Future electric cars for 2019 & beyond: best EVs coming soon

Better tech and more choice: new models from Mini, Mercedes, Audi and Tesla are among the future electric cars, making it easier to go green

Dominic Tobin
Apr 25, 2019

It's been a long time coming but electric cars are finally set to make a breakthrough, with 2019 expected to be the year when they become a realistic option for most new car buyers.

By the end of the year, at least 25 different electric cars will be on sale, from small city models, such as the new Mini Electric Vehicle (EV) and Fiat 500 to tall and rugged sports utility vehicles (SUVs), including the Mercedes EQ C and Audi e-tron, joining the Jaguar I-Pace, which is already on sale. Even Porsche is joining the act with a high-performance super-family car. 

The latest breed of electric cars have a lot going for them. Prices are just about coming down to affordable levels, and range is going up. They skip out on the latest strict emissions charges, too.

The government has cut the grant on offer to new electric car buyers but it's still a useful subsidy, which is worth £3,500 off the price of brand new models. The increasing supply of vehicles is also improving the selection of used electric cars. You can find out if battery power is likely to be right for you in our complete electric car guide, or scroll down for details of the models that will arrive on the roads soon.

Future small electric cars

Fiat 500

On sale 2020
Price from £25,000 (estimated)

After twelve years on sale, the Fiat 500 will finally be replaced next year with an all-electric version, which is expected to have a similar design to the existing model. 

Fiat's small city car will not be available with any petrol or diesel engine, so entry-level prices will be high, to cover the cost of expensive batteries and a more luxurious interior. As a result, the new Fiat 500 won't spell the end of the existing car: it will continue into its thirteenth year as a budget model.


Mini EV

On sale 2019
Price from £25,000 (estimated)

The instant acceleration that you get from an electric motor should mean that the electric Mini is just as energetic as the petrol-powered Cooper models, but the question is whether it will be able to change direction as sharply, given that Mini makes so much of the standard car's "go-kart handling".

The car's range is expected to be in the region of 190 miles, but the final design has not yet been revealed. The picture above shows Mini's electric concept car from 2017, which is expected to influence the production model.


Honda E

On sale 2019
Price from £20,000 (estimated)

The consensus among commenters seems to be that Honda has scored a design hit with its Urban EV concept car, shown above. The salad spinner wheels, squat shape and grille that doubles as a message screen combine retro design with modern technology.

The production car won't be identical to this concept but fans will be hoping that Honda carries as much as possible over. If so, it could be a hit among city car buyers, who will find the car's expected 150 mile range more than enough.

BuyaCar has had a sneek look at the interior and can report that inside there will be a large split-screen touchscreen, and importantly, actual buttons to control the volume of the stereo. Other leaked pictures look as though the car will have five-doors rather than three.


Peugeot e-208

On sale March 2019. Deliveries in the summer 
Price from £14,900 (estimated)

The all-new Peugeot e-208 is set to have a 211 mile range, and charging times of zero to 80% in around 30 minutes from 100kW fast public chargers (when they are eventually installed in Britain). It's powered by a 100kW (134hp) electric motor, which will provide maximum power the instant that you press the accelerator. So it'll be quick. Commenters even suggest the latest iteration of Peugeot's 208 GTI will be electric powered.
Read more about the 2019 Peugeot 208


Future electric SUVs

Audi e-tron

On sale Now, first deliveries in Spring
Price from £71,490 (estimated)

Audi's e-tron SUV offers a range of around 250 miles and rapid performance. Similar in size to the current Audi Q5, it's also the first car to come without side mirrors, taking advantage of a change in legislation that allows them to be replaced by cameras.

First deliveries of the e-tron in the UK are expected from May.
Audi e-tron buying guide



On sale 2020
Price from £55,000 (estimated)

A wide grille and aerodynamic wheel designs will mark out the iX3 when it goes on sale in 2020, as another contender in this rapidly growing electric car SUV segment. A range of around 250 miles and fast acceleration is a given but it's not known whether the car will offer the same space and agility as rivals.

Unlike the electric SUVs from Jaguar, Mercedes and Audi, the BMW iX3 will be based on the standard X3 SUV. This could limit the advantages of electric power, as engineers may have to compromise on the location and size of the battery pack to fit them into a car designed to fit a conventional engine too.


DS 3 Crossback E-Tense

On sale Autumn 2019
Price from £33,500 (estimated)

Citroen's luxury brand will offer a fully-electric version of its new DS 3 Crossback later this year, promising a range of around 200 miles from a full charge, swift acceleration, as well as a vast array of paint colours, wheel designs and luxury fittings to personalise the car and inflate the price.

Fast charging at 100kW will be possible, when compatible chargers are available in Britain. They should have the ability to add 5.5 miles of range for every minute that the car is plugged in. It has gone on sale in France, priced from £35,500, with British orders opening later this year.


Kia e-Niro

On sale Late 2018 (first deliveries Spring 2019)
Price £32,995

Headed to Britain with a real-world range of more than 200 miles between charges, a reasonable price and a seven-year warranty, Kia's e-Niro might not be as flashy as most of the other new electric SUVs, but it might well be the one that you're most likely to buy.

It uses the same electrical system that Kia's sister company, Hyundai, has fitted to its Kona Electric, helping to keep the price low and offering a range that will be enough for virtually any family. This is combined with the practical layout of the Niro (already on sale here as a hybrid or plug-in hybrid), which provides enough space for four adults and a reasonable 451 litres of boot space.


Mercedes EQ C

On sale Summer 2019
Price from £67,500 (estimated)

Mercedes' all-new electric SUV looks like it could offer the benefits of electric driving without a great deal of compromise. It appears spacious inside, accelerates from 0-62mph in a rapid 5.1 seconds and has a claimed range of 280 miles on a single charge.

Although the underwhelming design is similar to the petrol- and diesel-powered Mercedes GLC, the EQC is an entirely different car, designed from the start to use only electric power, which should mean that the batteries are placed low in the car to boost space and reduce the effect of their weight.



On sale autumn 2019
Price from £25,000 (estimated)

The MG ZS has transformed the fortunes of the Chinese-owned company from a brand struggling for any significant sales, to one of the fastest-growing car producers in Britain today. Later this year, the value-for-money SUV will be going electric.

There are few details of the British model, but it's a safe bet that the car will be similar to the Chinese version, which is already on sale. The Asian MG eZS has an official range of 266 miles on a single charge and is said to accelerate from 0-31mph in 3.1 seconds.


Tesla Model Y

On sale 2022 (estimated)
Price from £40,000 (estimated)

A fourth car will be added to Tesla's current range in 2021: a taller and more spacious version of the Model 3 medium-sized family car. It's slightly longer, giving it space for an optional third row of two seats (where legroom is likely to be limited), to make it a seven-seat SUV. 

Apart from this, the car has the same features as the Model 3; a sensible choice given that Tesla claims to have received almost half a million reservations for that car before the first models were delivered. So the Model Y comes with a minimalist dashboard where virtually everything is controlled using a large 15in touchscreen, as well as long-range battery options that give the car a claimed range of 300 miles on a single charge.

Prices are also billed to be relatively affordable, starting at $39,000 in America for an entry-level car with a range of 230 miles. It's likely to cost from £40,000 when it goes on sale in Britain. That may happen in 2022, but Tesla's delivery schedule is anything but predictable.


Electric family cars

Polestar 2

On sale winter 2019
Price from £35,000

Volvo's electric brand may not have delivered a car yet, but it's already looking to topple Tesla, with a car that offers rapid performance, a range of almost 300 miles on one charge and a price that's expected to be under £40,000 - just like the Tesla Model 3 (below).

The Polestar 2 is a four-door hatchback that appears just as unique as the Tesla, thanks to a minimalist interior design that includes dark wood panels and a seemingly frameless touchscreen. The relatively low price should make it an affordable alternative to a BMW 3 Series or Mercedes C-Class, particularly if used prices are predicted to be high, which reduces monthly payments on some types of finance.

However, not all Polestar 2 models will offer quite such value for money. Luxurious additions are likely to push the price up, and all cars built in 2020 - the first year of production - will be well-equipped launch edition models with an expected price of more than £50,000.


Tesla Model 3

On sale 2019
Price from £40,000 (estimated)

At one point, it was hoped that the first Model 3 cars would arrive in Britain by the end of 2017, at a price of around £30,000. It's taken a bit longer, and the entry-level price has since gone up, but there's still expected to be strong demand for the most-affordable Tesla yet.

Just like larger Teslas, the Model 3 replaces the dashboard with a large touchscreen and is compatible with the company's Superchargers, which can add around 200 miles of range in half an hour. With space to carry five adults and luggage space in the boot and under the bonnet, it's a complete package.


Volkswagen I.D. Neo

On sale 2020
Price from £28,000 (estimated)

Volkswagen already sells electric versions of the up! and Golf, but this will be the company's first purpose-built electric car and it's likely to be called Neo.

Some of the futuristic touches of the concept car (above) will be lost for the production car, but its design is likely to be more adventurous than the conservative Golf. Like that car, the I.D. Neo will be a five-door hatchback with space for a growing family. Expect a range of 250 to 300 miles on a single charge, and plenty of space, thanks to the short bonnet which doesn't need to accommodate an engine.


Mercedes EQ A

On sale 2020
Price from £40,000 (estimated)

Due to follow the recently-launched EQC, the Mercedes EQA will be a five-door hatchback, similar in size to the Mercedes A-Class and taking inspiration from the concept car (above). The production car may use a four-wheel drive system, with two motors - one at the front and one at the back - delivering power, which improves grip and acceleration. A range of at least 250 miles is expected.


Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

On sale 2022
Price from £40,000 (estimated)

There's enormous affection for the classic Volkswagen camper van but the company hasn't offered a true successor to the car, with only the Caravelle coming close. That will change in 2022 when the Volkswagen I.D. Buzz is due to go on sale. If it looks anything like the concept car above, then it's certain to attract a lot of attention, but it's not yet clear what type of car it could be.

Volkswagen is expected to equip it with driverless technology and use it as an autonomous taxi, although this depends on the technology being developed in time and legislation allowing it to be used. It may also be sold as a family car, with a friendlier face than menacing SUVs.


Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

On sale 2022
Price from £65,000 (estimated)

Volkswagen plans to return to the luxury car market in 2022 when it's due to launch the production version of this all-electric I.D. Vizzion. A range of more than 300 miles is expected, along with promises of the latest driverless technology.


Electric sports cars 

Porsche Taycan

On sale Late 2019
Price from £65,000 (estimated)

Formerly called the Mission E, Porsche's electric Taycan is due to go on sale next year, with electric motors based on those used in the Le Mans-winning 919 racing car.

It's a high-voltage rival to the Tesla Model S, offering similar performance, with acceleration from 0-62mph likely to take less than 3.5 seconds - at least on higher-specification cars. Owners will be able to recharge using super-fast chargers, which are claimed to deliver enough electricity in 15 minutes to take the car 250 miles. Whether this will be available from next year, and the location of these chargers is yet to be determined.


Tesla Roadster

On sale 2020
Price from £160,000 (estimated)

The original Tesla Roadster was arguably the car that kick-started the current generation of electric cars. Proving that battery power could be fast, fun and sexy, it provided the launchpad for the Tesla's current line-up and helped spark the development of rivals across the industry.

Now the car is get to get a successor, promising hypercar acceleration from 0-62mph in 1.9 seconds and a top speed of around 250mph. At the moment, Tesla says that production will start in 2020 but, based on past models, it would be no surprise if that date ended up closer to 2025.


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