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Christofer Lloyd
Nov 13, 2020

Buying a brand new car has to be the most expensive way to change your wheels. If you don't fancy going for a used car, however, there is another, far better value way to get that new car smell and feel-good factor: pre-registered cars and new cars in stock.

Pre-registered cars, to all intents and purposes, are brand new, with less than 100 miles on the clock and being less than a year old. However, as they've been registered by a dealer - normally so the dealer can hit sales targets by selling the car to themselves - you are the second owner rather than the first.

In exchange for not being the first owner - and frankly, no one is going to know you're not, as pre-registered cars often still have the latest number plates - these effectively new cars come with the type of price you'd expect on a used car. So if you want a new car but like the idea of saving thousands, this could be the way to do it.

Alternatively, if you're on a tighter budget, or want even more car for your money, used cars can make even more sense. Yes, the car may not look like it's rolled straight out of the factory, but in exchange you can typically save yourself many thousands more - even compared with a pre-reg car.

Since modern cars are so well engineered, safe and long-lasting, even choosing a five-year old car with 50,000 miles should offer you many years of problem-free motoring. Below we've rounded up our selection of the best pre-reg and used deals on offer right now.

Keep reading to find the best deals on cars in stock that are available to order now for delivery to your door. Not only do you get to avoid new car dealer pricing but you also don't have to worry about the safety implications of travelling around the country going to showrooms following the coronavirus outbreak. In addition to home delivery, there's the option of contactless delivery with BuyaCar, for maximum safety. 

Volkswagen Polo deals

Volkswagen Polo deals on BuyaCar from: £8,880
Monthly finance from: £141

Fancy a small car that's easy to drive and park, and cheap to purchase and run - provided you pick a used model - but want it to feel like a quality product? The latest version of the VW Polo could be perfect. It may be a relatively compact car, but feels very upmarket inside and is more than practical enough for many small families.

Go for a new model, however, and it's an expensive prospect - with a VW Polo 1.0 TSI 95 Beats weighing in at a hefty £17,575. Thankfully, even a one-year old 2019, 69-plate model that has covered only 7,000 miles or so, is much more affordable at £13,800 on BuyaCar. That compares to a industry valuation of £14,788, saving you nearly £1,000 compared with its used value and nearly £4,000 compared with a brand new model.


Nissan Juke deals

The Nissan Juke is a small 'crossover' which is easy to drive and stands out from the crowd with its striking looks. Thanks to its raised SUV-style driving position, the Juke sold well new, meaning there's plenty of choice for used models.

As a result, it's a very affordable prospect as a second-hand car. Despite a list price of nearly £22,000 for a new equivalent, you can get your hands on a well-equipped Juke 1.6 Tekna Xtronic automatic for just £9,799, for a 2015, 15-plate model that has covered just 15,000 miles. This compares with a market valuation of around £10,500, making this a top value choice.


BMW 4 Series deals

BMW 4 Series deals on BuyaCar from: £13,000
Monthly finance from: £239

Fancy a sleek and desirable coupe? While the latest BMW 4 Series is hugely controversial with its wacky looks, the previous generation model is slick and handsome. And it's far cheaper - especially if you go for a model that is a few years old. Even in diesel form the 4 Series is fast and enjoyable to drive, with the diesel engines offering far greater fuel economy than petrol versions.

While a new equivalent may have cost around £40,000, we have a 2015 420d Coupe in desirable M Sport form with an automatic gearbox and large-screen 'Professional Media' touchscreen media system, for £16,799. This has covered less than 21,000 miles making it great value at far less than half the original price.


Ford Fiesta deals

Ford Fiesta deals on BuyaCar from: £5,200
Monthly finance from: £105

The Ford Fiesta has long been the UK's best-selling new car. You may wonder why this is important if you're looking to get a used car, but you benefit from this too, since you should have more choice of Ford Fiestas than any other model, since so many have been sold. This means you can be picky and look for the very best model that completely suits your needs.

A new version may cost more than £18,000, but we have a three-year old 1.0 100 EcoBoost Zetec version with an automatic gearbox for £10,799 - saving you more than £7,000. This Fiesta has covered around 25,000 miles and is very similar to brand new versions, making it a very affordable way to get a car that looks practically brand new.


Hyundai i30 deals

Hyundai i30 deals on BuyaCar from: £9,995
Monthly finance from: £164

The Hyundai i30 may not be the most obvious family car to choose, but it's comfortable, strong value and well-equipped new. Throw in a long five-year warranty and even lower used prices and the i30 makes even more sense as a second-hand purchase. As a result, you might be able to afford a newer model than you thought.

BuyaCar has a two-year old 1.4T GDI model in sporty N Line+ specification with an automatic gearbox for £15,099 - saving you more than £9,000 compared with a brand new model. This i30 has covered less than 16,000 miles so it should feel very fresh.



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