Volkswagen Tiguan dimensions

See how VW's latest crossover shapes up, with full Volkswagen Tiguan dimensions including height, width, length and boot space

BuyaCar team
Sep 30, 2018

Volkswagen's Tiguan uses the same mechanical parts as the Volkswagen Golf, but has been expanded upwards and lengthways to resemble an off-road car. This means that the crossover vehicle combines the comfort, efficiency and build quality of the Golf with a more practical interior.

It does make the Tiguan less easy to park - and costlier too. Scroll down to see of the car's dimensions if the formula suits you, or read our full buying guide for more details.

VW Tiguan dimensions: exterior

The new VW Tiguan is larger than the model it replaced but you won’t feel as if you're driving a tank. Instead, it’s average for the class in most measures.

Its side mirrors are large, though. This might improve your view to the back of the car, but does make the Tiguan 2.1 metres wide between these points. They’ll pass over most width restrictors on roads, but you’ll need to fold them in when parking on narrow streets: unfortunately, the basic S version goes without power-folding mirrors.

The four-wheel-drive 4Motion models have a slightly greater ride height (the distance between the bottom of the car and the ground), which makes them a little less likely to get stuck on bumpy ground. 

VW Tiguan dimensions: exterior

Compared with similar cars




Width without mirrors



Width with mirrors


Wider than average


1632mm (4Motion models): 1643mm






VW Tiguan boot space

You certainly won’t be short of boot space in the new Tiguan. The new car’s extra length and wheelbase (the space between the front and rear wheels) have been put to good use here. The rear seat folds in three sections, allowing you to increase luggage capacity and still have one or two passengers in the back. The boot is usefully square-shaped and has a low lip for easier loading. 

VW Tiguan boot space

Compared with similar cars

Boot space with seats up

615 litres

Larger than average

Boot space with seats down

1655 litres

Larger than average


VW Tiguan dimensions: interior

The Tiguan is one of the most comfortable cars in its class for taller passengers, thanks to its above-average headroom, although tis is reduced if you fit a sunroof. The rear seats slide backwards and forwards up to 170mm to increase legroom or boot space as desired. 

VW Tiguan dimensions: interior

Compared with similar cars

Front headroom

1049mm (1004mm with sunroof)

More than average

Rear headroom

1012mm (967mm with sunroof)

More than average



VW Tiguan towing capacity

A maximum towing limit of 2,500kg with some models fitted with an automatic gearbox makes the Tiguan a competitive tow car. Even the least capable has a maximum limit of 1,800kg, which is good compared with alternative cars. 

VW Tiguan towing capacity (smallest to largest)

Towing capacity: braked

1800 - 2500kg

Towing capacity: unbraked



VW Tiguan weight

There’s a considerable difference in the weight of the lightest Tiguan and the heaviest, which is down to specification that you choose for the car: four-wheel drive, an automatic gearbox and diesel engines all add weight. Bear in mind that engines and kerbweight are linked to towing capacity, which is equally wide-ranging. 

VW Tiguan weight (lightest to heaviest)


1574 - 1925kg


VW Tiguan fuel tank

With only an average-size tank, fuel stops may be a little more frequent in the Tiguan than in other cars. 

VW Tiguan fuel tank capacity

Petrol fuel tank

58 litres

Diesel fuel tank

58 litres


VW Tiguan turning circle

An average-size turning circle - the amount of space needed to turn the car around in a single manoeuvre - means the Tiguan makes the best of its 4486mm length.

VW Tiguan turning circle

Compared with similar cars

Turning circle

11.5 m


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