Best electric SUVs 2024

SUVs have led the electric revolution. Here are 10 of the best electric SUVs that you can buy today.

By Craig Cheetham February 13, 2024

The UK was already in love with SUVs before the electric car revolution began, but now plug-in SUVs are arguably the most sought-after new cars of the lot. 

With their mix of practicality, comfort and ease of driving, their appeal is no surprise. Add the instant acceleration that comes with electric power, coupled to the fact that the layout of battery packs has opened the car market up to a whole new era of design language, and electric SUVs are some of the most expressive and forward-thinking cars of the moment – a far cry from when SUVs were demonised by climate protesters for their increased emissions and inefficiency.

Of particular appeal are the SUVs offered by premium manufacturers, whose leadership in EV powertrains has led to some fantastic new cars hitting the market. But there are less expensive models that are equally appealing for entirely different reasons – mostly with an electric range of over 200 miles, meaning they’re suited to most types of driving. 

If you like SUVs, and the thought of driving an electric car is something that excites you, the list we have compiled here will be right up your street. It features some of the most exciting models available for buyers at every price point.

Volvo XC40 Recharge

Best electric SUV for the image conscious
Our pick: Volvo EX30 Plus Single Motor Extended Range
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A fully electric derivative of the Volvo XC40 was always part of the plan for the Swedish manufacturer’s mid-size SUV model, so it has the advantage of looking just like a conventional XC40 with the exception of its blanked-out aero grille. 

Offered in three trim levels, the XC40 comes with single motor or dual motor layouts, the first of which is a two-wheel-drive car with 241PS, the latter a four-wheel-drive 413PS machine that’s discreetly as fast as some supercars. 

Add in an electric range of up to 343 miles and a cabin with a modern, fresh feelgood factor and it’s no surprise that the XC40 is a hugely popular choice.

Audi Q8 e-tron

Best electric SUV for the travelling in comfort
Our pick: Audi Q8 S line 55 e-tron
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The Audi Q8 e-tron is now an entire family of SUVs, made up of the regular SUV and a coupe-like Sportback, similar to the BMW X6. There are also sporty S variants of both, adding more power and aggressive styling.

Originally called the Audi e-tron, it was renamed the Audi Q8 e-tron in 2022 as part of a mid-life update. This also brought with it a redesigned battery pack which provides a longer range - meaning you'll be able to travel further between charges. The claimed range is now 330 miles.

It’s roughly the same size as the Audi Q5, so the Audi Q8 e-tron should offer plenty of space for five adult occupants, while the EV range can be increased usefully using the car’s regenerative braking feature.


Best electric SUV for driver enjoyment
Our pick: BMW iX3 M Sport
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BMW was one of the pioneers of electric drive and the iX range covers everything from small cars to supercars, but the BMW iX3 is the pick of the lot.

Based on the popular BMW X3 SUV, existing BMW drivers will find the interior familiar: the gear selector is where you’d expect it, and there’s a 10.3-inch media system mounted on the dashboard. Standard equipment includes three-zone climate control, a panoramic glass roof and an electric tailgate.

The BMW iX3 has an official range of 285 miles, which is impressive considering it uses an 80kWh battery – smaller than that of many of its rivals.

Hyundai Kona Electric

Best electric SUV for common-sense buyers
Our pick: Hyundai Kona Electric N Line Long Range 2WD
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It may be the luxurious and vastly expensive models on this page that turn your head, but it’s the Hyundai Kona Electric that’s one of the most impressive all-rounders. 

It’s affordable for a start – or at least more affordable than larger and more premium alternatives – but it still has a real-world range of over 250 miles if you opt for the 64kWh version.

For a small SUV, the Hyundai Kona is reasonably spacious. Tall adults won’t need to contort themselves to fit into the back seats, but there isn’t a great deal of room to stretch out once you’re there. Only the 332-litre boot seems a little meagre, with less space on offer than in a Nissan Leaf or Volkswagen e-Golf.

Jaguar I-Pace

Best electric car for luxury
Our pick: Jaguar I-Pace EV400 R-Dynamic SE Black
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The Jaguar I-Pace is a car that in many ways has changed the way in which we think about car design, its single-box layout offering massive passenger space and a short, stubby bonnet due to the fact there is no engine.

That translates to a unique style and a vastly luxurious cabin. The flowing design is low for an SUV, but it feels spacious inside, thanks to the extra room available by not having an engine.

The high-tech dashboard, with dials that appear to float above one of the touchscreens, is fitting for a car of the future, while its performance and nimbleness make it sporty to drive. Its official range between charges – around 290 miles – should equate to more than 250 miles in real-world driving, which is more than enough for the vast majority of journeys.

Kia EV9

Best electric SUV for seven seats
Our pick: EV9 GT-Line S 7 Seat
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The sheer size of a full-size seven-seat SUV means there have so far been few electric models around. But with battery technology improving all the time, we're starting to see the market expand. And the Kia EV9 has stolen a march on is rivals.

All models in the Kia EV9 range come with a sizeable 99.8kWh battery good for more than 300 miles of claimed range - on par with the new Volvo EX90. 

With its high quality interior and standout futuristic styling, including electric door handles, it's no suprise that this is Kia's most expensive car with prices starting at £65,000. However, for that you do get a well-equipped, spacious and comfortable vehicle which is also a practical family SUV.


Best electric SUV for used buyers on a budget
Our pick: MG ZS EV SE Long Range
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After being heavily revised in 2021 and with the introduction of a new long-range powertrain, the MG ZS EV evolved from a decent value also-ran that sold on price and equipment alone to one of the best-selling electric cars in the UK – and with good reason. 

The new powertrain increased its range from a modest 171 miles to a much more competitive 273 miles, while styling and interior improvements and the addition of smartphone mirroring stereos made it a far more appealing car inside, too. 

It’s a small SUV and it’s by far the cheapest model among the 10 mentioned here, but the MG ZS EV is a great choice for smaller families and even gets a seven-year warranty.

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Mercedes EQC

Best electric SUV for on board tech and infotainment
Our pick: Mercedes EQC 400 AMG Line
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In terms of its size, price, performance and range, not to mention its customer demographic, the Mercedes EQC electric SUV is very similar to the Jaguar I-Pace. But that’s where the commonality ends, as the Mercedes is taller, with a conventional bonnet and large grille that’s more typical of petrol or diesel-powered cars.

An official range of 255 miles should translate to more than 200 miles when driven normally and, like its rivals, the car will accelerate swiftly from 0-62mph. In this case, it takes 5.1 seconds, thanks to the instant response from the electric motors.

At 4.7 metres long, it’s bigger than the family-friendly Mercedes GLC and a little shorter than the larger Mercedes GLE.

Tesla Model Y

Best electric SUV for performance and range
Our pick: Tesla Model Y Dual Motor Long Range
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While the bigger Tesla Model X, recognisable by its falcon wing doors, is now only available as left hand drive, those looking for a Tesla SUV in the UK are more likely to choose the newer Tesla Model Y.

Sharing much with the ever popular Tesla Model 3, it is arguably the best electric SUV for combining performance and range. Even the cheaper Long Range model is hardly sluggish, yet manages an impressive claimed range of up to 331 miles.

There are drawbacks though. Not everyone will like the minimalist and rather stark interior while the firm ride means comfort isn't great, especially over poor road surfaces, while refinement falls behind most electric SUV rivals. 

Volkswagen ID.4

Best electric SUV for no nonsense simplicity
Our pick: Volkswagen ID.4 Pro Performance Life
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Having achieved success with its all-electric Volkswagen ID.3 hatchback, it comes as no surprise that the German firm followed suit with an SUV model known as the ID.4, which is one of the best electric SUVs on the market thanks to the company’s electric car expertise. 

The Volkswagen ID.4 is the perfect choice for growing families, with a 543-litre boot, while under the skin it borrows a lot from the Audi Q4 e-Tron – and that’s no bad thing. 

There are currently three power combinations on offer, making use of a 52kWh battery capable of 213 miles or a 77kWh battery, which Volkswagen claims will do around 320 miles on a full charge. Most drivers will find the smaller battery pack will achieve around 180 miles from a full charge in regular use.