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Aug 13, 2018

New car sales this year are down on 2017, so manufacturers and car dealers are desperate to win your business.

And this means bargains. A saving of 34 per cent on a brand new, high-specification Seat Toledo, shown above, is just the start. Whether you’re in the market for a small car or an SUV - from a discount brand or a premium manufacturer - you’re virtually guaranteed a sizeable saving on a new car.


We've highlighted some of the best offers below. You can normally make similar savings on other versions of the featured cars, and you can search all new savings by configuring a new car or searching for nearly-new and used car deals.

Some deals below include incentives that are only available if you take out finance and these are marked with an asterisk (*). Click to jump to a particular type of vehicle or scroll down to look through all of the featured cars.

Best new small car deals

Fiat 500C Collezione 1.2

Save £3,010   BuyaCar price £13,695

The latest Fiat 500 Collezione special edition piles on the retro touches, with an optional two-tone paint scheme (shown at the top of this page) or a less ostentatious design, above. It also has extra chrome trim around the front bumper, bonnet and mirror, plus two-tone grey seats.

There are modern features too, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on its dashboard screen, for easy touch or voice control of phone apps, including messaging, navigation and music.

If you like the standard car, then the additions are likely to appeal. As will the deal which, including a finance incentive, adds up to more than £3,000 in savings on a Fiat 500C, which has a fabric roof that folds all the way back into the boot, for open-air motoring.

Collezione trim is only available with the car’s entry-level 1.2-litre engine, which lacks the zippy performance of other petrol options, but is economical.
Fiat 500 buying guide

Seat Ibiza SE Technology 1.0 TSI 95

Save £2,902   BuyaCar price £13,308

The best small car on the market is probably the Seat Ibiza, which offers excellent performance in almost every respect. It's nippy, fun to drive, comfortable and surprisingly spacious. The only major criticism are the feeble engines in entry-level cars.

That's not a problem if you pick the 1-litre, 95 horsepower version: it delivers smooth performance from the city to the motorway and, in well-equipped SE Technology trim, which includes air conditioning and sat-nav, you can save almost £3,000, whether you’re buying with cash or on finance.

You could save even more, thanks to a free insurance offer with the Ibiza, although you may find that the other discounts are reduced if you take this up.
Seat Ibiza buying guide

Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.0 EcoBoost 5dr

Save £2,238   BuyaCar price £14,222

The offer of interest-free finance, alongside a sizeable discount, helps to make the Fiesta one of the most affordable small cars available. Depending on your circumstances, monthly payments could be less than £200, with a deposit of around £2,000.

Deals aside, the latest Fiesta is also an excellent small car, with nippy performance from its turbocharged EcoBoost engine; nimble cornering and a decent specification in Zetec trim, including air conditioning, heated windscreen and a touchscreen that includes a digital radio, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Ford Fiesta buying guide

Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI SE

Save £2,726   BuyaCar price £11,649*

The excellent discounts available on Skoda’s spacious Fabia are partly down to the imminent arrival of an updated model. But apart from a few engine tweaks, minor design changes and small technology upgrades, it’s the same car.

So there’s not a great deal of benefit in waiting until autumn for the newer version when you can save almost 20 per cent on a current model SE model, which comes with alloy wheels, air conditioning, rear parking sensors and dashboard touchscreen for little more than £11,500. Some of the savings are only available if you take out finance where a low-interest 2.9% APR deal may help to make repayments more affordable.
Skoda Fabia buying guide

Best new SUV & Crossover deals

Ford Edge Titanium 2.0 TDCi

Save £6,354   BuyaCar price £28,841

Ford’s biggest SUV has space by the bucketload - both in the boot and the passenger area, which makes it ideal for long family trips. It comes packed with equipment too: entry-level Titanium models include a rear-view camera, 8in touchscreen, sat-nav, heated front seats and climate control.

Its official price is on the expensive side, but this has been slashed by more than £6,000 to reduce the cost to £28,841, whether you want to pay in cash or to take out finance. Finance offers include 0% interest too.
Ford Edge buying guide

Hyundai Tucson 1.6 GDI SE Nav

Save £5,186   BuyaCar price £16,819

The Hyundai Tucson makes an ideal family car, designed to offer space, comfort and low running costs. And when savings are as high as 24 per cent, it’s great value too.

You’ll have to be quick to snap up these prices, as an updated Tucson will arrive shortly - and will go on sale later this month.

Deals on petrol-powered SE models stand out, thanks to savings of more than £5,000, which bring the price to below £17,000 with a cash or finance purchase. The deal does require metallic paint to be added as an optional extra, though. Select “Tucson Estate” in BuyaCar’s configurator for the greatest savings.
Hyundai Tucson buying guide

Kia Niro 3

Save £3,610   BuyaCar price £21,875

Kia’s hybrid SUV allows you to choose petrol power without ruinous fuel bills, thanks to a battery and electric motor, which recover energy usually lost during braking, and use it to power the car at slow speeds, and to reduce the load on the engine during acceleration. It’s most effective when you’re changing speed frequently - such as during the typical school run.

There’s no economy setting inside, where even entry-level Niro 2 versions come with touchscreen sat-nav; climate control; reversing camera and the latest options for connecting and controlling your phone, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A £3,414 discount, when you buy on finance, brings the cost of this model down to little over £20,000. But you’ll probably be tempted by the extra equipment that comes with the Niro 3, including leather seats, which are heated in the front; wireless phone charger; larger 18in alloy wheels and a bigger 8in touchscreen. It also adds a JBL sound system for less than £2,000 more.
Kia Niro buying guide

Best new family car deals

Seat Toledo 1.0 Xcellence

Save £6,995   BuyaCar price £13,830

The Seat Toledo is spacious and practical saloon which focuses on value for money, even at full price. You might not have seen many of them around but owners love them: it's economical, and has a gigantic 500-litre boot, which makes it a full 200-litres larger than the one you’ll find in a Volkswagen Golf. The rear is big too, with enough room for most adults to stretch out.

There are currently stocks of brand new Toledos, ready for delivery, with almost £7,000 off the retail price. This 34 per cent saving is one of the best deals available this week. Finance payments start from £215 per month.


Volvo V60 D3 Momentum

Save £4,140   BuyaCar price £27,625*

Volvo's all-new family estate car takes the striking design and high-tech equipment from the firm's larger models and offers them in a more affordable package.

It's certainly more affordable when you include the 13 per cent saving available when you take out finance  - from 0% APR - on a brand new model. The discounts apply across the range, frm the entry-level D3 Momentum, which is reduced to £27,625, to the high-powered T5 Inscription Pro, which includes a £5,037 saving to cut the price to £35,618.

Like the larger Volvos, the new V60 has a minimalist interior, with a large touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard. It's spacious, smooth and especially quiet on the motorway.
Volvo V60 buying guide

VW Arteon 1.5 TSI R Line DSG

Save £6,560   BuyaCar price £26,965

The Arteon is a more stylish and luxurious version of Volkswagen’s Passat, delivering quiet and smooth performance. Enormous discounts bring the high-tech, premium fittings of the top-of-the-range R-Line models within reach.

A widescreen digital display behind the steering wheel, leather seats, adaptive cruise control, 8in touchscreen with sat-nav and imposing 19in alloy wheels are all included as standard, at a price of £27,000. This deal is for a petrol-powered model with automatic gearbox and finance from 4.9% APR.
Volkswagen Arteon buying guide

Vauxhall Astra SE 1.0T ecoTEC

Save £5,555   BuyaCar price £16,040*

With a list price of more than £21,000, the petrol-powered Vauxhall Astra SE looks overpriced, despite the fact that it’s an excellent all-round family hatchback that delivers build quality that's not far off a Golf, plenty of interior space and nimble cornering that makes it fun to drive.

An enormous 26 per cent saving - including finance incentive - changes the picture considerably, bringing the price down to little over £16,000. Standard equipment includes heated front seats and climate control - but not sat-nav, which is an optional extra. However, standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software makes it simple to connect your phone to the car and use your mapping app for navigation - with clear directions displayed on the in-car screen.

There are similar savings across the range on petrol and diesel Astras, with more than £4,000 off most cars.
Vauxhall Astra buying guide

Best new sports car deals

Audi TT Coupe Black Edition 1.8 TFSI

Save £5,715   BuyaCar price £27,285*

A new version of the Audi TT will shortly go on sale, with a range of minor updates that are so discreet that even the designer would be hard pushed to spot them.

It’s good news for bargain-hunters because the existing model now comes with significant savings, reducing the price of the high-specification 1.8-litre petrol-powered Black Edition by almost £6,000.

Leather & Alcantara seats, bright LED headlights, 19in alloy wheels and a fully digital display behind the steering wheel (called virtual cockpit) are all included in the standard equipment list. Combined with the engine’s performance and agile, sporty cornering, the TT is a great value premium sports car.
Audi TT buying guide

Fiat 124 Spider Classica

Save £4,496   BuyaCar price £16,554*

There might not be a great deal of the summer left by the time that the car arrives, but fortunately the Fiat 124 Spider still looks striking with its top up - and has a decent heater.

Sharing its mechanical parts (and interior components) with the Mazda MX-5, this Fiat is nimble and fun to drive. It also has a decent heating system to tide you over before summer.

The discount of almost £5,000, which includes a finance incentive is impressive but may not be the best option: it’s worth considering a second deal, also available through BuyaCar, which offers a smaller discount (£3,395) but 0% finance, which may work out cheaper in the long run.
Fiat 124 Spider buying guide

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