning charging from 0 to 80% should take just 20 minutes. Performance claims are equally colossal, with the all-electric luxury limo claimed to come with around 470hp, 760Nm of torque and a 0-62mph sprint time of 4.5 seconds.

Best new electric supercars coming soon

Pininfarina Battista

Expected starting price £1,750,000
UK due date Late 2020
Range 280 miles (target)

Pininfarina is quite a well-known design house in the car world – largely thanks to designing some incredibly beautiful cars (case in point being the 1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider). Its latest creation, the Battista isn’t just a pretty face, though, as it is being penned as the most powerful road car in the world. Or rather it will be until the Lotus below hits the streets...

Four electric motors are wired together to give a combined output of around 1,873hp and 2,300Nm of torque. This, the Italian firm says, makes the Battista good for a 0-62mph sprint time under than two seconds and a top speed of 217mph, not that you would expect much less for £1.75 million…

Lotus Evija

Expected starting price £1,700,000
UK due date Summer 2020
Range 250 miles

When you start talking about a £1.7 million Lotus which supposedly packs roughly 1,972hp and 1,700Nm of torque things get a little hard to visualise. While outlandish, these figures supposedly enable the Evija to fire itself from 0-62mph in under three seconds or 0-184mph in under nine seconds.

Powering Lotus’ all-electric hypercar are four electric motors wired up to a 70kWh battery pack. The latter is supposedly capable of a full charge in 18 minutes, although this requires an 800kW charging point, which, let’s be frank, you aren’t going to get anything like that from UK charging stations. Nonetheless, we imagine the super-rich will be queuing up to place an order for one of the 130 Evijas that will be built.


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